Arc 1 Chapter 1.1 – Sudden Crisis

Like the advice I was given in the “garden of eternal spring” before going to Asgard, I had to calmly deal with the situation before me without even having time to check the surrounding.

Why? Because I as soon as I arrived at Asgard, explosion and tremor welcomed me.

(What!? What the heck is going on?)

I confusedly looked around….Nevertheless, I found the cause of explosion.

There is a one-on-one battle happening before my eyes.

Because the battle is happening a bit far from where I am, I can’t confirm what kind of people(?) are battling.

Those people(?), even though they are far, are clearly not a race of people I have knowledge of.

Their figures are the same as humans but the things on their back are something humans don’t have.

Both of them have things that look like wings on their back.

Though I want to get closer to verify, that’s impossible since their battle is still in progress.

What should I do in this kind of situation? I quickly thought of the thing that was taught to me in the “garden of eternal spring”.

I have to remember the things that I learned about Asgard. I’m in a life and death situation.

Never thought that I’ll vanish immediately after coming here.

In this world, you can lose your life in a moment of carelessness.

While watching the battle of the two people, my ear heard the sound of stepping on grass.

It definitely did not come to those battling people but from something behind me.

I looked back to check the source of the sound.

As I turn around, cold sweat flows on my back.

Behind me is a bear that is about to attack using its claw.

And it’s not just a bear.

It is something that can’t be compared to simple bears on earth. I heard that this is more violent.

Why? Because in Asgard, monsters exist.


That’s what I can only think of, scream.

Even if I try to escape, I won’t be able to.

Because I turned around to look at it(it was verified to be called black bear afterwards), my foot got tangled and I collapsed.

I screamed more and closed my eyes. The only thing I can do that time was to wait for that moment.


The impact that I’m sure that will hit me did not arrive. All I heard is a heavy impact sound then voices of two women.

「My lord!!」

「Kousuke-sama, are you alright!?」

As I heard those voices, I gently opened my eyes and saw the black bear knocked down nearby.

And right next to it are two women, one with blond hair and one with silver hair.

Both of them has faces filled with unease.

「A-ahh….I seem to be not injured so I’m okay.」

I managed to reply to the two women in a tepid manner.

The first thing I noticed is the 3 pairs, 6 wings at their back.

Though their colors are different, black and white, both are very beautiful wings.

The white-winged lady is a beautiful woman with gold eyes that gives off the vibe of an unyielding class president.

The black-winged lady is a beautiful woman with silver eyes that gives off the vibe of a gentle oneesan.

They are contrasting in many ways.

At first, I felt embarrassed because there are two beautiful girls who I never met before looking at me worriedly and somewhat looking miserable(Why do they look like that?). Then, I remember that when I was on earth, I never experienced something like this, I feel down.

When they saw me like that, they seem to have misunderstood something. The blonde woman immediately accused the silver-haired woman.

「Look at what you’ve done. You caused my lord anxiety because of that unnecessary thing(battle).」

「Ara ara. You are the reason why that unnecessary thing took place. Why do you have to suggest that kind of thing(battle)?」


「….you have a problem with that?」

We just met but I already felt this disturbing atmosphere between them so I decided to change the topic.

「A-ano…. Thank you for helping me. By the way…what’s with the “my lord”?」

That’s what I’ve been anxious about since a while ago.

We just met so why would they call me something as exaggerated as that? No matter how much I think about it, I will never forget such beauties.

However, their reply did not answer anything.

「Because my lord is my lord.」


To the puzzled me, the silver-haired woman said something outrageous.

「The two of us were made to assist Kousuke-sama so it is natural for us to treat you as our lord.」

「….eh!? What!?」

「Areh? You didn’t hear anything about it? Since Kousuke-sama is unfamiliar with this world, Asura-sama created us to assist you.」

(Create…for something like that….)

I never heard about having assistants.

「That said, my lord, please choose one of us to accompany and work for you from now on.」

「….eh!? Choose!?」

「That’s right. You don’t need to be accompanied by two in particular.」

The two of them looked at me with eyes full of expectations.

Whichever I choose, the other one will definitely feel bad.

I now understand the reason why they are fighting earlier.


Both of them are looking at me with radiant expression.

Even so, my back is soaked with cold sweat.

(This, is it absolutely necessary to choose one of them? No, I have a feeling that I should do something…)

I just came here so I’m full of hesitation.

However, I can’t take too much time.

I tried to speak.

「…ehto…can’t I choose both of you?」

At that moment, I suddenly felt cold but it is probably only my imagination.

「There is nothing wrong with that if that is what you want.」

「….I agree.」

I feel like dragging this topic is bad for me because of that, I decided to change the topic immediately and ask the thing I wanted to hear from them since earlier.

「I still don’t know your names, can you tell me?」

「We don’t have one.」


「Like I said earlier, we have been created for the sake of assisting you so we were not given names….It would be nice if Kousuke-sama can give us one.」

「… Is that so?」

To verify it, the blonde woman nodded vigorously.

「We ask of you by all means.」

Being directed by gazes full of expectations, I became secretly worried.

「….name……name….requesting suddenly….」

Looking at the two beautiful women with full of expectations expressions on their faces, I realized that it’s impossible to refuse.

(Blonde hair, silver hair….should I call them sun and moon? Sun means light…moon…uhn…)

I tried suggesting name based on that.

「Then, you first, what do you think of Kouhi?」

TN: Her name is means sunlight.

I tried hearing the blonde woman’s opinion first.

「Kouhi….sun light? I think it’s very good.」

When I saw the smile on her face, my heart felt relieved.

「It’s my turn, right?」

As I expected, the gaze of the silver-haired woman gave me made me nervous.

「Ehtoh, your name will be Mitsuki, what do you think?」

TN: Her name means winnowing moon.

「Mitsuki…winnowing moon. Thank you very much. From now on, I am Mitsuki.」

「I am Kouhi. Please take care of me from now on, my lord.」

「Please take care of me from now on, Kousuke-sama.」

The two of them gave me a really pleasant smile that almost take my breath away. I can’t help but admire the smiles of these two beautiful women.



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