Chapter 55 – Dwarf

The name of the dwarf who came to the village is Donovan.

He is not an ordinary dwarf but an elder dwarf. That said, I don’t know the difference.

He had a barrel-like body figure like in the story I heard. Bulky hand and feet and thick beards.

His height is about the same as mine but because he has a big face, he looks small.

By the way, this Donovan,

Is a male.

I’ll say it again, he’s a male.

Furthermore, an adult.

Yes, he’s an adult.

In short, this village’s long-awaited adult male!

「A female without beard is….I am not a lolicon.」


The cultural barrier is thicker than expected.

「For the time being, let’s make wine using barley and corn from this place. The crops here are good so it will definitely be a good wine.」

「I see. Then, is it better to increase the production material volume?」

「Yes, at least twice as many…no, twice then double.」

「I agree.」

I looked at how Ria consults Donovan.

Is it really good to expand the field that much?

I think they are only thinking of increasing the production of wine.

You guys are also the one who asked me to increase the vineyard for wine production.

Okay, I’ll expand it.

You don’t need to pressure me.

「This is amazing.」

「Uhn, delicious.」


Cooking research is done by the onis and I also work with them from time to time.

Though I said that it is a cooking research, we’re just reproducing the food from my previous world.

This time, I recall something about wine simmering.

To be honest, I don’t know anything about cooking.

It’s a trial and error research. I just boiled something with wine.

While boiling meat with wine, I seasoned with onions and others to add some flavor.

Rough but I think the end product isn’t bad.

The review of the others is not bad either.

But thinking that the consumption of wine will further increase, I became anxious and lost my appetite.


I feel like the obsession with alcohol of the villagers is too strong.

After that, I decided to make the wine simmering dish a luxurious dish that can only be served to guests.

The spring has come.

As usual, I plowed the field.

I am requested to expand the field for barley, corn, and even the vineyard.

Because of that, I expanded the field size.

I am now accustomed to plowing so I plowed faster than ever.

Even so, it still took me 20 days.

From the former 256 fields, 16 by 16, it is now 512, 16 by 32 fields.

I extended it to the south….moving to the edge has really become troublesome.

I mean, from edge to edge, it’s a whole 1,600 meters.

I’ll just think of it as a good exercise.

The vineyard is now 128 fields compared to the previous 64.

Barley and cornfields for wine are 32 fields each.

The rest are various crops.

A notable point is that I greatly increased the sesame field.

It is because I recalled that I can use sesame to make oil.

Presently, our oils came from rapeseeds and olives but I think that it would be good if we have different kinds of oils.

Plowing the field is something only I can do since it needs the AFT.

The others do the other job.

The kuros hunt in the forest.

I’m worried that the rabbits in the forest will be extinct.

The spiders and making clothes.

A new design has come out.

The high elves are repairing buildings that are damaged during winter.

They are also building Donovan’s house and the recreational hall.

Ah, they are also building Doraim’s villa.

The woods used to construct all of those buildings are from the deforested area from the field expansion.

The trees around here are difficult to cut down and process but it’s a good thing that I have the AFT.

The onis are cooking and cleaning the houses and the streets as usual.

It seems like dirt has accumulated during winter.

The lizardmen are taking care of the cows and chicken as well as maintaining the waterways.

The beastkins are processing the crops.

Threshing, milling, oil extraction, sugar making, salt making, etc.

The dwarves are making wine….areh?

The dwarf increased?


「I’m Cross, nice to meet you.」


From what I heard, they followed Donovan.

And are going to settle here too.

It was decided before I knew it.

「The crops here are good. It’s really surprising.」

「Yes, they are delicious even if you eat them raw.」

It is impossible for a bad person to praise my crops.

Welcome to the Big Tree village.

It is important for Loo to be taken care of.

Tier and Flora are doing what they should do while helping Loo in her daily life.

The angels are flying around cautiously as usual.

I am worried about the future of farming.

Currently, we can harvest several times a year but it is all thanks to the AFT.

I again express my gratitude to the god who gave it to me.

For now, the village has no problem with food to eat.

Therefore, I thought of something.

What will happen if there is no AFT?

And what will happen to the village if something happens to me or if I can no longer use the AFT?

Since my sense of crisis is tingling, I thought that we should try farming using ordinary tools.

The crops on the field plowed by the AFT grows 4 times faster in a suitable environment.

Planting crops that came from the crops planted using the AFT in another field makes the growth rate same as an ordinary crop.

In other words, the same as the normal crops.

Therefore, we need to pay attention to the season before raising it or it will not grow well.

Moreover, they will not grow in a place that has never been plowed with the AFT.

It is because the soil of the forest is unsuitable for raising crops.

Because of that, if I can find a place where normal wheat can grow, I think that the wheat from our field can grow there too.

These are the results of the experiments I tried until now.

It will take time and labor and the harvested amount will be reduced too but it is possible to farm even if there is no AFT.

I want to try something.

Currently, I have prepared a small field where others can practice plowing.

The main participants are the high elves, the lizardmen, and the beastkins.

I told them that they are free to choose what they want to raise and whatever they raise is theirs alone.

The crops they raised are mainly raw materials for making wine.

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