Chapter 66 – Minus Cheat Explosion

After the vivid withdrawal of the great general Mainz, we now enter another difficult war phase.

Though we won on the surface, the City of Lauren is in rubble. There are around 5,000 mercenaries that change side.

Do they have detoxification potion? According to my calculation, if we count all the knights, soldiers, and militia of the imperial army, they won’t be more than 7,000.

However, we can’t let our guard down. There is a tactical class advanced mage in their ranks.

There are probably 5,000 soldiers in good condition that are protecting Brynie’s escape.

Lyle-sensei is probably down since he missed an opportunity to struck down the “Ulrich Three Sisters”. They are probably the ace of the imperial army.

The battles until now can be considered as preliminary skirmishes.

The empire has not yet dispatched their treasured Tigercub Knight Order. They are wyvern rider that is said to be the strongest in the continent.

They are under the golden lion prince’s command and without a doubt, they will be the victor of this war if they arrive here.

「Let’s discard the City of Lauren.」


The City of Lauren is the capital city of the former Margrave Lauren territory. It is an important area that borders the Transilvania Dukedom and the Kingdom of Silesie.

However, it was completely destroyed by an army of monsters and became Earl Brynie’s territory. Due to misgovernment and incompetency, it was not revived in any way and not worthy as a defense base.

The castle and city walls have already crumbled. Not even a small army can maintain this city.

Right now, mobility is the most important thing.

Let’s just leave some soldiers after making several traps. When the enemy tried to recapture it, they will receive some damage.

While we’re doing a meeting regarding this, an outrageous report came in.

「Brynie attacked this place again?」

Earl Brynie’s group has met and joined with the rescue army that the empire sent for him. It is said that they were provoked by our scouting team and has attacked the northern part of Lauren.

「Though clapping a hand can attract some attention, I never thought that they will be provoked with just that.」

Sensei smiled wryly.

They are probably provoked easily since they originally wanted to attack from the start.

I understand that Brynie wants to get back his territory but he should have at least waited for the main force to arrive.

Mainz risked his life for his retreat but he seems to have not listened to a single word the old military general told him.

「Earl Brynie agreed to flee because he is cowardly but since he joined forces with a huge army, his head grows big.」

「As stupid as ever….」

The rescue force might have an order of not doing anything until the main army arrives so it means that Brynie moved on his own.

「Does that mean that Mainz haven’t rejoined the enemy’s camp yet?」

「Even if he’s there, he can’t do anything. Though he won’t be executed, he still has to take responsibility for their defeat. He’s probably already demoted.」

The old general will not die but will simply disappear.

Mainz risked his life to save Brynie but it seems that Brynie’s stupidity is beyond his expectations.

That fellow is an owner of minus cheat that will spoil all of his allies strategy.

Crown Prince Freed will be really furious once he heard Brynie’s selfish act.

「Now, let’s quickly clean them up.」

Sensei took the short wand and look excited about the upcoming battle.

Thinking about it, the enemy will be defeated because the use Brynie to wage the succession war.

—Scene Change—

War potential ratio: Kingdom 7,000 vs Empire 15,000.

Sensei used the “empty fort strategy”.

The enemy adheres to recapture the City of Lauren. Needless to say, this city has no longer any defensive capability so they’ll surely think that there will be a trap.

As the strong imperial knights advance, along with the 15,000 strong imperial troops, the residents and merchants who are caught in the battle ran away.

That moment, we began shooting the imperial troops with our cannons from four sides.

The enemy’s main unit(probably the enemy commanders and Brynie) flinched and escaped to the Lauren castle for safety.

With that, we bombarded the castle too.

Soon after, a massive explosion broke down the castle.

In the midst of the debris, the main unit is buried alive.

「Who would have thought that the large amount of explosive we put in the castle caused an explosion like that? This strategy is great.」

「Brynie died just like that? That’s amazing….」

I said that but I didn’t put my heart in it.

Brynie is tough and I am not rest assured unless I cut his neck myself.

However, with this, we have at least defeated the elite unit including the enemy general. Their troops are divided now.

Losing command, the troops are just running around the city while we bombard them. We’re trimming down their number for sure.

Then, a group of soldiers with a protecting general-like formation headed for us. The soldiers are surrounding the greatest threat, the advanced mage group of “Ulrich Three Sisters”.

Even receiving a storm of cannon balls and bullets, the approximately 500 heavy infantry troops are unwavering. The three female mages in the middle are fighting back with stone bullet magic.

That troop is under the flag of General Mainz, they are true elite.

「What should we do sensei? They seem to be considerably tough.」

「They are troops under Mainz’ tutelage. Their aim is firing water magic towards our guns and cannons.」

The enemy avoids the infantry and moves straight to the cannon.

They are moving skillfully so this falls to Lyle-sensei’s clever guidance.

Even under the storm of cannon balls and bullets, that mage group is steadily proceeding. Suddenly, the ground exploded and blew them away.

Though that can not kill advanced mages, I can’t say the same thing with the heavy infantry.

「Did you think that the castle is the only place with explosives!」

Sensei took this opportunity to put explosives on pitfalls.

With that, the wall of heavy infantry that are defending the advanced mages collapsed.

However, as expected of the “Ulrich Three Sisters”.

Even with that devastating explosion, they are not damaged at all.

As a desperate resolution, they casted the great flood magic deluge so silence the cannons and the guns, and the fire prison magic inferno to limit the area of movement of our infantry. Meanwhile, the last one is using magic barrier to fend off our bombardment.

It will be hard to pinpoint their weak points with their very skillful coordinated magics.

If we leave that advanced mage group alone, we will just incur more damage.

Half-hearted attacks like that of the bronze cannons and guns will not do anything against the barrier of an advanced mage.

So what should we do? It means that our meat bullets, the strong ones from our group, have to step forward.

「Then, Takeru-dono and Commander Louise, my apologies but it is now your turn.」

「I’m going, sensei.」

I sortie with Louise and prepared myself.

The Ulrich Three Sisters, they are my type, black-haired beautiful oneesan wearing blue robes. Such a shame that I have to kill them.

The eldest sister is Nona Ulrich, the second sister is Dekima Ulrich, and the third sister is Morta Ulrich.

They are not in anyway exhausted too. Each of them is defending each other in a triangular formation.

Kaara and Oracle-chan attacked the eldest sister Nona.

Oracle-chan restrained her while Kaara overwhelms her with her enormous magical power.

In terms of magical power, the three sisters need to work together to be Kaara’s match. By the way, Louise attacked the second sister Dekima.

Dekima used the advance magic of flame prison called inferno.

It’s a conflagration similar to throwing one into hell. If it was an ordinary knight, that person would have been burnt to death but Louise just slashed it with her large sword made of black cedar.

That’s natural since Louise’ fire resistance was raised to the limit. She can even withstand a dragon breath.

Though she facing an advanced mage, that mage is still human. There is no way for her to beat a dragon slayer brave.

Without fearing inferno, Louise advanced like it was nothing. She slashed the second sister’s neck and sparks flew out because of a barrier but it was destroyed in an instant.

Dekima fell down without even having the privilege to scream.

I’m in charge of the third sister Morta.

Seeing Louise, she might have thought that using fire magic won’t be of any use.

Morta used an advanced earth magic rock press to me.

It is similar to the earth magic stone blast that sensei often use. The difference is the size of the rock. A huge rock is now falling to where I am.

Since flame won’t work, she used earth magic.

Even though it is a huge rock, it is not something comparable to meteor strike so it is not a match to my sword of light.

I put some power on my right hand and cut off the huge rock with the sword of light.

I ran towards Morta to cut and kill her.

She’s a woman with long curvy black hair. I took out the neutral sword on my left hand and swung it. It easily cuts her body.

This is too easy. I didn’t feel any resistance.


A woman’s scream is heard by my ears. Blood scatters as I slashed that woman. Her long black hair flutters in the air.

I see. Unlike the sword of light that brutally burns everything, the dull silver neutral sword is attributed in sharpness.

The eldest sister Nona, who lost the support of her second and third sister, was immediately cut by Kaara’s vacuum blade.

She was lively earlier and now reduced to a pool of blood and pieces of meat. I don’t even feel looking at her.

Though the “Ulrich Three Sisters” are exterminated, the battle has yet to end. I plan to join the battle.

Louise, who’s holding her big black cedar sword, slowly walks towards me.

「Louise, let’s assist sensei!」

「My lord, your hands are trembling.」


Like Louise said, my hands are awfully trembling.

It is probably because this is the first time I killed a woman. It can’t be helped cause we’re at war.

She’s a black haired woman. Deep inside me, I might have thought of her as a Japanese so when I saw her dying, I might have been affected more than I thought I would.

However, this is only a trembling of excitement. I am a warrior so I’m prepared to do it. I mean, how many enemies have I killed up to now?

「Louise, the battle has not ended yet.」

「Takeru….We have taken care of the advanced mages, you have already done enough. Let Lyle-sensei do the rest.」

Louise let go of her large sword and hold my trembling hands.

While I was thinking of what she’s doing, she pulled me to her embrace.

Why is she hugging me? I don’t get it at all.

Maa, even though she’s strongly hugging me, I don’t feel anything at all since we are both wearing armors. However, the pure aroma of Louise’ hair entered my nose.

As I smell it, my heart started beating really fast and the coldness I’m feeling turned into heat that I feel like I’m burning.


I don’t know when but before I noticed it, I’m already breathing heavily and awfully sniffing at Louise’ chest.

Phew, it feels like I lost all my power. No, I must not relax yet. I still have to fight.

「Takeru, I forced you to kill women enemies in order for you to not hesitate. Because I don’t want you to die.」

Louise says that in a battlefield, a lot of good men have died trying to protect a woman or hesitated to kill a woman enemy.

Gentleness in everyday life is a vice on the battlefield.

「Therefore, I made you kill her. However, I did not ask you to act cool and forcibly hide your feelings.」

「No, you’re wrong. I’m all right.」

「Lie. I guess it is painful for you to kill a woman. If it’s painful, cry, if you want to lash it out, you can complain to me.」

「This is war so what I did is something normal!」

Louise kills without hesitation, the other warriors are like that too.

I’m prepared to do so as well that’s why I’m standing here.

「Ofcourse I know that but my lord’s current expression is really unpleasant. Ah, maybe it’s a mistake forcing you to kill her after all!」

I am surprised because the usual level-headed Louise is speaking passionately.

「Takeru, you are special to me. If I knew that you would make that face, I should have let you stay behind.」


Though I have said it many times already, Louise is the one I like the most. I have this really strong feeling inside of me that makes me depend on her.

Therefore, with her spoiling me like this during such a time, even if I can’t get rid of my choro tag, even if this will be used against me in the future, I don’t mind.

Louise is embracing me firmly. We’re in a posture where it is kind of gradually becoming painful.

I tried to think of a way for her to loosen her hug so I looked closely at Louise’ face.

Without saying anything, I decided to stay like that for a while.

Even if you told me that I can complain to you, I already cried so I basically already calmed down. Wait, why did I cry?

Though Louise is always level headed especially during a battle but she suddenly became intimate with me that makes me become emotional.

I’m still too young to understand so I don’t know if I truly wanted to entrust my heart to her.

I’m grateful that she wants to protect me but regretful that I’m not old enough to protect her yet.

However, I still want to thank her for stopping my hands from trembling.

—Scene Change—

The battle afterwards is one-sided.

After taking care of the advanced mages, something like a difference in military power is nothing in front of Lyle-sensei.

After being trapped in the city while receiving artillery bombardment continuously, the enemy’s large army formation has crumbled.

If I were their commander, I would have immediately given the order to withdraw so what are they doing?

The remaining infantry and knights are moving badly.

Then, I saw a familiar young female knight in crimson flame armor and red mantle charging.

「Vice-general Eleonora Lanct Am-Main does not fear anyone! Follow me and charge!」

So it’s her. You should have limit your overeagerness.

If you wanted to be the commander, do it properly!

I told Louise that I’ll go.

「No, I’ll go.」

Louise will definitely kill her on the spot.

After all, I’m not suitable for killing women and defeating the princess knight will end this war.

I proudly held a lance and walked towards the last enemy commander who is raising clouds of dust.

It was at that time.


It seems like they were caught up in an explosive trap. The remaining knights and the Vice-general Eleanora were blown away because of an explosion.

It was like a gag manga. I can’t help but smile wryly seeing how they were beautifully blown away.

After all, I never thought that I will witness something like this in this real fantasy world.

Looking their vice general, the captains of the divided army tremble.

After being sieged here, they each of them left their ranks and escaped.

Thus, the offense and defense around the city of Lauren were settled.



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