Chapter 74 – Yuri’s Reflection

It seems there is a dungeon in the north of the forest.

The high elves are chattering.

Are they planning on diving in that dungeon?


「What are the merits of entering a dungeon?」

「You can get furs, meat, and bones from monsters living in the dungeon.」

「Won’t there be treasures there?」

「If the monsters living there has a habit of collecting gold and silver, there is a possibility…but that rarely happens.」

「Is that so?」

「There is no big merit in diving inside a dungeon, but it has meaning. If a dungeon was not controlled, monsters will come out and rampage. Once that happens, the devastation will not be small.」

I think I heard you said that before.

However, if there is a race that manages the dungeon like the dungeon in the south, it is unlikely for monsters to come out.

「Even in a controlled dungeon, there is a possibility of monsters coming out depending on the quality of the race controlling it so it is necessary to dive and investigate it.」

If the race managing the dungeon is belligerent and ambitious, there is a possibility of monsters going outside frequently. Either way, it seems like we can’t leave it unattended.

Upon receiving my permission, not only the high elves but the lizardmen and onis’ tension rose.

The kuros who are asking to be selected also appeared.

The air they are emitting makes me want to go with them.

No, a lot of things will stall.

If it is like the previous dungeon, it will take more than a year and it will be impossible for me to come back regularly.

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The newly arrived demon girls seemed to be puzzled at first but now, they are doing various works seriously.

Again, I thought of the race called demons.

Demon race.

There seem to be two types of demons.

The first one are those who look like humans and the other one are those who don’t look like humans.

The other one is also called demi-humans.

The other kind that I already met are vampires, angels, high elves, onis, lizardmen, beastkins, elder dwarves, and lamias.

I understand that vampires, onis, lizardmen, and lamias are demons but I feel strange in classifying angels, high elves, beastkins, and elder dwarves as demons.

I’ll just continue to classify them as demi-humans.

TN: By the way, 魔族(mazoku) is translated in the illustration as “magic human” and not demons. 魔(ma) means magic/evil/devil/demon and 族(zoku) means race/tribe/family. Whether the author is breaking the trend by giving mazoku a different meaning or something more deeper, I’ll leave that to your imagination. For now, I’ll continue to translate mazoku as demon. Below are Fraurem’s name and race in the LN illustration.

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The other type looks like humans but possesses magical power that exceeds humans.

Frau and the newly arrived girls are of this type.

Because of the large amount of magical power they possess, I thought that they are similar to mages but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

They are using that large amount of magical power to give own body an ability.

For example, their body can become as hard as a rock, their limbs can stretch, they can see far away, improving their hearing ability at an abnormal level….

After hearing the explanation, I suddenly remember a TV show from my previous world that shows those who have freakish ability. I apologize for thinking something rude.

In short, that is their only difference with humans. I’m thinking of a possibility that humans originated from demons with deteriorated ability.

That’s probably it.

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Though Frau and the girls who came here possesses a large amount of magical power, I don’t feel anything different from them. They are like ordinary humans to me.

Changes will occur in their body if they can’t control their own magical power. If changes occur, all they have to do is to control their magical power properly and the change will be minimize or even return back to normal.

In that sense, the girls who came to this village might be excellent.

No, they are really excellent girls. I heard that they came from the great households of the demon king’s country.

It is normal for them to be excellent since they are forged to be excellent by their household.

Why would girls from great households come here?

「If you want to return, I can arrange it so that you can come home.」

I told them to tell Frau anytime but it seems like the girls are not hopeful for that to happen.

Though they are currently residing at the inn, a house is already being built for them.

It might be hard for daughters of great households to live in this village but I want you to persevere.

「The food here is delicious.」

「Ah….the bath is the best.」

「And, there is no gigantic court struggle so I can relax.」

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Yuri is looking around the village with Frau as her guide.

「Do you now understand what you tried to do?」

「Yes, trying to invade this place is….dangerous even for me…..No, I will surely die.」

「I can’t even defend you since you gathered soldiers. Please think carefully first before taking action.」

「I understand. However, I have been taught to gather soldiers as soon as possible. Is that wrong?」

「That’s not wrong. However, showing hostility to an opponent you can’t win against is wrong.」

「And since I gathered soldiers, I showed hostility.」

「If you point your weapon to a dragon, you can’t complain if it attacks you with a breath. This village has dragons.」

「I never thought that there are really dragons here. I’m sure that it was some sort of deception.」

「I won’t blame you for that since I’m the same before coming to this village…. From what I heard, demon king-sama told you not to get involved with this village.」

「I was wrong to ignore father’s warning. But it’s Fraurem’s fault. To suddenly leave me….」

「I apologize with what happened.」

「I understand the reason now so there is no need for you to apologize. By the way, are you really sure this is safe?」

「Yes. Please throw it with all your might.」

As she’s urged by Frau, Yuri threw the ball she had.

And several kuros run after the ball.

The one who got the ball came to Yuri with a “praise me” expression.

「Y-you brought it back. Good job.」

Yuri was able to praise it but she was not able to pat the head of the kuro so Frau does it on her stead.

「Even one inferno wolf entering a city will cause a catastrophe but here, they are acting cute like this.」

「Right. It seems like you are good with them.」

「Do I? It also took me some time before I was able to pat them.」

「How are you able to get along with them?」

「I wonder….probably as a result of being beaten in a chess match.」

Chess? The board game you taught us in the inn? The inferno wolves can play it too?」

「The chess champion of this village is Kuroyon-san….He’s the inferno wolf lying under that tree. He’s strong. I never won against him.」

「….that’s a surprise.」

「Right. Ah, it’s almost time for lunch. Shall we go back?」

「Yes, I’m looking forward to it since the food here is delicious.」

「They are the best tasting food however….one you get used to it, I don’t think you would want to go home.」

「…… Do I have to go home?」

「Don’t ask nonsense.」

「How about taking back a chef? I’m an imperial princess. 」

TN: By the way, the princess is called 王姫(ouhi) which is different and definitely not a shortened term of the usually used お姫(ohime).

「Do you think your title will affect anyone from this village?」


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「Frau, can I ask you something?」

「Ria-san? What is it?」

「Why are you calling the demon king’s daughter ouhime? Isn’t she an oujou?」

TN: Oujou(王女) means princess. Explanation before is due to this digression.

「It is because the demon king’s title is not hereditary but an appointment type of title. It was a custom to call the daughter of the current demon king as ouhime and once he retired, his daughter will then be called oujou. 」

「Heh. Then, is the ouji like that too?」

TN: Ouji means prince.

「Ouji is ouji. Once the demon king retires, his son will no longer be called ouji.」

「I see.」

「Well, even if I say that it is an appointment system, it is basically similar to hereditary system since the demon king will be chosen from a certain group.」

「Is that so?」

「Yes. Though it is clear that only the one with superior ability will be chosen as the demon king….」

「Won’t it be a problem if a certain family forces their way and do some troublesome things?」

「It is, especially that there are a few ambitious houses…By the way, when did you know that Yuri-sama is an ouhime?」

「From the start. It is really obvious.」

「Ugh….then, the village chief?」

「I don’t think he noticed it.」

「Please, keep it a secret.」

「No problem but if you really want to conceal it, it would be better for you to pay attention to the person in question. She sometimes brags about her father.」

「Chuh, I’ll keep that in mind.」



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