Chapter 62 – Business Talk?

「The food yesterday was amazing. The food served at the gatekeeper dragon’s place was wonderful but it is nowhere near the food here. Furthermore, that wine. It is the most delicious wine I ever tasted.」

「Is that so? However, please don’t drink too much.」

I did what I can to not caught in Michael-san’s momentum.

It is before noon. Michael-san and I are in the large dining room of the inn. Loo, Tier, and Frau are with us too.

I thought Rasuti will participate but she seems to have stayed late at the banquet last night and is still sleeping.

Though Rasuti is like both the student council president and disciplinary committee chairman, she’s unexpectedly bad at waking up.

Most dragons are like that and if you wake them up forcibly, you’ll be in trouble so it is good to leave them be.

「Then how about starting to discuss your business here….」

「Right. First of all, I want to tell you my purpose for coming here.」

Michael-san straightened his posture.

「The other day, Fraurem-ojousama came to my store to conduct business. All of the crops she brought are wonderful so my first goal is to continue your business with us in the future. My second purpose is to check if there are more crops I can trade with. My third purpose is to check if there is any business you want me to do for you. Lastly, if things go well, I want to obtain the position of purveyor of this village.」

Michael-san stuck out his chest as if he has nothing to be ashamed of.

「It is good that you’re honest.」

「I have to. If I intentionally bend anything, it will complicate things.」

「Certainly. It is good to hear what you want from the start.」

Tier and Loo replied.

「Thus, first of all, the surplus crops of the village…..I would like to buy them all. I’ll buy them at a high price.」

「Hahaha. Maa, there’s no need to rush.」

Loo winks at Tier. It seems like Loo is planning something.

「There are a lot of other parties that want to have dealings with our village. Transactions with other villages have already been carried out on a regular basis. We can’t have you as our only business partner.」

「Looking at the crops of the village, it is only natural. I was unreasonable. However, I would like to ask as much deal as you can give me.」

「Presently, the crops we can wholesale for your company are these.」

…..and, they discussed about the business deal.

Maa, I’m only here to give the final approval.

「No no, that is enough. I appreciate it.」

「Is that so? Then, let’s talk about the price.」

「I agree. Ah, I would like to ask something before anything else.」

「What is it?」

「It’s about the transport of goods. Can I expect you to transport them via a dragon like what you did earlier?」

Michael-san wants Rasuti and Frau to transport the goods. Well, it will be really hard to transport them on foot.

Of course, we will ask something in exchange for that.

「Umu. You must have not heard it yet but Rasuti is here because of a promise with the chief so she’s not really part of the village. We can’t get her involved in this deal.」

「She can’t take part in the deal?」

「Do you think there is someone who can give instructions to a dragon?」

「Can’t you do anything about it?」

「We can’t. The reason why Rasuti cooperated to transport the crops of the village before is out of her goodwill.」

Though she only needed to be bribed with sweets.

「I see….ehto….then what is the relationship between the village and the dragons?」

「Coexistence. Don’t think of anything strange.」


What a weird conversation.

Are they planning something behind the scenes?

「In any case, to be able to transport the goods….how about this much?」

That’s a lot of zeros. But I did not intervene because I don’t know how much that worth.

「With this, you won’t need to splurge much effort.」

「Hahaha. I don’t mind that amount. You don’t need to lessen it that much because it is our first business deal.」

「Umu. Since you don’t have problem with this amount, let’s sign a contract.」

「By all means. Let’s use this paper. Also, this is the catalog of all items handled by our shop.」

「Thank you. If there is any item we need, we’ll buy it from you. Ah, there are some things I want to buy….」

The talk advances steadily.

I asked him the things I wanted to know about the marine products.

They are not poisonous but it seems like it is common for them to have parasites so they should never be eaten raw.

I guess I won’t be making sushi.

「Could you wholesale wine too?」

「….If it’s a small amount we can give it to you as a token of friendship but selling you a business level amount is out of the question. Our village’s wine has a lot of fans.」

「Is that so? Though it is regrettable, I guess I’ll enjoy it myself. I’m thankful for that small amount.」


The business talk ended after lunch.

As a result, all the crops we had put in place for trading with Shashaato City were cashed. Honey, Zabuton’s fabric, salt, sugar, oil, etc were sold too.

I was surprised that we even sold salt.

Shashaato City is a port town so I’m sure they have no shortage of salt but it seems like the taste is different.

It seems like salt from the forest of death has always been famous and valuable.

I have not bought anything from him this time but I requested some things.

First are goat and horse.

In general, the population of goats is greater than the population of cows since they are easier to obtain.

I wanted cow because I want milk but we can get milk from goats too.

Because of that, I requested goat.

Horses are needed as mounts. Loo and Tier requested them.

I haven’t ridden a horse before but…..maa, when it arrives here, I’ll try.

I also asked for marine products that Frau’s group were not able to purchase.

Especially the seaweed.

Hearing from Michael-san, it seems like seaweeds are treated as weeds of the sea that only interferes with fishing.

Nobody bothers with it.

I asked him to dry them first then bring it here.

In addition, we also relayed the minerals of Howling village, and it was decided that the Goroun Company will buy them.

Resale, that word floated inside my head. There was no discussion between the Howling village and Shashaato. In addition, given the distance between the two, the price will be outrageous.

Our village is special because we have Doraim and Rasuti as means of transport.

Traveling to the village will be one month travel on foot in the middle of the forest.

Michael-san stayed another night and as scheduled, there’s a welcome party for him.

2 consecutive nights of banquet.

Though it might not be too good for Michael-san, the dishes on the banquet are the marine products we purchased from Shashaato city.

「Fry them with oil?」

「Broiling? What kind of technique is that…?」

I made various dishes while teaching the high elves and the onis about how to cook them.

Because I want them to be served to me after this.

I also boiled and seasoned them with vegetables.

We don’t have soy sauce so I used the seasoning they brought from Shashaato City as substitute.

Though I’m not satisfied, it was popular with the villagers.

I want to get seaweeds soon.



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