Chapter 63 – Michael

My name is Michael.

Michael Goroun.

I am one of the merchants of Shashaato City.

Fortunately, my business is doing fine.

Because we have a lot of capital, there are a lot of people who want to trade with me. I’m even troubled who to choose from.

Recently, I only have few business talks, I just entertained all others.

I like gold much more than alcohol and food.

I want to make more money.

One day, while I’m thinking of such a thing, there was a sudden visitor.

That countryman brought and wanted to sell appo. I thought it’s just another countryman who doesn’t even know how to make an appointment so I thought about pretending to be out but I had a bad feeling so I decided to meet that visitor.

As expected, its a country girl.

She looks nice but that doesn’t matter.

Because I already have my beloved wife.

Its color is different but I’ll still give it back to her.

I thought so but I changed my mind.

Prejudice means loss.

Who knows if this will be profitable.

Let’s hear her talk first before deciding.

However, I will not pass the initiative.

I have to be aggressive at first…but I have a bad feeling so I politely receive her.

I made the right choice.

This country girl is Count Chrome’s daughter, Fraurem-ojousama.

That was dangerous.

The influence of Count Chrome’s house is tremendous in this demon king’s country.

If you want to be safe, you should not defy them at any cause.

And this girl is not a simple lass, she’s a close classmate of the princess and she excels in both literary and military arts.

Since she’s one of the close friends of the princess, she’s a candidate to be the next generation’s executive.

Even with her current standing, she has the power over my life and death.


It’s good that I did not disregard my premonition.

「We have met before, I wonder if you can still remember me.」

「Y-yes. Of course. We met at her highness princess’ birthday party.」

「Yes. That time, I remember you telling me if it’s about business, talk to you by all means. I’m wondering if I’m troubling you.」

「Of course not. I would like to hear anything that Fraurem-ojousama wants to say.」

「Is that so? Good. I want you to buy all of the things I brought immediately.」

「Yes. So what are those things?」


「Crops? I’m sorry to disappoint Fraurem-ojousama but all the crops harvested in the territory are so to their responding purveyor, I can’t buy them.」

All big houses have their own purveyor.

In short, every territory has one.

Even if the one who requested it is Fraurem-ojousama, I can’t disregard them.

「Ah, no, the crops are not harvested in my parent’s territory so it’s okay. That place has no purveyor yet.」

「Is that so?」

「Yes. Can you take a look at them first? My apologies but I took my liberty to put them in front of your store.」

I followed Fraulem-ojousama and went outside.

It is noisy outside.

Did something happen?

I don’t know why but everyone’s gazes are fixed in this place.

While I’m puzzled of what is happening, I saw the luggage stacked like a mountain in front of my store.

To be honest, this is a complete obstruction to my business.

Can’t you think of the place a little more?

And what if I refused to buy them?

However, what surprised me are the people guarding the luggage.


Even in the demon king’s territory, they are a rare race. One of them has the ability to match 10 humans.

And they are the guards?

Umu, as expected of Count Chrome’s house.

And there is another one, a girl……

This village girl seems to be the serious type.

Village girl?


On her head….there’s also a tail….areh?

When I requested help from the people around, the turned their gaze away.

Not only that, they even took some distance.

They don’t want to get involved so they don’t want to approach?


Yes, I think so.

However, I can’t run away so I need to check it.

「Ano, Fraurem-ojousama?」

「Ah, that girl is Rasuti. Don’t anger her because she’s a dragon.」



I never heard of her.


Her name is similar to Rasutisumoon.

That’s the daughter of the gatekeeper dragon in the north. She’s a ferocious dragon that had already raged various places.

There’s a rumor that the ferocious wyvern that made the iron forest its territory has disappeared because Rasutisumoon killed it.


Are they sisters?


Or they only have similar names?

Anyway, she’s a dragon.

Dealing with her poorly will directly result to death.

But the question is, why is a dragon here?

I don’t get anything. I’ll just inspect the luggage.


I knew it at first glance.

These are the crops that recently became the headlines in the capital.

And they are piled up like a mountain in front of my store.

The overwhelming smell of gold.

「I’d like to buy all of it but….」

「You can buy them at the market price.」

That was fast.

I can’t let this go.

「Are there more?」

「These are the only ones we brought this time…」

「This time?」

「Y-yes…there are still some in the village.」

「May I accompany you on your way home?」

「I don’t mind but we still have to buy things here.」

「Please tell me what you need. I’ll take care of it.」

This is a business opportunity.

I must not let this chance escape!

I’m currently on the back of a dragon.

……I probably should have let that business opportunity to escape.

I didn’t have the time to look at the scenery because of fear.

I’m currently at the nest of the gatekeeper dragon.

I really should have let that business opportunity to escape.

I went to bed but how can I sleep?

I’m currently flying over the forest of death.

I’m already at the stage of resignation.

Since things have come to this, I’ll grab any business opportunity I can grab.

I decided to prepare myself.

Blood-sucking princess, Angel of Annihilation, Angels of Holocaust, inferno wolves….

I’m all right.

I’m not scared.

I am not afraid of anything anymore.

Though he is not scary, why am I introduced to a human first?

Village chief?

He’s the boss here?

Oh, he’s petting an inferno wolf….

In addition, he’s polite.

Ah, he even bowed.

Ah, my mind can’t catch up with what’s happening because of insufficient sleep.

He kindly guided me to the inn.

This is only a small village but this inn doesn’t seem to match it.



This bed sheet, it’s made of demon spider’s thread….the curtains too?

Let’s not think about it.

I’ll have to think about tomorrow.

I’ll work hard at tomorrow’s negotiation.

Anyway, I need to sleep first….guh.



Of course, I’ll eat.

The dishes are something I have never seen before.


I can’t imagine how they cook these.

But it doesn’t matter, it’s delicious.

I wonder if that word can really describe the taste.

You can’t even taste something like this on noble’s party.

Did they specifically prepare them for me?

I have to work hard at tomorrow’s negotiations.

By the way, what kind of meat did they cook?

Killer rabbit? Great boar?

Those are luxury meat that are rarely available….

The wine was also delicious.

Ah, I’m captivated.

I absolutely want this.

Seconds, please.

That was a tough negotiation.

But I worked hard.

I worked hard even if the other party is the blood-sucking princess.

If dragon transport was possible, my dream of being the top merchant of the country will come true.

Maa, if only it’s possible.

I managed to secure more crops but it was painful that I can only secure a small amount of wine.


That taste, I’m sure a lot of people will desire it…

I thought that because of the way the villagers treated me last night, it will be mine for the taking.


Tonight’s banquet?

Wine…will be served.

Let me drink.

My name is Michael Goroun.

I’m the president of the Goroun Company and one of the leading merchants of Shashaato City.

A man that is scheduled to become the leading merchant of the demon king’s country.

「Son? I have two sons. They are old enough. My grandchildren are going to be born soon.」

Hearing that my grandchildren will be born soon, he was disappointed for some reason.

I wonder why.



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