Arc 1 Chapter 1.2 – Means of Transportation

After naming the two, Kouhi and Mitsuki,

We decided to leave that place since a monster like that black bear might come again.

We also have to secure food and shelter.

The place where we are is really far from the nearest town. If we were to go there by foot, it will take a considerable number of days. Therefore, it was decided that either Kouhi or Mitsuki has to go to secure mounts.

They played a game in order to decide who’ll do what. The game was janken and they played it seriously.

Although the game was decided for an instant, the pressure I felt from the two of them when they were about to play was tremendous(It gave me a long lasting impression).

As for the result, Mitsuki will take care of the mounts that we are going to use while traveling so she needs to move ahead and Kouhi will secure the food.

While securing food, Kouhi will also teach me basic knowledge.

Although I said that, it is just about making camps and choosing the place to camp.

I already learned general knowledge from Asura and Eris about Asgard so I did not ask her to teach me that.

But I guess my knowledge still needs to be verified.

From what I learned about the “garden of eternal spring”, the most surprising is that this is a planar world. It is not a sphere like earth.

TN: This is basically where those flat earthners came from.

To where we are, there is a continent on the north, south, east, and beyond them are oceans.

No one had yet confirmed anything about what there is beyond the ocean.

Even though Kouhi was created by Asura herself, it seems like she also did not give her any information about it.

We are currently in the central continent where monsters are rampant.

Although there are also monsters on the other four continents, the strength of monsters here is on a completely different level.

There are absolutely no city or town on the central continent besides the ones on the coast.

In the past, several nations from other continents tried building a town in the inner part of this continent but even their temporary base are attacked by a large number of monsters. As a result, towns are only built on coastal areas where monsters are relatively weak.

Because it is almost certain that one will be attacked while the land route from one town to another, having guards are necessary and it also the reason why towns here cannot develop further.

That is why it can be said that I was thrown into the place harshest for human beings but since I have Kouhi and Mitsuki, there is nothing to be feared of.

After all, they can exterminate any monsters in this continent before I notice it.

While Kouhi and I are looking for food, we have been attacked by monsters many times but they are all killed in a single blow.

By the way, the monsters that she defeated can be sold as material in a town so she puts them in another space using magic.

When I saw her using it for the first time, I asked her “Is that similar to an item box?” and she replied, “That’s right”.

The more I hear about this world, the more the way I see it changes.

By the way, there are three levels of item box. The levels depend on its capacity.

However, no one can tell if the item box magic one is using is of the upper or lower rank because they all look the same.

By the way, the rank between upper and lower is intermediate.

While we’re discussing about such a thing, Mitsuki came back.

At that time, we had already finished hunting and were preparing the food. By the way, we don’t have any cooking utensils so we can only cook simple dish.

And I was stunned upon seeing where Mitsuki was standing.

「….Mitsuki, what’s that? 」

「Wyvern desu.」

It is approximately 7 meters high. It is a reptile(?) with wings that have a span of about 5 meters on each wing.

「Ehto….so you mean to use it as our mean of transportation? 」


Mitsuki nods as if it was the natural thing to do.

I looked at Kouhi and it looks like she’s thinking the same way as Mitsuki.

「….I have never ridden one before so I don’t think I can use it…」

I’m ashamed of my incompetence but Mitsuki smiled at me.

「It’s all right. You just need to ride its back and it will fly on its own. Just don’t move that much.」

There is still time before we eat so I was urged to ride it.

It is impossible to refuse after all. I tried riding the wyvern.

Naturally, it doesn’t have a saddle so I can sit wherever I find it comfortable to sit.

Meanwhile, the wyvern is obediently waiting on the ground. Because of it, I misunderstood that wyverns are docile.

Wyverns are ferocious creatures that will never let someone to ride them. This wyvern is obedient because of Mitsuki’s discipline.

It seems to have been persuaded to absolutely not do anything against me.

「Be careful when you fly. Don’t put too much power on its body.」

The moment she said that, some sort of power pulled my body. In a blink of an eye, we are already flying in the sky.


I mysteriously did not feel fear.

I heard it afterwards but a wyvern can only fly using the strength of its wings.

It seems like I was not able to feel wind blowing when we’re flying because of the magic it was born with.

Because of that, I can afford to enjoy the view for a few minutes.


While enjoying the scenery from the sky, I suddenly felt uncomfortable.

「….perhaps, is it you? 」

When I asked the wyvern, that uncomfortable feeling changed into a positive one.


The wyvern replied.

Its lovely reply is in contrast with its appearance.

「You can’t talk but do you understand what I say? 」


「…is that so? 」

I don’t know why but my conversation with the wyvern is kind of fun so I unintentionally stroke its back.

Then, I felt a joyful feeling this time.

I’m beginning to understand what is happening.

Therefore, I decided to do some various experiments.

As the result, I can instruct it to accelerate, decelerate, or turn.

Of course, intense movement like battling is impossible but it is enough that I can use it as a mount.

When I was enthusiastically flying in the sky, I heard Kouhi’s voice at my ears. She used magic.

「Sorry to bother your fun. The food is ready so please come back.」

「Uwa. Sorry. I’ll return right away.」

It seems like I’ve been flying for a while since I experimented on various things.

I returned to the place where they are waiting for me in a hurry.

The two who saw me landing without any difficulty were surprised.

「What? 」

「No…as expected of my lord.」

「I’m really surprised.」

It seems like these two were not expecting much from me so they are surprised how I handled the wyvern.

「Somehow, I can understand what this child feels so I tried various things.」

「A normal person can’t do that….Perhaps my lord has tamer skill or something similar.」

「Uhn…we are not sure but it is better to consider that possibility.」

「Fuh, is that so? 」

Even if I really have that skill, I don’t understand it that much myself so let’s go with their suggestion.

Kouhi and Mitsuki did not pursue any further and the talk about it ended there.

By the way, while we were eating, we named the three wyverns.

My wyvern is named Kou, Kouhi’s wyvern is Hih, and Mitsuki’s wyvern is Mih. I’m the one who named them.

After we finished eating, the two of them clean things up(I tried to help them but they refused). I absentmindedly go to where Kou is.

We are already forbidden to fly since it is already sunset. Flying at night is dangerous especially if you’re not accustomed to it.

Since I don’t really need to sleep right away, I watch Kou without doing anything else and something flows through me from Kou.

(What’s this?)

Even though I’m not touching it, it feels like we are physically connected.

It seems like I can either weaken or strengthen the flow. However, until what level?

(Can I really weaken it…? Can I erase it?

I decided to try.

However, it did not go well.

(I can’t weaken it…can I control it? If I can’t weaken it, then how about erasing this feeling?)

I was not aware but I’m already passionately experimenting. On the other hand, Kou seems to be uneasy.

(Disappear….erase….what is this feeling….there!)

I finally found the connection and cut it off.

But at the same time…….

「Kiyuo!….Kiyoukyou!! 」

Kou, who’s beside me, started making noise.

「What’s the matter!?」

「What? What happened!?」

Kouhi and Mitsuki who heard the noise immediately go to where I am.

「Ah, sorry! I’m sorry Kou.」

At the same time the connection between us was cut off, I found that the feeling of understanding between me and Kou disappeared too. Kou seemed to have understood that our connection was severed so it started making a commotion.

I immediately established a connection between us the same way I did earlier.

I remembered how to do it so we got connected immediately.

At the same time, Kou calmed down. I felt a feeling of relief flowing.

I apologize once again and stroke Kou’s neck. I explained what happened to Kouhi and Mitsuki and they look puzzled.

「I have never heard of anything like this before.」

「Neither do I.」


Although I have a lot of questions, I understood that it can’t be answered for the time being.

By the way…

Kou made noise because I suddenly cut it off. I probably need to warn it or give it a signal before I cut the connection off.



Kouhi and Mitsuki ⇒ common route (harem)

Kouhi ⇒ white route

Mitsuki ⇒ black route

I tentatively thought of using only one route but I no longer has the plan to only go on one color route.



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