Chapter 46 – Beastkin Guests

After the envoy of the demon king and the dragon, the next guests are a group of beastmen wearing armor.

Because of the terrain on the way here, it is impossible to use wagons.

Though not as much as Daga’s group when they arrived, the beastmen are carrying big baggage.

There are 10 of them.

Looking at their ragged equipments, they are definitely experienced warriors.

Though their faces look like human, they have ears on their heads, and tails on their butts.

The hairiness of their arm varies individually.

There are some who has animal-like arms but there are some who has human-like arms too.

「I am Gulf. We came from the Howling village which is located in the middle of the mountain in the east. We want to establish friendly relation with this village.」

A representative from the group stepped forward. By the way, Kuudel was the one who guides them.

When I was about to step forward too, Loo appeared before me.

「Welcome. The Big Tree village welcome you.」

Something’s wrong, Loo seems sarcastic.

「Thank you.」

「I would like to guide you to a place to rest but….is this all of you?」

「Yes, is there a problem?」

「Really? Then, we will consider the rest as enemies.」

Loo said that forcefully.

What do you mean?

While I was thinking about it, two beastmen came out of the forest.

It seems that they are wearing camouflage clothes.

When I was thinking about what had happened, the kuros showed up behind the two.

「….I’m sorry. It seems like they were separated from us.」

「That’s dangerous. You should have checked before entering the village. Also, refrain from doing anything unruly in the village. Any citizen of the village can take care of you if anything happens.」

「….I understand. We will not do anything unruly. We promise.」

With Loo on the lead, the beastmen entered the recently built guest house.

That guest house, I proposed that it should be enough for it to house four individuals luxuriously.

However, it was rejected because the others said that it was too small.

To come to this village, one needs to cross the mountain and pass through the forest.

Unlike the demon king envoy and the dragon, normal people will need to travel in a group.

Depending on the circumstances, it is said that to travel here, a group of 30 is the minimum.

Thinking about it, I was convinced so we built a big one.

There are 12 visitors this time.

It is more than enough for them.

The guest house was built at the south side extension of the southwest area where the houses of Ria and Flora was built.

Though it is only a one-story house, it is as large as my house.

Since it will be used by guests, we made the furnitures more showy and the facilities have good functionalities.

In fact, the decorations are far more elaborate than those in my house.

It might seem that this is only a slightly good inn but this is the best we can provide in our village.

Therefore, I decided to call it an inn rather than a guest house.

That name fits it the best.

The inn has a backyard and it is fully enclosed by a fence.

「What is the purpose of the fence?」

Purpose you ask?


「You can’t cross this fence unless you have permission.」

What kind of purpose is that?

Though it was actually used at a later time…..

The fence is not a simple log fence. It is a high-quality fence with elaborate design.

Since we don’t have paint, it is of wooden color but if I managed to get paint, I’ll paint it white.

After building the inn, I looked around and noticed something.


I see Ria’s group’s house from a distance.

It is an open area I plowed without any obstacle.

I don’t necessarily need significant obstacle but I want to have some cover at least.

Something like a tree.

So I decided to plant a fruit tree near Ria’s house.

I want to be a little practical so it’s a fruit tree.

I planted apples, pears, and persimmons.

How many cherries should I plant?

Maa, it will be covered with trees after a while….

After that, I made a field like a home garden and planted strawberries and watermelon.

I made the same thing to the other houses too.

In the vicinity of the inn, I put importance on appearance. I thought of cherry blossom so I planted cherries.

And, I also planted fence-like-plants inside the fence that surrounds the inn.

I don’t know the name of that plant but I imagined how they look like in my previous world. It will become another fence.

TN: Probably similar to this.

….How do I trim them?

Let’s think about it after they grow up.

After that, I also planted trees in each area.

The fruits outside the fields are free for all moreover, I planted fruit trees they requested.

Everyone loves it.

When I expanded the southwest area for the construction of the inn, the name changed to residential area.

I didn’t think much about it but since that name was recognized by the ones living there, everyone called it such.

By the way, the place where my house and the big tree are located is called big tree area.

「Are we really welcoming our guests? Or are we confining them….?」

I feel doubtful of Loo’s action.

Tier answered my question.

「Husband, usually, an ambassador who seeks friendship will prepare some present. Even that dragon brought one.」

「…so their purpose is not friendship?」

「That might be the case so we should not do the usual procedure that we should have followed.」

「Indeed. That’s true.」

「Besides, they obviously hid two soldiers. Loo-san is already being courteous.」

「Is that so….? Kuudel guide them here, she did not notice those who were hiding?」

「She noticed them but let them be because they are not a threat. I’ll scold her later.」

「Be gentle. They are certainly not a threat.」

「…right. I’ll keep that in mind.」

That night, we invited our beastmen guest to a welcome banquet.

The venue is the inn.

Loo, Tier, and I participated in that banquet.

Though Ria and Ann came with us, they dedicated their time monitoring things behind the scenes.

The dishes served were the thing we normally eat. We just made them look a little luxurious.

The fruits are displayed as they are and are neither peeled nor cut.

During the banquet for Doraim, we had a big party and the fruits were all garnished.

It is not realistic to make the same reception to everyone who comes.

When a king comes, when a noble comes, when a merchant comes, when a friend comes, and when a stranger comes, it is natural for the reception to change.

I fully understand that but since this is our first meeting, I will serve them wine.

Though I’m like the outcast of this group, I have to blend in.

I don’t know their purpose for coming here.

I’ll be humble until the time it is clear whether they are an enemy or not.

「My apologies for this poor meal.」

I brought the wine out but only a limited amount.

About 2 glasses per person.

After drinking all the wine, the drinks become water.

It is already a plus α that I served them wine and regular food.

Even so, Loo still looks dissatisfied.

In the middle of the banquet, I already plan to hear what is their purpose by questioning them.

That time, they probably already have their guards down.

That is my goal so when we began eating, I receive them hospitably.

Let’s begin.

「My apologies for my ignorance but, what kind of place is Howling village?」

I already asked the citizen of my village but none of them know.

「Howling village is located at the mountain east from here. It is said to have been founded 1000 years ago but in reality, it is probably about 500 years ago. The elderly loves to boast in the strangest things.」

Gulf speaks nonchalantly. Could it be the effect of wine?

The population of the Howling village is about 500 people.

It is a gathering of five settlements that have 100 people each.

So it is basically a coalition of mountain settlements.

TN: A mountain settlement needs your help village chief, I’ll mark it on your map.

All of them are beastkins and most of them are dogkin.

They make a living by hunting, mining, and trading with the human village on the other side of the mountain.

However, there has been trouble with the human village so their trade stopped. They took a hard hit because of it and has no choice but to look for another place to trade with.

They recently learned the existence of our village.

It seems like it is because of the subordination notice from the demon king.

The Howling village and the human village they are trading with are both parts of the demon king’s territory so they are also subjects of the demon king.

I see.

I roughly understood their purpose.

Afterwards, I listened to the hardship Gulf’s group faced to come here.

The others are making agreeable responses while eating.

Looking around, it seems like the other beastkins are enjoying their food.

I’m relieved.

「If we kept hiding, I might have never had the chance of eating this. It’s a good thing we were found out.」

「By the way, why did you hide?」

「Well, it is the first time we come to this village. It is necessary to be vigilant and if something happens, they will go back to the village to report.」

Loo and Tier seem to be focused on information gathering.

How reliable.

***TN: Manga chapter 24 page 1***

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