Chapter 64 – Mushroom and Field Expansion

Michael-san returned to prepare the things I asked for. Rasuti will go there to bring them here as soon as they’re ready.

Thank you for your hard work.

When Rasuti came back, she’s already being accompanied by Doraim.

It seems like he wants fish dish.

He really likes fried seafood.

He also showed interest in dried squid but it is not fully dried yet so he hasn’t tasted it yet.

After the small fishes dried, I picked them up and make dashi….

Not bad.

It’s delicious.

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By the way, why is it that the sea fish tastes normal but the river fish tastes like mud?

It is probably because the fishes in the river are eating food along with mud and stone at the bottom of the river.

It seems like there is a certain part of the river where fish is not muddy.

But we can’t catch them near our place.

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Sea fish is popular with the kuros.

Although they can eat it as it is, when I removed the internal organs, they no longer eat it until the internal organs were removed.


They learned that food can taste better.


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Honey is bad for babies.

I don’t know the reason but I saw something on TV saying that you should not let your babies have some.

I should look for another alternative sweetener so he won’t be given some by mistake.


I used sweet potatoes and chestnut as alternatives.

I know how to roast sweet potatoes but I had a hard time roasting chestnut cause I don’t know how to properly roast it.

I cracked the chestnut before roasting it.

It was hard.

I don’t want to use the fruits because the sweetness would be too high.

I can still remember the pudding incident.

Even now, there are occasional disputes because the number of puddings we made can’t meet the demand.


I guess it is better not to make ice cream.

Though I never made one yet, I was demanded to do so for some reason.

After I made one.

A conflict similar to the pudding incident occurred.

It’s really popular that it induced envy.

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When I was harvesting mushroom, I was surprised with what I dug off the ground.

Truffle gets.

When raising mushroom with the AFT, I tried raising truffle at the root of a tree.

It seems like I succeeded because I was able to harvest 10 black truffles.

In my previous world, this is a high-class ingredient but what about here?

Personally, I don’t think of it as a delicious food.

I like shiitake more.

Maa, maybe I just did not eat proper truffle in my previous world ……

When I showed it to everyone, they were all surprised.

There seems to be truffle in this world too.

However, it is really rare and it is even called black jewel because only rich people can afford it.

I see.

「Then, would it be better if I stop the increase in production?」

But the villagers said that I should increase the production.

Won’t the market break because of us?

It should be safe if we don’t sell it.

Anyway, let’s eat this.

I leave it to the onis because they seem to know the method of processing truffle.

They sprinkled to on the dish like a powder.

They sliced it and eat it along with the dish.

So that’s it?

And as I expected, I really don’t find it delicious.

Shiitake is really my favorite.

However, it seems like I’m the only one that coldly receive it.

Loo, Tier, Rasuti, Frau and some others are eating them slowly and carefully as if afraid to waste a single bit of it.

The beastkins are even eating with tears.

I also wanted to give all the kuros but…we don’t have enough so only Kuro and Yuki can taste them….yeah, their tails are intensely wagging.

The glances of the other kuros who were not able to taste it are scary.

I understand, I’ll increase the production rate immediately.

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A message came from Michael-san via a small wyvern.

The goats, horses, and dried seaweeds are ready.

Furthermore, he was able to gather a good quantity of shrimps and crabs.

To my surprise, though shrimps are also eaten in this world, they don’t eat crabs.

I thought the reason is a problem with the taste but it seems like nobody thought of it as food.

But that’s not important.

Ah, no, I should not panic.

Everything will be cleared as soon as I taste it.

I wonder why nobody looks at it as food.

Anyway, aside from that, everything are prepared so I’ll go get them.

However, everyone is against me going.

They probably don’t want me to abandon the field….

In the end, along with Rasuti, Frau will go since the people there are already familiar with her.

I was surprised when they returned after several days.

Because the fainted goats and horses are tied to Rasuti in her dragon form.

「They won’t behave so it leaves us no choice.」

「It would be stranger if they are calm before a dragon. Are they injured?」

「They are all right. If they are injured, we can just use healing magic.」

She’s right.

At any rate, we have obtained goats and horses.

They are our new companions.


I thought of keeping them with the cows but would it be better if I separate them?

Anyway, I expanded the cow area.

From the former eight by eight fields, I expanded it to the northeast direction and turned it into a twelve by 12 fields.

At the same time, I changed the name into ranch area.

The new goats are 2 males and 8 females.

There are one male and one female horses.

Though I wanted them to be energetic, the goat tried to escape a number of times.

One time, a goat managed to slip from the kuros and boldly went into the forest. It was attacked by a rabbit with fangs and came back.

From there on, none of them tried to escape.

As for the horses, they are obedient from the start.

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To balance it out, I also expanded the dog area by as much as I expanded the ranch area to the east.

I also planted trees for shading and lawn.

Should I change the name of the wolf area to kuro area?

Or maybe watchdog area?


Since none of them sounds good, it will continue to be called the dog area.

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We have to enjoy these marine products.

I put the dried seaweeds and mushrooms into the dashi.

Something surprised me.

The high elves and beastkins have never eaten shrimps yet but they ate them without question.

However, it is different when it’s the crab’s turn.


Because the only ones who eat the crabs without problems are me, the onis, and Rasuti.

I was surprised that Loo and Tier didn’t even try.


The crabs here looks like the hairy crabs I know of.



This figure….it looks like a spiderling?

No no, it is not…..

I’ll ask Zabuton first.

Can I eat this?

She said OK.

They seem unrelated.


I tried it.

It tastes good.

No, it’s pretty good.

It’s true.

There are only a few who tried eating it.

The group who ate it looked at each other.

There is no need for them to let others eat it too.


Boil it a little and it’s done.


Later, Doraim came by and asked for crabs but there’s no crab left.

The only deficiency of crab is the smell.

I washed my hands with water with lemon extract.

Let’s ask Michael-san for crabs again.

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