Chapter 52 – Tax Collection

Before winter.

Beezel came to collect tax.

Somehow, he looks tired.

Is he alright?

For the time being, I guide him towards the warehouse where the divided part of the crops for tax is.

「Is this everything?」

Our agreement is 10 percent but since we harvest many times a year, I am unsure of the total volume of our harvest.

Though I am willing to pay the exact amount, it is hard to calculate our harvest since we can’t even harvest everything in one day….that said, I paid no attention to it.

That said, I decided to hand over thirty percent of harvested crops of our latest harvest.

「The apples are in a different location. We don’t put them together here since the fruits might get ruined.」

「Apple? Is it the fruit I received before? 」

「Yes, that’s apple. Be careful on your way home. But….why are you alone? Can you carry all of these back?」

Although it is only 30 percent of our latest harvest, because we increased the number of fields, it is a considerable amount.

It can fill a warehouse of about 8 tatami mats.

That amount is not something one person can carry.

「Don’t worry. I have a carpet. 」

「Carpet? 」

When Beezel clapped his hands, a huge carpet appeared.

「It’s a flying carpet. With this, I can carry them back home.」

「I see.」

I can’t let him load the tax on his carpet so I asked the lizardmen to do it.

Meanwhile, Beezel and I had a light meal.

Tier instructed me to do so to collect information.

「Anything happened recently?」

I don’t have any intelligence gathering skill so I asked him a casual question.

「The war with humans is currently in a stalemate. But the most troublesome thing is the hero rampaging in various places.」

I expected to hear some light information but why is it that I heard something heavy?

The humans and demons are at war?


There’s a demon king.

And there’s a hero.



「Is that so? So that’s why you look tired…」

「Hahaha. A problem occurred just before I came here.」


I think it is better not to ask more about it.

Let’s change the topic….I can’t think of anything else.

It seems like Beezel saw through me and changed the topic himself.

「By the way, though we already received your tax, I would like to buy some crops using money.」


「Yes. The apple I got earlier is really popular and I’m sure the other crops are the same. Even this food that I’m eating is delicious.」

Though it might only be a social etiquette, I’m still happy that the things from here are praised.

It seems like my face unintentionally gave out my emotion.

「Beezel-san, drink more wine.」

「Eh? Ah, no」

「Please don’t hold back. Hahahaha」

You could say that I’m easy.

It became a banquet and Beezel was only able to go home the next day.

Demon king’s castle.

「Beezel, you just returned? How was it?」

「…Who are you again? Ah, I remember now. You are Randan of the four heavenly kings who supposed to go to that village last time but escaped.」

「Ah, that is, some emergency work came up. The hero appeared on the west. It’s not a lie. Look, this is the report.」


「Don’t look at me like that. My bad. So, how was it?」

「How what?」

「The village. Is the great demon spider there?」

「Hahahaha, I confirmed it. There is no great demon spider there.」

「Ohhh, is that so? I knew it. That guy is not something you can just find anywhere.」

「The great demon spider is a large spider whose total length exceeds 20 meters.」

「Hnnn? I know that.」

「Do you know what will happen if the great demon spider grows further?」

「…Eh? It’s not in its final form yet?」

「When the great demon spider grows further, it becomes illegal demon spider.」


TN: New OPness level. So strong that its power level is “illegal”. Read the race of Zabuton in the image below.

「Yes. Upon becoming illegal, the large spider shrinks a lot.」


「It will be about two to three meters.」

「Don’t say…」

「It is there.」


「And has a lot of spiderlings.」

「Y-you mean….it built a happy family there? Hahaha」


「I will resign after all. Thank you for all your help.」

「You will not escape! I will not let you escape no matter what!」



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