Chapter 66 – Governor and Entertainment

Demon King’s Castle

「Demon King-sama, did you call for me?」

「You’re finally here Beezel, I just want to ask you something.」

「What is it?」

「I heard that you made your daughter go to the Big Tree Village, is it true?」

「Yes, it is.」

「What is your intention?」

「She’ll be the governor.」


「Yes, everything related to that village is managed by me. Don’t you think it is normal for me to send a governor on my behalf?」

「You’re right but…can’t you find anyone else talented enough to handle it? To be honest, my daughter is lonely.」

「My apologies but if we mistreated that village in anyway, our country will be greatly affected. In addition, I chose my daughter since she can take responsibility if the worst case scenario happens.」

「…I understand. When your daughter returns, can you ask her to meet my daughter?」


Big Tree Village

「Because of that, you are now the governor of this village.」

「Father, if you don’t stop joking around I’ll strangle you.」

「Strangle me?」

「You already joked around so can you stop calling me governor?」

「Don’t be upset. I just need you to put up a face to the demon king’s government. You don’t necessarily have to act like the governor of this village.」

「…..In other words?」

「You’re only going to act. I don’t want to rule over this village. Even if I do, do you think that’s possible? You should know it better than me, right? I’ll go talk to the village chief. I don’t want him to misunderstand anything.」

「Frau as the governor of this village?」

「Yes. I must give the demon king country a reason for sending my promising daughter here…I don’t want them to think that I sent her here to play around. In any case, will you recognize Frau as the governor of this village? It is only an act for the demon king’s country’s side so you don’t need to worry about anything.」

「I don’t mind but…」

「There is also a merit for this village.」


「Yes, the tax you’re paying us, you can pay it to your local governor. The governor will use those taxes for managing this place.」

「….that means?」

「How the governor will use the tax she collected is up to her.」

But, the governor is supposed to be on the demon king’s country’s side.

Won’t you be losing taxes because of this…?

「Is it alright? I mean, the demon king’s country will lose taxes.」

「If your territory is large, you have an obligation to pay taxes to the country but if it’s just one or two villages, you don’t have that obligation. Use what you obtain in this land to enrich it, that’s it.」

「I see.」

Sounds good, really good.

I can accept what he says but….let’s think about it first.

Is it a trap?

Are there any holes?


「Who has the power to appoint the governor of this village?」

「That would be me.」

「Is it possible to change the appointed governor later?」

「It is…….Are you thinking that I’ll send another one as a governor once my daughter accumulates merit?」

「I’m only thinking about the possibility.」

「Don’t worry. I want to guaranty that but….I don’t know who’ll take my position in the future. I understand that you’re uneasy because you’re thinking about the village. Alright, then, let’s hand the appointive power to the village chief.」


「Let’s make the village chief the only one who has the right to appoint a governor. You can appoint and dismiss someone at your will.」

「Is it that simple?」

「It’s okay. Let’s make a contract. In the future, even if other people come, as long as the demon king’s country continue to exist, the contract will still be in effect. The village chief is in a higher position than the governor now.」

And we go with it.

「Frau, congratulations on being the governor.」


「You did it」

「Please stop. Are you bullying me? Village chief, please dismiss me. I am inadequate as a governor.」

「No, it’s not like you fail in anything….do your best.」


Well, it’s only in name.

Since Beezel no longer has to collect taxes, it might be advantageous for him.

After I thought of that, Beezel collected them.


I thought Beezel came here only to purchase crops since he’s doing that every month. I never thought that it’s already tax collection time.

The hatchlings have become quite big, they are now taller than the beastboys.

After hatching from eggs, they could already move and swim. Looking at their growth rate, I was a little impatient since Alfred has yet to stand.

I think that I shouldn’t be impatient since it hasn’t been a year since he was born….Is this what they call parental love?

I thought that the relationship between Tier and Loo will be awkward when Tier got pregnant but I can’t find a trace of that awkward atmosphere.

Because Loo has experienced childbirth, she’s taking care of her.

It seems like the other angels are confused after seeing them.

Given their previous relationship, their present relationship might really look strange.

I wonder how intense their previous battles were.

In any case, it is good that they are on good terms.

I want her to give birth safely too.

I also feel that the offensive of those who want to bear child too is getting stronger.

I only have one body so please think of me a little.

The residents of the village basically don’t rest.

Even the young beast boys are doing jobs they can do.

They only take it easy when the sun sets, when it rains, or during winter.

Aren’t they working too much? It will affect their body if they don’t rest properly.

They are the epitome of the saying “He who does not work, neither shall he eat”.

That is probably the current mindset of the villagers.

Each of the villagers is working on their assigned fields, it is impossible for anyone to selfishly take a break.

They also said….

「How can we rest if the village chief is doing most things every day?」

Upon hearing that, I reflected on my actions.

So that’s it.

I currently stand as the village chief.

I can’t have them taking enough rest if I myself is not taking the initiative.

When we were playing bowling, the reason why the others were able to enjoy it without reservation is because I’m playing with them.

I’ll take a look at the state of the fields first then take it easy.


I can’t calm down.

Because of that, I decided to make things that can be used for entertainment.

First for all, for the beastboys….balls.

This is not good.

The kuros are looking at it with eyes full of expectations.

This is not for them but seeing those eyes, I can only throw the ball.

I enjoyed it with the kuros.

So I can’t give them balls.

Then….how about boomerangs?

I should make a prototype first.

I managed to transform the AFT into a boomerang so I’ll just copy it.

It’s testing time.

But before that, I practiced throwing the boomerang form of the AFT first.

If this doesn’t work, then it means that I did not throw it properly or the boomerang is a failure.

Though it did return, I had to wait for 30 minutes.

Alright, I should throw the prototype boomerang now before I forgot how to successfully throw a boomerang.


Yup, it returned properly.

The prototype boomerang is a success.

Now, I wonder if this will appeal the beastboys…

The beastboys are looking at me when I was testing it with sparkling eyes.


Although it was instantly popular, the popularity popped out like a bubble.

Why? Because you throw it yourself and catch it yourself.

Flying disc is more popular since you can play it with others.

What should I make next?

It’s the adult’s turn so it’s golf.

I made a club by carving wood.

Using it doesn’t seem to have any problem.

I only made one for the time being.

Next is the ball.

I carved wood again using the AFT.

The center of gravity of the ball is not at the center so it doesn’t go straight.

That’s only natural because the density of the wood is not constant.

However, that’s not a reason to not play it.

This doesn’t curve in an extreme manner so using it is fine.

Next is the course….

Let’s make a short course for the beastboys first.

I started to make a course on the west side of the residential area since I thought it is the most suitable place.


By the way, this is the wild. Is it really alright to set it up on this place?

I plowed the course using the AFT to make it into an appropriate one.

Since it will take time before it becomes a proper course, I mass produced clubs and balls.

I made two types, one for adult’s use and one for beastboy’s use.

Since they are all made of wood, I prepared different kinds of golf clubs.

The course is sort of desolate so I added a lot of things.

I raised trees as obstacles and also bushes….

Because it is difficult to find the position of the hole, I made sure that the flag stands out.

TN: Confused? Read more about parts of golf course.

I worked hard on it while working on the field.

What would I do if no one plays this?

That caused me unnecessary anxiety.

Because there were those who like golf.

Those people are mostly onis.

「It’s fun especially when it did not advance just as I wanted.」

「It is relaxing and we can drink tea while playing it too.」

「Fufu. It’s my turn. I’ll go with the third.」

「Ara, I think using a fifth of your power is enough.」

I started seeing them playing after lunch.

The beastboys plays more by riding horses and goat rather than the thing I made.

They are better at handling horses than me.

Should I practice riding too?



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