Chapter 70 – Dragon’s Gratitude and Hakuren

When I sent the entertainment equipments ordered by Doraim’s relatives, they sent back various things in return.

Since they sent it for me, I’ll check if there is something I might like. There are some unusual trees, plants, crops, etc.

There are also a lot of precious metals and personal accessories.

I guess these are their payment for the banquet.

I feel like they gave too much but it will be hard to send them back since I already receive it.


Does it include reward for pressing Hakuren?

The things they sent also includes paper. It is hard so I’ll use them to make cards.

The end product is quite good.

Should I make a traditional japanese playing card too…no, I can’t remember all the images so let’s forget about it.

I obediently made cards.

After making it, I realized something.

Wooden tag cards are good enough.

Paper cards will surely be damaged immediately due to intense battles.

I continued making cards but I’m now using wooden tags.

I especially made wooden tag cards for matches that will probably damage cards.

The disadvantage of the wooden cards is shuffling. I gave up trying to shuffle it and put them in a box to shuffle by mixing method.

The cards are popular with the beastkins, high elves, onis, and dwarves

Next is making a picture story for the beastboys.

My true intention is to make simple reading practicing material for Alfred.

The story are… Momotaro, Urashima Taro, Kintaro, Hanasaki ka Jii-san, Kobu Tori Jii-san, Warashibe Chouja, Kaguya-hime…

Will it be alright?

Should I change them a little to fit this world?

In any case, I picked one from various candidates via lottery.

And the winner is, Kachi-kachi Yama.

TN: It will only take you less than five minutes to read the summary in wikipedia so click the hyperlink. It will make the next lines funny so I recommend you to do so.

Of course, the obaasan was killed and the tanuki died in the end.

I changed Kachi-kachi Yama a little. I made the rabbit’s avenger move milder since I don’t want it to be villainous.

I presented the story to Loo, Tier, and the high elves first.

There were heavy opinions about the rabbit rather than the tanuki.

「The tanuki believed the rabbit only to be betrayed.」

「How did the humans make friends with a rabbit?」


Kachi-Kachi Yama was scrapped.

For the second work.

Monkey-Crab Battle.

I feel malice in the lottery.

TN: This is also a story of revenge just like the Kachi-kachi yama.

And as expected, there are questions.

「Chestnut and excrement, the mortar also has personality but, why is it that the persimmon tree or its fruits don’t have personality?」

「The monkey was able to trade its persimmon seed for the onigiri using its own intelligence, can it really be considered as swindling? Also, the monkey threw the persimmon as requested, isn’t it the crab’s fault for not being able to properly catch it?」

「The one that did not take the persimmon itself is the wrong one.」

「And what’s with cooperating with revenge just because someone said it so? It looks like the bees and chestnuts planned to kill the monkeys for a long time, right?」

「In the first place, the parent crab threatened the persimmon tree, why did they ignore that?」

I wonder why.

And so, the children story I told them became a serious university-level discussion.

If I tell them the story of Momotaro, they will obviously talk about unfair labor because of a life-threatening battle for one kibi dango….

Monkey-crab battle scrapped.

I decided to obediently make up a picture-story book for this world.

「I like the story that the village chief thought of.」

It seems like I made some fans however, I’m a bit troubled because they are not my original idea.

I used the generic fairy tale opening sentence and used it as a draft.

When I got the gist of it, I slipped in the story of a famous manga. I was even demanded about the continuation of the story.

I don’t remember the details of the famous manga perfectly so I supplemented various things.

Sensei, I’m sorry.

Hakuren did various work in the village.

She’s older than Rasuti and is more powerful than her so she can do anything.

Her head is also not bad and she bears etiquette in mind. She’s also unlike Frau who only knows common sense of the nobles and not of a villager. She has no problem with her common sense.

The problem with her is she does not do anything unless told to and complains about everything.

After complaining, she’ll do what she was asked to seriously but I want her to move and start doing something on her own will.

She has a lack of independence….Maa, is she really a dragon?

Actually, I feel like she resembles Rasuti.

They are strong and lack aggressiveness.

Aggressive dragons are annoying so I’m good with them being like that…

However, unless I gave her instructions, she will job change into a NEET and will only eat and sleep in her room.

She complains a lot everytime I gave her an order so I don’t ask her to do some menial jobs….



Is this the correct way to deal with Hakuren?

It will be troublesome if I always give her instructions….

I have to ask her.

「Ouch ouch ouch, suddenly barging in my room to grip my face, ouch ouch ouch.」

I told her why I’m there.

As expected, the instructing her to do something is not an effective method.

I have to do something to motivate her for a long time.

I have to motivate her. What I’m presently doing is like digging a hole to throw her in, then filling it up.

「I reflected.」

She gives up in one day.

So, how can I motivate her for a long time?

「I have no motivation. You should stop on making me do meaningless things. It’s making me crazy.」

「Are you fine with just eating and sleeping in your room?」

「Eating and sleeping in my room is a million times better.」

「I see, I understand. Refrain from complaining in the future.」

「Don’t say that.」

「I gained something, more or less.」




By the way, Hakuren first lived in Rasuti’s house, but now she’s living in a vacant room at my house.

Well, that’s it.

As a result, I had Hakuren try various things and she settled into the position of teacher of the villagers.

For now, here students are the beastkins, hatchlings, kuro’s pups, and the spiderlings.

They are working hard to be able to read, write, and calculate.

「If the people of the village become smarter, I will be at ease.」

Speculation aside, it’s not a bad thing.



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