Chapter 49 – Reputable Bartering Village

This year, visitors continue to arrive since spring but the spiderlings are still leaving as usual.

The pups did not go out to find partners this year.

Did they all find their rightful partners here? Or did they reached a certain population limit…?

Though it is breeding season, some of them did not get pregnant this year.

It is good that they have some sort of birth control.

While thinking about it, a group of kuros went out.

About 30 of them.

I don’t know what they are planning to do but they are giving an atmosphere that they will not come back after a while.

I hope they won’t get hurt….

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Summer passed and it is now autumn. The day to barter with the Howling village has come.

I thought that it is only natural for me to go but I was stopped by everyone.

They say that it is a sign of weakness and we might get underestimated if the village chief himself go.

Never thought that there is something like that.

In any case, it is said that the chief should not easily move.

After that, after an intense janken battle, Tier was the winner.

(I didn’t mean to bring the janken culture here since the hands of the other tribes are completely incapable of playing. However, they managed to play so by shouting. It became a new rule for the all race janken.)

As for the other members, five lizardmen including Daga.

At first, I thought of sending all the lizardmen but it was reduced to that number since they need to watch the eggs.

It seems like they will hatch soon.

10 high elves will compensate for their reduced number.

It was decided by draw lot.

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As a result, a total of 16 people will carry the baggage.

It will take 10 days for them to arrive there, two days to stay, and another 10 to return.

That was the supposed schedule but it was suddenly changed.

The dragon Doraim came to play so I asked him to transport things with one barrel of wine as compensation.

This Doraim every time he came to this village, he’ll eat so much food and drink wine while grumbling to the point of vomiting.

Like the template, his butler will pick him up the next day.

Did he think that our village is a pub or something?

Even so, it is hard to refuse him since he brings a present every time he came here.

Well, I think him doing that seems profitable.

I’m not that familiar with jewels and armors but seeing Loo and Tier not saying anything, they must be very valuable.

Well, though I’m not sure if that is an acceptable excuse for letting him drink, there is a banquet every time he came….

Doraim obediently accepted my proposal.

In addition to being the transport service, he’ll also stay they to keep them company.

I heard that the reason he wanted wine was after bragging our wine to other dragons, he was threatened that his dark history will be exposed if he didn’t bring them some.

So there are those kind of dragons too.

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In any case, since Doraim will give them a lift, travel time is almost negligible.

It seems like Doraim can go to that place in an hour while carrying the baggage.

On the contrary, he told me that it will take time to load the baggage on his back.


But how can loading time can be compared to 10 days traveling?

We prepared several same-sized wooden box as much as possible to lay in our goods.

I’m glad that Doraim can carry a lot of them.

There is no change on the bartering team.

We talked several times in a meeting about what crops are necessary for the village.

What if there was left over? It will be troublesome if the value of the crops we’ll bring there would be too low there.

Maa, there are several things they talked about that I didn’t understand but since none of us has been there and we don’t know the demand of the village, we let Tier decide after seeing the place.

I have no problem with that arrangement.

But I want to avoid dispute.

Let’s hope nothing will go wrong.

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They brought fruits like apple, pear, persimmon and orange.

For grain, they brought wheat, barley, soybean, and corn.

After that, hard crops that will be able to endure the transport like carrot and radish.

Strawberries and tomatoes are not good for now.

This is our first trade so we have as much as type as possible.

Apart from crops, they also brought 10 barrel of wines and some seasoning.

10 barrels of wine might be too much but since Doraim is with them, we’ll allow him to drink there.

I only hope that he doesn’t drink too much and met an accident while going back.

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Howling village

「…Do you think the people of Big Tree village will really come?」

「Don’t worry. We made sure they know when to arrive. 」

「But I haven’t seen anyone entering the vicinity of this mountain yet….hnn? 」

「Something wrong? 」

「What is that?」


「Hmm, that」


「That one flying in the sky.」

「…..dragon? areh? It’s going here…..」

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After sending off Tier, we returned to our daily activities.

Taking care of the fields, playing with the kuros.

After that, consulting the villagers.

Though I say consultation, it’s just asking what they want to add or change in this village.

I want this type of facility here.

I want another waterway there.

Let’s plant this kind of crops more next time.

Can I drink wine?

I spent my time hearing those kinds of requests.

Of course, I never forget to spend time with Loo whose tummy is getting bigger.

By the way, it seems like I don’t need to worry about childbirth.

Several high elves and onis have witnessed and are knowledgeable about delivery.

Everyone told me that there is no need to worry.

I decided not to listen to the voice inside me.

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Tier’s group came back as scheduled.

I immediately checked the luggage at Doraim’s back and checked for leftovers.

「Everything was bartered.」

I left the unloading to Daga’s group and listen to Tier’s report.

「All the crops are well received. At first, they were cautious of me, the high elves, and the lizardmen, they’re scared to approach us. People started to gather with the free tasting husband suggested. People started to gather and everything was bartered.」

Free tasting was something I suggested before Tier left.

I want them to know that we’re not deceiving them so I have them had the taste of our crops.

Well, the free taste is mainly the fruits since they are the only ones that can be readily eaten.

I was glad that it was popular.

「No wine left.」

It seems like Doraims expression was getting darker and darker everytime wine was bartered.

He’s still sulky even now.

「Tier, let’s hear the rest of your report while eating. Doraim, we’ll serve wine there.」

「As expected of the village chief. You know how to break other’s pain.」

As expected of you.

To think that you’ll turn that way after seeing 10 barrels of wine bartered….



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