Chapter 47 – Howling Village

Gulf’s group has returned.

Their said purpose of having a friendly relationship with us is no lie.

The reason why they didn’t bring any present is that there is no such custom in Howling village. I heard that it is because they are poor.

When I asked Loo and Tier, I groaned because there is certainly such custom but it is practiced by nobles and wealthy people.

Different type of people has different values.

I should have thought so from the start.

I acknowledged our friendship but I need to clarify several things first when it comes to trade.

From what I heard from Gulf, the form of trade is barter.

Like this village, Howling village doesn’t seem to have the circulated currency of this region.

Besides, it seems like both villages have the things the other one wants.

The problem now is the difficulty of conducting trade. Though both villages consider what the other village possesses is of great value, bringing the goods to the other village and bringing it back on their own is highly difficult.

That’s what they thought but on our end, I think this place is relatively safe.

Either Loo or Tier can travel alone and the kuros can accompany them in carrying luggage.

In addition, we can discontinue trading with them anytime we want if there is anything we dislike.

This arrangement is not bad.

Next topic, what to trade.

Howling village specialized in various ores and products that uses them.

Though I heard various things from Gulf, the thing I am most interested in is the paint.

It seems like it was made by crushed colored rocks.

I can finally paint the fence of the inn.

There are also silver products.

It seems like they mainly make tablewares.

I yearn for it a little because all the tableware in this village is made of woods.

Glass products.

Though they don’t have the transparent type of glass, there are still various small and big products like bottles.

Loo and Flora are interested in those.

It seems like glass bottles are good for preserving medicine.

It will also be suitable for storing honey.

Iron products.

They have things like pot and frying pan.

Before Ann and Daga’s group came, we’ve been using cooking utensils made of rocks compared to those…cooking utensils made of iron are easier to use.

I want them.

Howling village wants food.

In short, our crops.

Because they are located halfway up the mountain, food security is a problem.

The fruits we served them are quite popular and they even lowered their head to ask for it.

And the wine too.

It wouldn’t be a problem if we trade some crops.

No, the population of the village is also increasing, because of that, we should stock more food. It will be good to expand the field extensively.

At any rate, the village to village barter will be held on autumn and aside from the Howling village, several other villages will also participate.

I’ll consult everyone regarding this matter first.

The result of the consultation; large-scale expansion of the field.

It is presently 8 by 8 fields. It increased four folds and the size now is 16 by 16.

As expected, there is a limit to how much I could plow.

Though there is a limit, I’m the only one who can use the AFT.

I have to persevere.

I have to break that limit.

Actually, I even feel that my plowing speed increases.

Did I get used to it?

I’ll do the plowing while the others take care of the crops and harvesting.

The elves, lizardmen, and spiderlings worked hard.

By the way, out of the 256 fields, 64 are vineyards.

¼ of the field is dedicated for wine?

Is that alright?

Anyway, except from me, everyone agreed with that arrangement.

After that, meeting of what to plant on the other fields.

I mainly planted grains like corn, rice, wheat, barley, and soybean.

The amount of carrots, potatoes, cabbages, tomatoes, pumpkins, cucumbers, radishes, spinach, onions, and garlics are the same as before.

Sugar cane and rapeseed are surprisingly popular too.

Rapeseed for oil and sugar cane for sugar.

Those and several seasonings.

Since it has been discussed that we can sell pepper and sesame seeds, it has been decided to plant more of them.

That reminds me, I challenged wasabi.

Because it needs to be planted on a paddy field, I plowed near the reservoir using the AFT.

I succeed.

I acquired wasabi.


Though I have wasabi now….there is no dish where I can use it.

I handed the miso and soy sauce production to Flora.

Flora is way better than me on that aspect.

I told her the theory and process so it is up to her to know the right quantity by using trial and error method.

Oh yeah, I discovered something about koji.

I transformed the AFT to shamoji and used it to mixed crops while wishing it to be koji. It fermented in a good way and became koji.

In short, I can make as much as koji as I want as long as I use the shamoji form of the AFT.

I built an exclusive hut for fermentation purposes and continue my experiment regarding it.

All of it to realize the hope of my tongue.

***TN: Manga chapter 24 page 9***



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