Chapter 67 – Entertainment Culture and Lamia

The outdoor toys I made were not well received so I made indoor type of entertainment tools.

First is kendama.

You don’t have to move around and you can play it alone so it is popular.

I also tried making yoyo but I can’t balance the left and right part so I stopped.

I made a spinning top but I can’t teach others how to use it since I can’t make it spin myself.

Why does it look so easy on TV?


Oh, they were able to make it spin without me teaching them how to.

Since they are pleased, let’s assume that it is good that I made it.

I’m only making toys for beast boys, I guess I should make toys for beast girls too….

But I can’t think of anything.

Since they are girls….otedama?

I had Zabuton make small bags and pack them with soybeans.

Originally, it should have been azuki bean.

I feel like planting azuki beans now.

I can make thick red bean paste by using sugar and also rice cake.

Let’s get back to the story, I tied up the otedama completing it.

I made ten for now.

「So, what should we do?」

Because I was asked so, I tried juggling three otedama.

….I can’t so I tried it again using two.

Though I was not able to do it, I at least conveyed that they should play it using three otedama.

The beast girls, onis, and high elves showed interest in it.

They were able to do it in no time, up to five otedama.

Ah, they are even juggling by passing it with each other.

Yep, I don’t need to teach them anything.

I’ll just work hard in making more otedama.

After that, I can now see several villagers playing with my handmade toys after meal.

Aside from chess, I also made another board game, shogi.

It was received by the villagers as another version of chess.

However, it is not as popular as chess because the kuros are having problems moving its pieces.

I also made go.

I remember the rules of go because of a popular manga series in my previous world.

Since it will be difficult to suddenly introduce a 19 grid board, the one I made only has 9 grids.

It looks appealing.


I prepared 13 grid and 19 grid boards for future use.

Now, let’s return in making toys for the beastboys, so next one is….sugoroku?

It can also be a practice for them to read characters so it may not be a bad idea.

I prepared a large board and draw a route.

Since this is the first one, it should be simple and looks good.

After that, I made a dice and play it first.


The beastboys are only looking at the dice.


This is a game where you don’t need to think. You just let the dice decide everything for you….how about teaching them chinchirorin?

TN: Chinchirorin is a gamble in which two dice are thrown into a cup, turn it down, and then open to show the number combination.

No, that’s gambling.

Currently, the villagers don’t have personal property so gambling is not established.

Gambling huh. If gambling is established because of the entertainment tools I made, should I act as the banker?

I’m the only one who can give out a prize here.

I don’t mind things staying as it is but I probably should teach them a thing or two about currency just in case we’ll use it in the future.

But it might be useless because I’m don’t even know if currency will circulate in this village.

Ah, this is something I have to think about in the future.

I managed to induce the interest of the beastboys from the dice to sugoroku and have them play it.

It seems like there is a thing similar to dice in this world.

However, it is not hexahedron but a slightly distorted polyhedron.

It is said that symbols are written on the faces instead of numbers and they are mainly used for fortune telling and magic.

It seems like it is not something the general public know of.

I tried various things but it is difficult to make entertainment tools.

I found out that I am not looking things from their perspective.

The one that appealed the most to the beast boys was building blocks.

Yes, that’s right.

After all, they are children.

「Village chief, though all of them are of similar sizes, are these also building blocks?」

「No, those are mah-jong tiles.」

I tried making cards but paper here is valuable.

All of them looks the same even if you turn them inside out. It is even hard to notice the different patterns carved on their faces.

Because of that, I tried sticking clay on the back side but when it doesn’t stick on the wood anymore when the clay dries up.

I tried my best to do something with the clay but since there’s no good result, i abandoned that idea.

After completing one set, I noticed that I’m the only one who knows the rules and calculate points. It has become a decoration.

「Is the rule complicated?」

「No, you just have to remember a lot of things.」

For the time being, I gathered those who seemed to be free and have them play with me.



That’s strange.

Aside from me, everyone is an amateur.

They don’t even remember all the things regarding points calculation.

But why do I feel that their tile throwing is too precise….

I enjoyed playing mah-jong.

But I won’t tell you the result.

Thirty kuros with spiderlings on their back came back.

Five beast….five person-like monsters were with them.

Those monsters have an upper body of a human and snake lower body, they are lamias.

Everyone of them is female….Looking at them, I feel like they are all intellectual beauty with long hair. I’m sure glasses suits them.

I’m wondering if they could do something about their jiggling breasts, they don’t have any cover on their upper body.

I don’t know where to look.

In addition, their long hair covers the pointy part of their chests that makes them look more erotic.

Yes, I’m sorry.

I’m trying to make an effort not to look because the gazes of the villagers are painful.

Don’t be unreasonable.

I asked the spiderlings to make a tube-type bra so that can cover their chest.

Thought it is already too late for that now, it still needs to be done.

「Are you the master of these wolves?」


As soon as I answer, the representative of the lamia bowed and the others followed.

「We surrender to the wolves. Please spare our lives.」

Even though you said that, I don’t have any intention of killing you in the first place….


The lamia I know of are evil monsters that temps humans then strangles them with their snake lower body.

「Are you monsters that predate humans?」

「W-we don’t eat humans.」

「They are not monsters. They are demi-humans.」

The lamia representative answered my doubtful question in a panic.

I tried inquiring more about them to Frau who was near me.

「Even though they look like that, Lamia is a demi-human race. They are not monsters. Moreover, I never heard of them having a habit of eating humans.」

It is said that monsters can’t talk.

I agree.

「I said something rude. Please forgive me.」

And I apologize.

I apologize for saying that they predate humans.

I should think more before I speak.


I’ve reflected on my action.

「Then, let’s return to the topic….you are surrendering, did you fight with the kuros?」

「They were the ones who attacked us.」


When I tried asking more, it seems like the lamias are living in the depths of the dungeon.

Or, it can be said that they are the ruler of that dungeon.

When the kuros attacked them, they resisted for a long time….and since they no longer have the power to, they surrendered.

「Uuhh, they are strong and tough, and they can also evade magic. Even if we climb up to a place where they can’t follow, the spiders will come at us, what the hell was that?」

I’m very sorry.

However, the kuros are looking at me with faces saying “We won against the prey, praise us”.

The spiderlings are probably feeling the same.


I praise the 30 kuros and the spiderlings on their back.

「Good, good, good, you did it.」

After praising them one by one, I asked questions to the lamias again in order to determine what I should do with them.

「Is the inner part of the dungeon safe? Is it possible for you to continue living there?」

「Eh? It’s safe. Though our war potential decreased, there’s not much damage since they waited for us to surrender.」

I asked a few more question to be able to grasp their current state. It seems like their village was not destroyed but all their livestock are killed.


If it were me, if someone killed my chickens, cows, goats, and horses, I’ll go berserk.

「Do you have any hostile intention with this village?」

「We have none. We completely surrender.」

Maa, of course they won’t. They surrendered to merely 30 kuros and spiderlings and now they can see how many of them are here.

Even if they have hostile intention, they’ll probably just keep it in their heart.

「I understand. Then, you may go.」


「Yes, you may go home.」

「Is it alright?」

「Ah, could it be that you want to live here?」

「N-no, it will be more convenient for us to live in a cave.」

「Then, you may return.」

For now, because I don’t want them to bear another grudge for going here for nothing, I plan on giving them souvenirs.

Souvenirs….is crops acceptable?

I put crops in a barrel and tried to give them as much as they can carry but I never thought that they’ll use their snake part to hold three times a normal bipedal person can.

Can they still move?

It seems like there’s no problem.

「Thank you very much.」

I think that we just formed a friendly relationship with the lamias.

They are bringing something from the dungeon here from time to time to barter with our crops.



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