Chapter 68 – Trouble Dragon

Gatekeeper dragon Doraim.

「Gatekeeper dragon?」

「It’s because he built his nest on a mountain between the forest of death and iron forest.」

Frau answered my question.

Although Loo, Tier, Ria, Ann, and Rasuti are all well informed, Frau is the person to ask for in terms of general knowledge.

「Since he has prevented monsters from the forest of death go south, he has been long called as the gatekeeper dragon.」

「Heeh, then, is there any other gatekeeper beside him?」

I can imagine the other gatekeepers to be chimera or titan.

「No, only the south has one. The other directions can’t be used to go in or out of here because the mountains are too steep. In general, people only viewed the south as the entrance to this forest.」

「Is that so?」

「Yes, well, there is rarely anyone who dares to enter this forest」

I see.

It seems like this place is harder than I thought.

By the way, it seems like it is possible to go here from the east side where the Howling village is but it is not recognized as an entrance.

It is because going to the Howling village itself is already a considerable challenge.

Well, it’s a mountain.

As usual, trouble suddenly comes.

It is a dragon raid.

After flying over the village, it hovers over the forest while provoking us.

I thought of negotiating with it first but it suddenly set the forest on fire.

Alright, it’s an enemy.

The angels were thrown out in one hit.

Don’t be like that, I don’t want to make a move.

If Rasuti is here, she can take care of it but she went out for a homecoming.

The dragon is quite large and looking at its color, I know that it is not related to Doraim, his wife, or Rasuti. Because of that, I threw the AFT in its spear form to it.

It was evaded.

Unlike Doraim’s wife, it knows that it needs to evade my attack.

It laughs while looking at us.

I threw the spear the second time.

It was evaded again.

I narrowed my eyes and threw it the third time.

If it doesn’t hit, I’ll it throw again and again until I hit it.

I will not get tired by throwing the AFT.

In addition, the AFT will return to my hand at my will.

I’ll never run out of spear.

Before it becomes a battle of stamina, I want to try something.

I threw the spear again and before the dragon evades it, I call it back.

Then throw it again.

It is a simple feint.

Will it fall for it?

I was a bit uneasy but it went well.

The thrown spear pierced the wing of the dragon.

I did it!

Because of the joy I felt, I forgot to call back the spear. The spear reached the mountain behind the dragon and cloud of dust went up there.


When I call back the spear again, I no longer see the dragon.

It seems that it fell in the forest and hidden itself.

I won’t let you escape.

Gran Maria, Kuudel, and Corone were injured earlier so I had Loo to fly me there.

Since we are now flying in a high altitude, I can now see where the dragon fell.

It’s completely exposed.

I threw my spear.

The dragon can evade it but since there are trees that obstructed its view, it sews its other undamaged wing on the ground.

I’ll have to end it now. I called back my spear immediately.

I threw the spear aiming at its big body.

And hit it.

I’m sure that I hit it but it seems like my spear only passed through it as it shrank.

The spear hits the ground while breaking all of the trees in its path.

Did I hallucinate?

No, I recognize what’s happening.

It is the same phenomenon happening every time Doraim and Rasuti turn into human.

「Surrender, I surrender. I’m sorry. Please forgive me.」

And I heard a woman’s voice.

「Ehehe. I’m sorry.」

Sitting in seiza at the entrance of the village, the woman lightly apologize. She’s the dragon earlier.


She’s a big chested woman who seems to have a jolly personality.

I was surprised that she was introduced as Doraim’s oneesan.

Beside Haruken are Doraim, Doraim’s wife, Rasuti, and seven people I don’t know(given what has happened, probably dragons too) who are also in seiza.

「Allow me to introduce them. Starting from the right is My grandfather, grandmother, father’s second older sister, her husband, their daughter, father’s little sister, and father’s little brother-. 」

Rasuti introduces the 7 people I don’t know while lowering her head.

A dandy middle-aged man, a gentle middle-aged woman, a woman with determined eyes, a macho looking man who looks like a certain general, a girl with horns and tail like Rasuti, a gorgeous curly haired woman, and an ikemen young man.

I heard their names but I can’t remember them since they are kind of confusing.

I’ll have them tell me again later.

「In other words….Doraim’s father and mother, second sister and her husband, niece, imouto and otouto. Does that mean that Hakuren is his eldest sister?」


All of them are in seiza. They came here as soon as the forest fire Hakuren set was extinguished.

I understand that they are not hostile.

「So, what is happening?」

After hearing my question, all of them turned their face sideways.

Even the girl who looks younger than Rasuti.

She’s a dragon so even though she looks like that, she’s probably older than me.

Because none of them wants to talk, I decided to choose the one who I think can speak up from them.

「Mrs. Doraim, can you please explain?」

Looking at Doraim, he definitely can’t say something against his older sister.

I have known this type of younger brother from my previous world, they are the type that can’t go against their older sister.

The woman introduced as the second sister is somewhat similar.

The eldest sister is Hakuren.

The second sister is either the type that obeys her older sister or the type that opposes her. (My subjective view)

However, if she’s the type who opposes, she should have talked already.

She did not talk so it means that she’s the type who obeys.

As for her husband, he’s a macho but I can feel that he’s been trying hard to become air since earlier.

I removed him as a candidate because of sympathy.

I cannot involve their daughter.

Doraim’s little sister is probably the youngest daughter.

The youngest daughters are experts in living easy. (My subjective view)

They won’t do anything that can be considered as opposing their older sister.

Though she might talk if I urge her, I don’t know her personality yet so I can’t do something that dangerous.

The village will definitely be damaged if these sisters quarrel.

As for Doraim’s little brother….he’s an ikemen young man but he smells like a younger brother who can’t defy his older sister like Doraim.

I can’t choose him.

There is no younger brother that can go against his older sister. (My subjective view)

With that, the only ones left are Doraim’s parents, wife, and Rasuti.

However, if the parents really have the plan of talking about their daughter, they should have done it already.

In addition, there is a high chance that they’ll cover their daughter.

Judging the remaining two, Doraim’s wife might find it easier to talk compared to Rasuti.

Doraim’s wife is Hakuren’s sister in law….looking at Doraim’s wife’s attitude, she seems to be fine with it.

She’s the type that could say a few words to her sister in law.

「I will explain the circumstances of this incident.」

My guess is correct, Doraim’s wife explained what happened.

It all began during Rasuti’s homecoming.

I thought that she only returned to Doraim’s nest but she went to her grandparents on the mountain in the north.

All of them are gathering there for a status report.

Let’s get off topic for a bit. Let’s talk about my recent nightlife.

Loo gave birth and Tier is pregnant so the villager’s desire to be pregnant(?) increased.

Thanks to that I never spent my night alone.

It is pointless even if I say I want to be alone.

Even if I argue, the number of applicants continue to increase.

Before I knew it, they already slipped on my bed.

There is no chance to resist.

Before I noticed it, I’ve already done it with all the elves, all the onis, Gran Maria, Kuudel, Corone, and even Flora.

By the way, if we talk about the beastkins, I only did it with Senna.

The other beastgirls tried to but I refused them since they are still too young.

There are beastboys here so they shouldn’t rush things and be patient.

Anyway, my heart feels at ease when talking with dwarves and lizardmen…..

Rasuti and Frau did their best.

They persevered but…

It all went to the drain.

They were swept by the atmosphere.

The others also cooperated to hook them up with me.

My last stronghold is Rasuti’s servants, Bulga and Stiffano.

Hang in there.

They are looking at me with strange eyes sometimes but do your best.

Off topic talk ends.

「In other words, you raided this village because your niece found a partner earlier than you.」

「You’re wrong. I only tried to ascertain the power of my niece’s partner.」

Hakuren puffs her cheeks and protests.

What kind of excessively worthless reason is that?

Then, I realized why she said that and why the others did not say anything.

Of course, how can they say that their daughter was jealous of their grandchild or their older sister was jealous of their niece?

「Ah….if you’re not going to rampage anymore, let’s forget about it.」

「Is it alright?」

「Yeah, it must have been hard to be in seiza. I’ll have someone prepare chairs and food for you.」

Rasuti’s relatives are all dragons.

In addition, considering Rasuti, I can’t just tell them to go home.

「Hooray! The alcohol here is delicious, right?」

Hakuren was the first to stand up and tried to head for the village immediately but I grip her face.


Hakuren, you can’t.

「How’s your wings?」

「Eh, ah, yeah, I can’t fly for a while…ano, why are you gripping my face?」

「Don’t mind it. When you play, you should also clean up.」

「I-it hurts…」

You must do something for the part of the forest you burnt first.

I can deal with it using the AFT but my heart can’t accept Hakuren participating in a banquet until after she has done something.

「Do your best to tidy it up.」

It was three days later before Hakuren was able to participate in the banquet.



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