Chapter 67 – Brynie’s End

「Kuh….to put in such a trap.」

「Oh, you’re still alive after that explosion?」

The stubborn princess knight Eleonora.

When the dust caused by the huge explosion cleared up, most of their knights and horses are lying on their back, unmoving.

There are a very few of them that are still barely breathing and can groan.

In this situation, among those who were blown away, only the vice general Eleonora has still the power to stand up.

It seems like her durability is high.

Perhaps her crimson flame armor and mantle are very expensive. They are probably high-performance magic armor.

In this world, it is a good magic gap-widening/narrowing item.

She didn’t die even after being bombed. Her magic armor resistance is unquestionable.

Since she didn’t die, she’ll only need to drink healing potion and she’ll be fine.

「No matter what you do, I will not submit. If you truly are a knight, fight me fair and square, Silesie’s hero!」

「Yoshi, guys, tie that fellow with an iron chain!」

The other party is troublesome if not dealt with properly so I had my personal guards to surround her.

If we tie her with a rope, it will just burn because of her fire armor so it is troublesome to catch her.

Therefore, we have no choice but to surround her then roll iron chains around her.

The other party is the princess knight so I can fetch a lot of money as ransom for her later. She’s basically a bonus character.

「Kuh…using numbers to surround me then tying me with rough chains, you shameless coward! What are you going to do with me? You will definitely not be forgiven if you rape a knight! And even if you use that method to deal with me, I will not yield!」

「Haa…you’re already a prisoner so can’t you be quiet?」

By the way, no matter how great that armor was, since she was blown off by the explosion and hit the ground, it should have been damaged.

But why is this girl still energetic…?

Maa, I should recognize her power to receive beating.

I looked at the heavy infantry with large shields with scarlet hawk emblem on them. They are directly under the princess knight’s command.

I’m sure they saw Eleonora being tied by iron chains but they still threw their weapons.

They did not even think of saving her.

All of them, whether knights or soldiers, surrendered immediately.

The knights declared their submission, if they pay ransom, they will be released. Even the soldiers did not resist.

They might not be willing to put their life on the line for the city they don’t own.

It goes without saying but the mercenaries are just hired with money.

Even if she’s already bound with an iron chain, Eleonora keeps blabbering. In addition, out of nowhere, the silver-haired butler knight of the Am-Main family, Kato, came. He took her after paying two sacks full of gold coins.

Thanks to the mercenary group, we’re running low on funds so this ransom is truly appreciated.

For the old knight Kato who brings me gold, I can endure the filthy mouth of the princess knight Eleonora.

「Silesie’s hero! Remember this, next time, my sword will slash that hateful neck of yours!」

「Yes yes, though I don’t think there will be next time.」

If there is, I’m in trouble.

Killing Brynie, the apparent leader of the enemy, will conclude this war.

Because of that, we surrounded the city of Lauren.

When I opened the entrance of Lauren’s castle, which is buried in rubble, with the sword of light, the enemy knights who survived the collapse of the castle all threw their weapons including their captain.

「I am Captain Rahald van Rottenmeier. We surrender so we would like to ask to be treated as knights.」

「Of course, anyone who’ll submit will be spared.」

Hearing that, all the knights raised their hands to submit.

Except for the commander-in-chief whose still clinging on the throne.

「Ya, yaahh, if it isn’t hero-dono, what took you so long ojaru?」

「It hasn’t been that long.」

Brynie is looking at me with gritty eyes.

Though I already expected him to survive, while there’s a lot of soldiers who accompanied him were crushed, I was surprised that he is completely unscathed.

That tenacity, I never thought that I’d felt fear with this idiot.

He even didn’t forget to put white makeup even though he’s in the middle of the battlefield. Should I consider this clown a man of preparedness?

Looking back at all the things he has done, why is he still alive and kicking here?

「Since it has come to this, I surrender. I am now your captive.」

「Is that so? It is good that you voluntarily surrender. Now, I will let you decide how you will be executed: firing squad, hanging, decapitation, or whatever your favorite execution method is.」

「I-I’m a descendant of the founding king Renz! I am a royal, you dare to tell me that!」

「Brynie, you are still saying that!」

I have a bad headache. You were about to be executed in the capital and escaped to the empire.

I’m not sure if one can find it funny that this guy still thinks that he can survive after being captured.

「Hiih! I’m sorry hero-sama! I apologize for everything I have done so far! Please forgive me!」

Looking at his eyes, I can see that he’s completely serious.

Brynie falls down from the throne while screaming “Hii! Hii!”. As he falls on the red carpet, he squeezes it and begs for his life again.

It is impossible to plead for mercy now, especially from me.

I never really understood how this guy thinks from beginning to end.

Although he’s just a figurehead, a lot of soldiers, both enemy and ally, died because of this idiot’s command.

When I thought so, I felt frustrated.

「Talk in your sleep after dying!」

「Hyaaaaahhh! I don’t want to die! Noooooo!」

The sword of light penetrated his black armor.

If I don’t kill this guy right away and wait for his execution, there is a possibility that he’ll survive.


I intend to cut down the root of ruination with all I have.

I also cut his neck.

His neck made a beautiful sound.

On the tattered carpet, his heavily make-up severed head rolls.

I stand up straight.


From the severed head, the red beret that he never took off fell.

Hidden under that beret is the bald head of Brynie.

Brynie’s parietal region has become bald.

Now, his freshly severed head looks totally like a criminal.

At last, his stupidity will stop.

The severed head of the everyone hated Count Brynie is put on display in the city square.

I don’t know who started it but the soldiers of the city of Lauren started kicking the freshly-severed head of Brynie.

This looks like the beginning of soccer in this world but that is another story.

—Scene Change—

Since the Silesie Kingdom declared Brynie’s death, the Germania Empire lost their just cause for their intervention war.

However, the war has yet to end.

In the empire’s capital Northmark, it seems like their soldier recruitment for war did not stop.

Prince Freed hasn’t given up yet.

Even if we’re under a truce, we cannot let our war preparation slow down.

「I hope anyone else who wants to rebel will give up now.」

Sensei said such a thing while we are having our triumphant return from our overwhelming victory.

Though being attack by the imperial army in such an unprecedented scale is dangerous enough, if we lost against the empire, we will lose our coercive power as a country and this country will surely collapse.

Any more than this is fatal for both country so they shouldn’t do it.

Therefore, it can be concluded that the next one is the decisive battle.

「Takeru-dono, you should marry the princess and the dukedom’s princess after all.」


First of all, Princess Caroline will not marry someone who is not a native of her country.

「Even if Count Brynie dies, he’s still from the branch family of the founding king Renz. He is comparable to the Archduke of Transylvania. In order to not be criticized in that area, though its just for formality, Hero Takeru-dono’s blood should mix with the blood of the current monarchs then ascend to be the king.」

「Won’t that be opposed by the opposing local lord’s faction?」

「…perhaps it will.」

As expected.

Sensei strongly grips the short wand in his hand.

「Silesie kingdom is divided into three factions. The regent’s faction which is us, the prime minister faction which is the princess’, and the local lord’s faction who wants to be independent. Though the current situation is kind of annoying, if we tie up with the prime minister faction, it is possible for Takeru-dono to be the king…」

「Are you saying that we should scare off those disturbing local lords somewhere else?」

Sensei’s brown eyes are full of ambition.

But he’s trying to work with his hated father so I guess we’re in a really serious situation. Still, sensei’s chest doesn’t have a bit of the what so-called “happy tactics”.

「You still won’t agree?」

「Jaa, if sensei will marry me too, I will formally marry the princess. I’ll also work hard with the succession war.」

When he heard me, sensei looked like he was dumped with cold water.

This method is the best for making sensei return his sanity.

「Ano, there’s no such thing as marriage between men….」

「You’re concerned about that? Hey Ria, does A-sama church care about such a thing?」

Ria, whose in the inner part of the horse carriage, nods and smiles.

When it comes to my marriage, she will definitely not stay silent.

「Of course not. Even if it is useless, A-sama is benevolent enough to accept same-sex marriage. If you want to, we can perform the marriage ceremony between you and Lyle-san, the princess, the dukedom’s princess, and me now.」

「Why did you casually add yourself?」

「Ara, didn’t you just call my name? I just accepted that proposal of yours.」

「No, that’s not it.」

Even so, the people in questions are not even here…..we can’t even ask their opinion.

Well, it’s just my excuse for not getting married.

「I’ll give up this time. However, please keep this option in mind since we are still in the middle of civil war and the empire will surely take advantage of it.」


Of course, I’m only lightly joking but it is still a shock that my proposal was rejected.

I pretended to be affected.

If sensei will be defiant I’ll just say “Then, marry me” and it will solve my problem…

Though I already made such a plan, my stomach as a man seems to can’t take it.

Sensei wants me to throw my personal feeling so I made him commit himself to me as a counter.

I didn’t think that he’ll take it seriously, I apologize.

「By the way, sensei」

「What do you want……」

It is saddening that sensei is so anxious.

I wish he is kidding.

「I just incidentally thought, wouldn’t it be better for you to let your hair grow longer?」

「The shorter it is, the easier to move.」

Sensei’s hair is short but it looks nice. I’m sure he made it that way because he doesn’t want to look that feminine.

I want him to get rid of feeling that way against his hair.

「I think it would be easier to let it grow until your shoulders. Won’t you look more of a military strategist if have that hairstyle?」

「Hmm, military strategist look. Uhn, I understand.」

Sensei thinks for a bit while touching his bangs.

Sensei is surprisingly easy with regards to this aspect. I just need to flatter him a little and Lyle-sensei is already convinced.

With this, our conversation about precautions against the empire who’s trying to use someone to inherit the Silesie’s throne has come to an end.

As for me, I must strengthen my position in order to be able to protect both Princess Silhouette and Princess Caroline.

—Scene Change—

「You have safely returned….」

The sobbing and teary-eyed Princess Silhouette said those words as she embraced me.

The princess and the dukedom princess came to greet me in front of the city of Ox.

「Hero-sama, congratulations on your victory.」

The trembling voice of Princess Caroline, who’s wearing her new glasses, is full of emotion.

While looking at the crying princesses, I was at lost for a moment then I suddenly remembered that there is a possibility of me being killed in battle.

Because I believe too much on Lyle-sensei, I never thought about losing nor prepared for it.

For the princesses who saw me off to war, they might have thought that there is a chance that it will be our last time seeing each other.

When the princess is crying for me like this, I thought that she’s really pretty.

「By the way」

Aside from meeting the princess, there is something I wanted to do after coming home.

After I soothed the forever crying princess, I called Roll and have her heat the bath for me.

However, while thinking about how will I slowly immerse in the bath.

I realized how luxurious my casual life is compared to my life on the battlefield.

In the carriage on the way back, I thought that I wanted to take a bath slowly to my heart’s content.

The problem is Ria. She’ll definitely hinder my time to relax in the bath.

In the past, I’m searching for gaps and corners where she might hide before entering the bathroom.

However, after seeing what Lyle-sensei did during the war, I found out that such defensive way of thinking is a mistake.

「Suzanne, Claudia, enter the bath with me. You’ll be my guards!」


The most important thing is offense.

I’m satisfied seeing the salute Suzanne and Claudia gave.

If they can guard me at my bed, they can surely guard me in bath too.

I wonder why I never thought of it until now. Number is power!

「Ano, master, what about me?」

「Sharon… I want to relax alone in the bath. I don’t want to be disturb.」

Compared to my other slave girls, Sharon is fully grown up so she’s a hindrance.

She the only one in my company who’s talented enough to hold Ria back.

「Can I go inside too?」

The one who said that is a silver-haired girl who appeared behind Sharon.

Oh, it’s unusual for me to see her here.

「Sherry, what are you doing here? What about the main branch in Est?」

Sherry, a math genius, is the brain that oversees the logistics of Sawatari Trading Company. She’s an indispensable existence at our head office.

Because she’s there, I can leave the company to both her and Sharon in peace and go to the front line.

「Don’t worry master, the head office is functioning properly. I took the opportunity to go with the group that transport the goods here since I was called by Lyle-sensei.」

「You’re doing something for Lyle-sensei?」

「The Garan mercenary group has entered our camp so there is a need to rebuild our logistics plan.」

「If that is the case, Sherry indeed needs to come here.」

It is good that we are able to hire a large mercenary group from the empire but since there are 5,000 of them, it is difficult to cover their salary, food, and drinks.

Even if we obtain ransoms from the captured knights, it will not be enough.

Moreover, because they betrayed their former employer, the empire, they can only go to this place.

Even though the war was interrupted, I cannot arbitrarily dismiss them.

「Master, here is the plan I made up in case the war situation changes. I’ve already included the mercenaries you hired to our present volunteer corps….」

That said, Sherry starts giving me a bundle of documents.

Even if I see them, I won’t be able to understand them anymore.

「Consult Lyle-sensei for the details. First of all, Sherry must be tired from her long journey. You can take a bath with us.」

「Yes, I will accompany you!」

I pat Sherry’s silver hair.

She looks pleased as I pat her. To think that this girl has a mathematical aptitude surpassing Lyle-sensei. She’s incredible enough to be thought of as a high-performance computer.

「Yoshi, let’s go together.」

I also called Colette, who’s currently cooking, and Viola, who’s making ice cream next to her. After that, we called all other slave girls to join me in the bath.

This large bathhouse is a heritage of the zombie baron. It is quite large so it won’t matter even if a lot of children came in.

I can take my time soaking in the bath while being with everyone. This is great.

「Woops! You thought I’ll forget you?」

I caught Roll outside and pick her up.

「You’re also going in with me.」


You can’t say no!

This girl really hates bath. She occasionally wash herself but she won’t enter the bath.

「Roll, you have to go in for the sake of the dignity of dwarves. Do you want others to say that dwarf girls are dirty?」

「Master, even if Roll won’t take bath, I will not get dirty.」

What kind of constitution is that? There is no such cheat.

「Wait! I still have something to do! I need to work!」

「I want to take a long bath so it would be good if the temperature last longer than usual.」

Even though I’m already lifting Roll’s small body, she can still throw firewoods.

She’s really workaholic. Her passion for work is something above average.

「…she arrived.」

「What’s wrong master?」

—this sensation. This chill on my back.

On the other side of the darkness, she’s watching this place from there. I can feel her gaze and her pressure.

That Ria, she’s trying to hinder my bathing time again.

Even so, I’ll fight her with number.

I’m betting my relaxing bath time. This is a battle I can’t afford to lose.

「I’ll show you what a true public bath means.」

「Master, Roll is cold, I want to warm up now.」

Roll’s body is trembling because I used her as a shield.

I didn’t notice, I’m sorry.



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