To the spectacle before my eyes, I can’t help but stare in blank surprise.

A little while ago, I got off the train I’ve always ridden on my way home from work and is walking towards my house. In that case, I should have been walking in a residential area but why am I looking at a meadow that spreads as far as I can see.

I mean, is there a region in modern Japan with a meadow that spreads all to way to the horizon?

I unintentionally escaped from reality.

「Where on earth am I?」

I unintentionally murmured but there was not a single person that can hear me.

….probably. At least when I look around I can’t find anyone on my visible range.


「This is the “Garden of Eternal Spring”.」


I was surprised suddenly hearing a woman’s voice. I checked the surrounding again but still can’t find someone.

I checked more intensely again and turned to the back and front to be sure.

A small light appears in front of me and it is gradually getting bigger.

As soon as the light became as big as a person, the light faded away and a beautiful woman can be seen standing from where the light was.

Thinking about my current situation, I would have been glad if she’s here to help me but she’s someone who appeared from that dazzling light.



「….Kousuke-sama? How are you?」

「….ha!? Ah, I’m fine. Wait, why did you attach “sama”? No, how did you know my name!?」

The person in front of me is someone I have never met before.

I mean, she’s a beautiful woman I have never seen before. I’m sure I haven’t seen even a picture of her much more met her.

I’m admiring her while waiting for her answer.

「The details will be discussed later by my master. For now, will you come with me?」

She suddenly comes out and suddenly asked me to come with her. Though I’m suspicious of her, I can’t help but follow her since that would be better than standing here forever.

….I have never thought that I would be invited by such a beautiful woman. Was it luck?




「Ah, yes, I understand. So, where are we going?」

「First of all, give me your hand.」


The beautiful woman moves her right hand towards me so I shake her hand.

The moment our hands touched, the landscape before me changed and I was moved to a place that resembles a hallway of a mansion.

I was surprised beyond help. The beautiful woman knocked on a nearby door.

「Asura-sama, I brought Kousuke-sama.」

「Come in.」

After hearing a voice from inside the door, the beautiful woman opens the door and urged me to enter.

「Thank you for your hard work, Eris. Kousuke-sama, thank you for crossing over here.」

As she said that, I looked at the woman who greeted me. I completely froze.

The woman who showed me the way here is a never before seen beauty but the silver-haired woman in front of me now is a peerless beauty who surpassed her more. I also felt overwhelmed by her existence.

(If she says that she’s the goddess of beauty, I will agree with her in an instant…)

「Thank you very much. Tentatively, although in the lowest seat, I also govern beauty so I’m very happy that you think so.」


(Areh? I’m sure I didn’t voice it out, right?)

The woman in front of me brings her hand in front of her mouth and chuckles.

As if trying to help me, Eris, the one who brought me here, says,

「Asura-sama, we don’t have much time.」

「Ah, you’re right. Kousuke-sama, you will stay here temporarily.」

The woman called Asura stopped chuckling and talked due to the encouragement from her side.

I was overwhelmed with what she said.

「Can you lend me your hand?」

She said that as she extends her right hand. I also extended my hand and we hold hands like a handshake.


The moment our hands touched, I felt something flowed into my body so I unintentionally let go of her hand.

I looked at Asura. Seeing my expression, she looked relieved.

「Ehto, so what now…?」

「My apologies. I’m sure there are a lot of things you want to ask but before that, I would like you to answer my question. What is the last thing Kousuke-sama remember before coming here?」

「Eh? Well, isn’t Eris-san, the one brought me here…?」

I have no idea why she asked me that but I want to answer her question so I tried to recall things that happened before coming to the meadow.

(Ehto, after working for the day, I left the ticket gate of the station and walked towards my house….)

I gradually remember the scene from “that time”. I immediately turned blue and staggered. I am supported by Eris who’s standing nearby.

「Kousuke-sama, are you alright?」

Asura’s blue eyes looked at my blue face.

After seeing her eyes, my mind settles down a little.

Finally, I took a deep breath in and completely recovered my calm.

「Eh, yes. Thank you. I’m fine now….Apparently, I seem to have been run over by a car…」

「Yes, that’s right. Kousuke-sama have already died in that world.」

「Hahaha…Is that so…? Then, this is the world after death?」

Asura smiled wryly and began explaining things calmly.

Upon dying in that accident, my soul, who should have entered the circle of reincarnation, came to another place which is the “garden of eternal spring”. The cause is unknown.

I, who’s not supposed to be here, came here from another world, so she asked Eris to bring me to her right away.

Power from this world flows in me like the time when she held my hand. Because of that, I was able to exist in this world.

Although it is possible for me to return to my original world, since the existence that supports my soul has died, I will enter the circle of reincarnation upon returning.

If I don’t return, I can transmigrate to the world managed by Asura.



Those are the contents of Asura’s explanation.

「Ah, yes. I somehow managed to understand my current situation….but, I would like to ask one question…」

「What is it?」

「Eh….Asura-sama…are you….perhaps, a god?」

Asura smiled after hearing my question.

「What do you think? I am certainly not as powerful and not as omniscient compared to what the god of monotheistic religion from your world. There are many things I don’t understand.」

「Is that so?」

「That is so. I might be comparable to the 8 million divine existence that the people of your country believe in. Well, I am an existence that can only manage several worlds. I don’t have the power to create a world.」

No, you’re powerful enough since reading someone’s thought is incredible in its own way but it was immediately denied by Asura.

「No, I wouldn’t read someone’s mind directly since it is impolite.」


Seeing my doubtful expression, Asura laughed.

「Kousuke-sama, your thoughts are reflected on your face.」


I put my hands on my face and look down.

Asura smiles more upon seeing me acting that way.



「Maa….maa, by the way…can I choose what will become of me?」

「You can.」

「It is not possible for me to return to my former world but, if I get transferred to the world you govern, is it possible for me to retain my memory?」

「Yes, that is possible.」

「Then, please transmigrate me.」

「….Aren’t you deciding too fast?」

「No, I’m lucky enough to be able to retain my memory. I thought it will be hard for me to start over from a baby.」

「I see. Then, we’ll do as you wish. Since there are things that I need to prepare, you may spend some time here in the “garden of eternal spring”. I will transfer you to another world as soon as possible.」

「I understand. Please take care of me.」

I said that as I lower my head.



A week later (there are days and nights in the “garden of eternal spring”).

Asura has made all the preparations needed and I am now standing on a teleportation formation.

During the past week, I gathered information about the world I’m going to be transferred to (it seems to be called Asgard) while I wander around the “garden of eternal spring”.

I also asked if I will be given a so-called cheat but I was told that I won’t.

TN: Italicized words are written in engrish.

My soul will retain my memory so if I am given another power in such state, it might not succeed.

My soul will be inserted into a new body which is relatively different from my previous body and a soul rejection might occur.

For that reason, I will not get a cheat but I learned a certain technique while I’m in the “garden of eternal spring”.

It is how to use divine power.

Divine power is similar to magical power but can be considered in a higher tier compared to magical power.

Divine power does not originate from one’s body but from one’s soul. I was taught on how to use it.

The one who guided me all this time in the “garden of eternal spring” was the woman who picked me up, Eris.

I asked what should I do after I transmigrate on that world. I mean, all of those who transmigrate has their own purpose(like being a hero) but,

「You don’t have to do anything in particular.」

Asura answered with a smile.

I can freely do whatever I want after being teleported.

To hear that from the existence which can be considered the god who manages that world is so reassuring.

「Are you ready?」

Asura asked that line as the final confirmation to me who’s standing on the teleportation formation.


By the way, I think that my relationship with Asura has considerably improved this past week.

Although I’m thinking whether a god-like existence like her is fine with it, she didn’t say anything in particular so I guess there’s nothing to worry about.



「Jaa, it is time to give my present and an advice.」

「? Present?」

「I’ll grant your left eye a portion of my power. What power is it? Please try to find it out yourself.」

「Eh? This is the first time I heard it!?」

「Well, this is the first time I said it.」

(You should have told me sooner.)

「Sorry, there are various circumstances that I need to be careful with.」

Might be god class circumstances. Or rather, how can you read me like its natural?

「….I understand.」

「As for my advice, there is a little event happening in the place where you will be teleported to. Please choose carefully since the route will change accordingly with your choice.」

Though Asura casually said that, could it be some sort of divine oracle? I did not say anything in response(since she can read my expression anyway).

「Got it.」

「Jaa, do your best.」

Although she saying it as if I’m just going on a trip, her assistance since I arrived here is not something one would casually give.

「Thank you for all the things you’ve done for me.」

「You’re welcome.」

I lowered my head deeply while Asura waved her hand and smiled.

I raised my head and can’t help but look at Asura’s eyes.



「Why did you help him that much?」

Eris, who had kept silent behind Asura, asked her that as soon as the teleportation formation disappeared.

「Can you even understand my reason?….you even didn’t notice until I gave my advice to him.」

After Asura said that, she smiles and giggles.


「Is a reason necessary?」


「I can’t even think of an answer. I really don’t know.」

After saying that, Asura gave Eris a teasing gaze.

「Aren’t you the same?」


As Eris raised a voice that she hardly heard, Asura smiles and giggles for a while.



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