Chapter 71 – Distribution and Flora

I consulted the villagers about the thank-you items I received from Dors but they unanimously said that they are all mine.

Because of that, I decided to divide them and distribute them to the villagers on the pretext of those items being their share.

It was troublesome. I still have a lot of things to do so I had Loo, Tier, Frau, and Rasuti to do it for me.

I am thankful for the paper but I also want my village to be able to make it at some point.

Next year, let’s raise plants that can be easily processed to be papers.

Since I also received rare trees, plants, and crops, I’ll raise them too.

By the way, Loo, Tier, and Flora went crazy when they saw them.

Though I’m thankful to Dors, most of the items he sent were not helpful to this village.

「What is this?」

「That is a “Labyrinth Augite”. It is an item that is used for dungeon management.」

Rasuti answered my question.

Dungeon management?」

「Yes. When we dragons build our nest, we will not live in it unless we can remodel the dungeon.」

「I see, then up to what size can it control?」


Ah, are they living in their nest in their dragon form?

Maa, so that’s how it is.

I almost always only see them in their human form so I thought they live in their nest with their human form.


Wait, aren’t they living in their nest in their human form?

When Frau and Michael-san stayed in Doraim’s nest before, I heard that there are proper rooms there.

「We can only transform when we became adult….」

I looked at Rasuti’s horn and tail and somewhat sympathize with her.

Apart from Rasuti and Herze, all other dragons look completely human in their human form.

I see.

Let’s stop talking about this topic.

I have to talk about something else, so what is a dungeon?

「A dungeon is a naturally occurring magical power pool. A place concentrated with magical power is a place where monsters gather. I hear that monsters find it easy to live in those kind of places.」

「I see.」

「In addition, when magical power increases, the dungeon will get bigger. Labyrinth Augite is like a control stone that makes you able to force the dungeon to get bigger.」

「Is it a valuable stone?」

「It is. But grandfather can afford to give one to you.」

「It seems so.」

If not, I don’t think he’ll include it to his thank-you items.

However, I’m a bit worried after receiving an item for dungeon management.

I mean, I don’t have business with dungeons.

「Can anyone use this?」

「As long as someone can use magic, that person can use it.」

But I can’t use magic.

Somehow, its unnecessariness has increased drastically.

「The lamias are living in a dungeon, do you think they can use this?」

「The lamias are skillful in magic so I’m sure they can.」

「Is that so? Then, I’ll lend it to the lamias.」

Lamia tribe.

They are the ruler of the dungeon on the south of the village.

Currently, there are about 50 of them living in the depths of the dungeon and they seem to be putting various monsters under their control.

That dungeon is pretty big and a part of it even extends to the mountain in the south where Doraim’s nest is located.

That is also the reason why it took the kuros over a year to capture it.

I’m currently negotiating with the lamias. I’m planning to have them transport goods to Doraim’s place.

Ever since I saw them being able to carry so much luggage before, I had my eyes on them.

So far, I always ask Doraim and Rasuti and there’s also Hakuren who I can ask to transport goods but…

It seems that dragons are not very suitable for transporting goods.

Though neither Michael-san nor Beezel said anything about it, I can feel it somehow.

In addition, aside from Doraim and Rasuti, Hakuren doesn’t want want to transform in her dragon form.

I was worried because I thought that her wings are still injured but it seems like she only wants me to see her in her human form.

How cute of her.

Oh, I got derailed.

If we utilize the “labyrinth augite”, we can make a direct route to Doraim’s nest to the dungeon.

「Ah, even if we use the “labyrinth augite”, the dungeon will not immediately change.」

「Is that so?」

「Yes, it will change but it will be slow….the change you requested is also very substantial so I think it will take a hundred years to materialize.」


Dragons are really patient.

I asked the lamias to transport the goods to Doraim’s nest and their route will be going through the forest.

The lamias undertook my request and will have the monsters they placed under their control to carry the goods.

It seems like it is faster that way than carrying it themselves.

Given the current condition, it will take them five to seven days to carry the goods from the village to Doraim’s nest.

The inconsistent number of days is due to changing weather.

Still, I’m grateful to them.

The remuneration for the lamias is my village’s crops.

I told them to give the monsters under them too.

I might need to expand the field again.

Because of the lamia transport service, the transactions with Michael-san became easier.

From Doraim’s nest to Shashaato City, it will take Doraim half a day flight but it will take 20 days on foot.

The biggest factor for that is the iron forest in between them.

Even though it is not the forest of death, there are still many strong monsters. It seems like only top adventurers can get through the forest and reach Doraim’s nest.

20 days on foot of top adventurers.

It is impossible for ordinary merchants to go there.

Wait, isn’t that forest more dangerous than the forest of death?

I’m beginning to question the reputations of the forest here.

In any case, the iron forest is the biggest factor since traveling there consumes the most time. If the one who’ll transport the goods are Doraim’s servants, the travel time will shorten from 20 to 5 days.

In other words, with the use of the lamias and Doraim’s servants, the transport time will be 10 to 12 days.

However, it’s still too slow compared to the two-day travel time for dragons.

With the new transport system, marine products from Shashaato City are delivered to the village and the village’s crops are delivered to Shashaato City regularly.

Life has become a bit more convenient.

Flora finally made miso and soy sauce.


This is the news that made me the happiest.

Though the taste is still lacking, those are definitely miso and soy sauce.

In order to spread my joy, I cooked miso and soy sauce flavored dishes.

Pickled miso, grilled meat miso.

Meat with soy sauce.

Baked corn with soy sauce.

Miso soup.

Cucumber miso.

Miso flavored nabe and soy sauce flavored nabe.

With the villager’s consensus, it was decided to have a consistent production of miso and soy sauce.

Next year, let’s expand the soybean field.

My name is Flora.

Flora Sakutou.

I may not be a match for my aneesama but I’m a famous vampire.

That’s why I’m basically staying to the place where I am.

I rarely go outside since there is no point in going out anyway.

Of course, it doesn’t mean that I only eat and sleep.

Boredom is my enemy.

That’s why I have a hobby.

Which is medicine.

Researching about medicine is fun.

Because I feel like I’m peeking at the mystery of the world.

There are even people from far away places seeking for the medicine I made.

There is no such thing as medicine that can revive the dead but I think that illnesses can be cured.

By the way, I’m currently addicted in making miso and soy sauce.

Since miso and soy sauce can be made using similar process, the village chief asked to make them simultaneously.

The village chief is amazing.

He has a lot of knowledge I never heard about.

He also taught me about the concept of bacteria.

This can also be used for medicine research.

How to make miso and soy sauce …to put it simply, the village chief told me to culture bacteria on soybeans.

Though I don’t know how, it seems like the process of cheese making is similar.

Anyway, I took over the miso and soy sauce making from the village chief and worked hard.

He even made an exclusive building for me.

Unfortunately, there are no results.

It takes time culturing it so I simultaneously started another one before seeing the result.

I can’t even remember how much soybean and wheat had rotted until now.

But it was worth it.

Yes, at last, I’ve managed to make miso and soy sauce.

The village chief was pleased.

The villagers are pleased too after they taste the dishes that uses miso and soy sauce.

They’re really delicious.

It was delicious enough that everyone was impressed.

This is the reward for my hardship.

Tears even came out of my eyes.

However, the village chief said these words to me.

「Your next step is improving the taste.」


I didn’t get what he said.



I think it was delicious enough.

I fearfully asked the village chief.

「The miso and soy sauce today, how many points are you going to give them?」

「Flora worked hard.」

「Yes, it got a lot of points, right? I’ll be delighted if you let me hear it.」

「Eh? Ehto…If it is out of 10, I’ll give it five points.」

「Say it honestly.」

「….out of 10, about 2 points. It is still at the entrance of being miso and soy sauce.」


My feeling right now, it is similar to climbing the top of a mountain only to know that it is the false summit.

Though this might be a good thing.

It means that the village chief is expecting something from me so I will respond to him.

Please, look forward to it.

I will make the miso and soy sauce that will satisfy you!

And I also reflected.

I’ll be a little nice to the oni maids from now on.

I apologize for saying absurd things to them until now.

In the distant future, Flora will be called the “Queen of Fermented Food”.



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