Chapter 48 – Reaffirming Roles

Because the population increased, I reconfirmed everyone’s role.

The high elves are the carpenters and are also helps with harvesting and hunting.

During winter, they have more free time so they enter the forest and engage in mining work to collect iron.

I don’t know how to build anything at first but with their help, there are a lot of buildings in our village now before I know it.

The elves’ skills are wonderful.

They are reliable citizens.

The onis are maids of all the houses here. They greatly improved our living conditions.

Their main job is cooking and cleaning.

They are also taking care of the inn even if there is no guest.

Presently, they are researching on how to process the crops we harvest and new dish to cook.

Though there is a minimal result, the result of their research is quite popular.

They’re our savior.

The lizardmen are doing all the heavy labor.

The high elves and the onis are also powerful but they can’t match the lizardmen.

They are cooperating with the onis on various parts of the village.

They also volunteered to take care of the chickens and cows so I leave it to them.

I am thankful.

Though they are a race that is always in the reservoir, when it is time to sleep, they go to their residences.


The kuros secure meat by hunting and they also patrol the inside and outside of the village.

They are the oldest resident of this village but they cannot talk. We can communicate with them to a certain extent but they it is obvious that they still need to rely on others.

I was shocked when I found out that one high elf is able to identify the kuros individually.

Zabuton and her spiderlings are the seamstresses of the village.

No, they are the weaver spiders.

TN: Seamstresses here refers to a person who sews, the weaver is obviously refering to spiders.

Not a single citizen has complaint about the fabric or the clothes made by Zabuton and her spiderlings.

In addition, because she’s living in the highest point of the village, she has the role of alarming us if there is trouble.

I can’t thank her enough.

I’ll plant more potatoes for her.

The angels Gran Maria, Kuudel, and Corone.

The fly through the forest to check the surroundings.

They are also excellent guide considering all of our previous guests.

At first, there is at least one of them flying non-stop but I persuade them to calm down a little bit and even gave them a day off.

It is because that is something that can’t be done by three people alone.

Loo, Tier, and Flora.

They are like my secretary and consultant.

Basically, the three of them has their own individual researches and they are also directing the high elves, the onis and the lizardmen on some things.

Loo and Flora are researching medicine-related things.

Tier researches magic.

Also, because of my personal request, Flora is researching on how to make miso and soy sauce.

Aside from the miso and soy sauce, because of their research, they are treated as the village doctors.

Now, the slims, bees, chickens, and cows….

Let’s just say they are working hard on their individual activities.

The bees produce honey this year too.

It is a whole lot compared to last year so it is very helpful.

Thinking about it, the things I have to do has increased too.

In regards to the night activities.

At first, there are only Loo and Tier.

After that, seven high elves then, another five high elves joined.

There are things that I want to say but I’m not sure if I really have to say it.

Let’s just think that everything is alright.

After that, the high elves suddenly increased by 42, 20 oni maids also joined, and there’s also Flora.

Everyone of them is female.

It is already too much so I rejected them.

My inner limit was reached.

Since I’m the only one who can satisfy their desire.

I’m also surprised by Ann.

She always kept some distance but who would have thought that she’s so aggressive.

When the spring came, I was delighted to meet Daga’s group that came together with Gran Maria, Kuudel, and Corone.


I want to monopolize the females but…

Thinking about the responsibility scares me.

Currently, I’m the only target of all the females here so I want some comrades at arms.

Though I received “healthy body” from god and my body can withstand them, my mind can’t keep up.

Finally, there’s hope!


However, there is no hope.

「We lay eggs….」

Male transfers semen to the female in a specific time to bear the egg.

It seems that I won’t be able to make it out easily.

By the way, Masayuki’s batch, Kuro’s grandpup, found their partners but no longer increase their numbers.

In any case, I am never free at night.

A certain news has reached me.

Loo is pregnant.

Who’s child is it?





I tried to calm down but I can’t.

Well, it is natural considering all the things we’ve done but I still panic a little.

Of course, I am very pleased.

Everyone in the village is also in a festive mood.

That evening, the number of who wants to do it increased.

Yes, I understand how you feel….however, if all of you became pregnant now, things will be troublesome….

I did my best.

At that same time.

A permission application to lay eggs at the reservoir was issued.

It seems that the lizardmen plan to lay eggs.

I don’t mind them laying eggs but they can’t directly use the reservoir.

So I made an egg-laying space at the side of the reservoir.

One individual only bears one egg. Five lizardwomen lay eggs this time so there are five eggs.

They basically leave them alone in the water but they also need to watch them in turn until they hatch in case a foreign enemy shows up.

Because the kuros and the spiders are there, the lizardmen were pleased since their eggs are much safer now.

They will give birth to healthy children…wait, they gave birth already, right?

I hope healthy children hatch.

「Onee-sama, congratulations on your pregnancy.」

「Fufufu, thank you.」

「It’s just….I have one question.」


「We are vampires….don’t we increase our numbers with blood contract?」

「You are right but I’m already pregnant. I guess this method works too.」



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