Chapter 69 – Dragon Family

Doraim’s father, Dors.

Doraim’s mother, Raimeiren.

I asked Rasuti about them again to remember their names.

Doraim’s older sister, Hakuren.

Remembering her is unpleasant.

Another older sister, Suiren.

She resembles Hakuren but it is impossible for one to mistook her for Hakuren.

Doraim’s little sister’s name is Sekiren.

Hakuren, Suiren, Sekiren.

Their names are similar.

The little brother’s name is Domaim.

I think this is some sort of test for my memory.

I’ll do my best to remember them.

Suiren’s macho husband’s name is Maxbergawk.

TN: マークスベルガーク – Makusuberugaku, open for suggestions.

I was told that he preferred to be called Mack.

Unlike his appearance, he’s having a hard time in various ways.

I feel like we can become friends.

Mack and Suiren’s daughter is Herzernark.

She permitted me to call her with her nickname Herze.

I’ll do my best to remember them all.

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「Ano Rasuti-san. Dors….sama is the dragon king of the northern continent, am I right? I even heard that he forced a former demon king-sama into retirement.」

「I don’t know about that former demon king but grandfather indeed lives in the northern continent. So, who proclaimed him as the dragon king?」

「He was called like that only in the demon king’s country….also, Raimeiren-sama, did she hail from the southern continent…?」

「She’s usually there.」

「Th-they’re a married couple huh. Also, I didn’t know that Rasuti-san and Herzernark-sama were relatives.」

「Ahaha, we quarrel from time to time….By the way, why are you address me as “san” while you address Herze as “sama”?」

「I’m sorry, Rasuti-sama.」

「It’s the opposite, address her as you address me.」

「Rasuti-san and Herze-san?」

「Good good. Now, come with me and I’ll introduce you.」

「Please, you don’t have to.」

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The welcoming banquet for Doraim’s clan lasted for about 5 days.

That was the longest banquet ever.

Maa, I only participated starting the 3rd day which means everything started on again that time.

During this banquet, the ones who shone the most are the dwarves.

Even if the other parties’ are dragons, they were able to serve them using their vast knowledge of alcohol.

「This certainly taste great.」

「That’s a little stronger than the previous one….oh yes, how about this?」

「Putting fruit change the taste? Umu, it’s easier to drink. It seems like I can drink as much as I want.」

Distilled liquor is the most popular.

The second most popular is cocktails.

It all started when I added fruits to the alcohol made by the dwarves since it’s too strong.

Anything related to alcohol was studied to the earnest by the dwarves. Soon enough, they were able to become expert bartender that can make all kinds of cocktails.

Recently, they even began researching for foods that are compatible with alcohol.

Looking at the dragons, it seems like their alcohol research paid off.

Among the villagers, if the ones who shine the most are the dwarves, the busiest are the onis.

The dragons can really eat.

Foods disappear one after another.

They not only have to cook for the dragons but the villagers too.

Even the babysitter group help in the kitchen while the high elves serve as the waitresses.

However, they still can’t keep up with the demand so apples, oranges, bananas, pineapples, watermelon, and strawberries are served in between.

Herze seems to like them more than alcohol.

She looks like a small girl but she eats more than her body size.

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Of course, those five days are not five days of eating. There are also entertainments and games.

With regards to entertainment, there are songs, dances, and other performances. It is at a level of entertainment similar to the ones performed during weddings.

There are even performances using otedama and kendama.

Although I only have seen the second half, I think the best performance is the slapstick comedy of Rasuti’s servants, Bulga and Stiffano.

However, it seems like the dragons are already used to it. Well, they are originally serving dragons.

「Kuh, you should have performed a new one.」

Unwillingly, I also appeared on the battlefield.

I was sent to the stage-like place but what should I do? I had experience in working as a society member until I fell down because of a disease in my previous world.

Because of that, I had a strong weapon called experience.

If I perform those things that are performed during drinking parties, they will surely laugh their lungs out.

I’ll do mimicry!




If they don’t know the original, they won’t get it!

This is a different world.


In other words, it’s like a foreign country.

Foreign country.

Fufufu, I also attended parties with foreigners.

Take this!

A childish magic trick!


It seems like the dragons are already used to see that kind of trick.

Magic tricks don’t seem to be rare because there are a lot of people who can use magic here.

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In regards to gaming, they played golf, chess, and go.

When they want to leisurely play, they go with golf and if they want to have a battle of wits, they go with chess and go.

When playing, I refrained from giving them alcohol and offer them tea, black tea, coffee, and juice.

It is because they don’t have a bottom line when consuming alcohol.

If we let them, I’m sure they’ll continue to drink alcohol and stop only when they sleep.

Luckily, they evaluated the drinks other than alcohol high so I’m relieved.

Although there are no troubles, when they are playing go or chess, it becomes a heated battle.

Of course, I reminded them the meaning of entertainment and have the most skillful villagers to teach them.

Even the kuros are not unreasonable enough to suddenly beat up their opponent.

I had them remember and follow the rules.

No matter if it is victory or defeat, I began conveying the fun the game brought.

The problem is the matches between dragons who doesn’t know the meaning of the word “entertainment”.

Especially when it comes to the matches between Doraim’s parents or between his sisters.

Even though their matches are battles between amateur, it feels like a championship match between masters.

As the aftermath, several cows and goats fainted.

Since go and chess are one on one battle, I tried taking out sugoroku since it can be played by a number of people but their eyes ended up on the mah-jong table.

Should I say “as expected of dragons”?

They perfectly remembered the rules and picked up the tiles skillfully.

I expected a happy family mah-jong play but I guess I’m wrong.

Will the dragons die if they don’t fight?

The winner is the high elf Rize.

She persevered and managed to continue playing even if her dragon opponents are not holding their bloodlust back.

By the way, as the aftermath, the chickens did not lay eggs for a couple of days because of the bloodlust.

I was worried about Tier because she’s pregnant but she got angry at me because I put her on the same level as the chickens.

Because Alfred remained as calm as usual, his doting parents, me and Loo, talked about how great he will become in the future.

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That’s how the days passed and the dragons are now going to leave.

「Thank you for taking care of us.」

Dors, as their representative, bowed.

「No no」

Half of our food stocks disappeared.

Though it won’t trouble us this winter, it’s still an expensive expense.

Maa, it’s probably alright since everyone had fun.

Rather than that, the problem now is that they indirectly demanded souvenirs.

Although I prepared various alcohols and crops, I never thought that the things they want are the entertainment equipments.

Especially chess, go, and mah-jong tiles.

A great man does not make things himself, I remember this saying when they asked me.

Since I cannot pass them worn out equipments, I promise to send them newly made ones.

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And, they left with me, Rasuti, and Hakuren waving at them.




「They already left so, why are you still here?」

「Eh, you really want me to say it….please stop gripping my face, it hurts.」

「Why are you still here?」

「Father asked me to stay to serve you.」

I look at Rasuti.

Rasuti nods. It doesn’t seem like a lie.

「Rasuti, are you alright with your aunt staying here? If that bothers you I’ll send her away.」

「Ahaha. It’s alright. Hakuren(my father’s)aneesama and I are on good terms.」

「Fufufu, I’m the one who raise Rasuti-chan…. ouch ouch ouch」

Maa, if Rasuti says that she won’t be a bother then it’s okay.

「Serve huh. I understand. Prepare to work to death.」

「Ano, village chief? I have been thinking about it, why are you treating me differently compared to others? More specifically, you are treating me badly…. ouch ouch ouch」

Thus, we gained one more resident.

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Laboratory, somewhere inside the demon king’s castle

「You have obtained the family tree of dragons? We received information other than the parent-daughter relationship of the gatekeeper dragon and Rasutisumoon?」

「Yes. According to the report, the dragon king Dors and southern typhoon dragon Raimeiren are a couple and the gatekeeper dragon Doraim is one of their offsprings. The gatekeeper dragon’s wife is the northern white dragon princess Grafaroon, and their daughter is the famous crazy dragon Rasutisumoon. Also, the western human territory evil dragon Maxbergak is the husband of the elder sister of the gatekeeper dragon, the magic dragon Suiren and their daughter is none other than the violent dragon Herzenark. Also, the true dragon Hakuren who raged the west a hundred years ago, the flame dragon Sekiren who raged the south 30 years ago, are also offsprings of the dragon king and typhoon dragon.」

TN: I’m also wondering why there’s no info about Domaim.

「Those famous dragons are related by blood? Also, each of them has a title of their own, right? This is a historic discovery. However, is that information reliable? 」

「The informant heard it personally from “the dragons in question” so it’s reliable. 」

「Dragons…in question? 」

「Yeah, she asked them herself. 」

TN: This is supposed to be gender neutral. I only made it feminine because we all know that it’s Frau.

「Was there someone from the demon king’s army that is talented enough to ask a dragon? 」

「Did it not come from demon king-sama himself? 」

「No, it is a report submitted to demon king-sama. 」

「So it is a different demon. 」

「That’s right….secure the talent who sent that report by hook or by crook. If that person is good enough, that person might even get a dragon scale. 」

「Yeah, even with one scale, we can make exceptional protective gears and weapons. I’ll find out who reported it no matter what. 」

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Big Tree Village

「Village chief, what do you have there? 」

「It was left by the dragons…. scales.」

One piece is about the size of one tatami mat.

「It looks a bit different from Rasuti’s. If not for its thickness, I’ll say that this is a flat rock. 」

「Ah, but its pretty light. Want to try lifting it? 」

「Sure…..Ah, it’s really light. Heh. 」

「That is from Dors-san, that one over there is from Raimeiren-san. On that side is…is that from Suiren-san? No, it is probably from Sekiren-san. They said that I can sold them from money but…How much are they worth?」

「Ehto…Those scales over there are probably from Herzenark-san. She’s the only one who’ll have a scale as small as that…but one small scale from her is enough to build a luxurious mansion in the demon king’s kingdom’s capital. 」

「They are that valuable? 」

「Yes. 」

「And there’s a moderate number of them in front of me? 」

If I gather them, they can fill a small house.

「Right. That’s why I feel like something inside me broke. 」

「Is that so? Do you think I should sell them to either Michael-san or Beezel? 」

「That would cause trouble. You should throw them in a basement and seal….no, I mean save them. 」

TN: Save as in saving money or something valuable.

「Indeed, I don’t want trouble too. 」

I don’t have money problem so I guess I’ll save them.

「Alright, let’s put the scales in a house and make it into a special designated place. 」

「Eh, that’s bothersome ouch ouch ouch」

「I understand. Please leave it to me.」



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