Chapter 98 – Martial Arts Tournament, Knight Section, Round Three(Semifinals) and Final

Martial arts tournament, knight section, third round.

Tier vs. Loo

Even before coming to this village, these wives of mine who both bore my children are eternal rivals.

It is an anticipated match where no one knows what the result will be.

They are both wearing a pair of trousers and no weapons on hands.

「Fufufu, long time, no see.」

「Right. However, ancestor-sama is watching so I will not hold back.」

「Of course, that is something I already expected.」

Both of them are motivated enough.

Referee Hakuren signaled the start of the match.

I thought that the two of them were going to take some distance or fly in the sky but they two of them walk slowly towards each other at the center of the ring.

Once their feet stopped, they started exchanging blows.

It looks like an American movie, after receiving one blow, it will be your turn to hit.

But men do that on movies, it is scary looking at ladies do that.

Moreover, the two of them are my wives.

I’m really scared.

They are not hitting each other with palms but with hard fist.

They are clearly aiming for each other’s cheeks with hooks.

And after being hit, I could never forget how they grin.


In the future, I must do everything I can to avoid a husband-and-wife quarrel.

TN: That moment you realized that the women you raped are capable of turning you to minced meat.

After fistfighting for a while, they took some distance with each other like it was the natural thing to do.

And starts a magic battle.

Fire, water, wind, and other unknown magic collide.

Although the spectators’ seats are protected by Hakuren’s magic, the place where I’m watching is relatively close to the ring and I can feel the power.

But I don’t know who has the advantage at all.

After the magic battle, the two of them flew in the sky and hit collide with each other.

Are they magically colliding? Or just physically….?

I really don’t know but I know that they are fiercely battling.

And it ends.

When they land on the ring from the sky, Tier was standing while Loo was kneeling with one knee.

「I’m today’s winner.」

Tier is the winner.

Both of them are tired but they don’t seem to be heavily injured.

I meet with the two of them to show my concern.

「Husband, Tier bullied me.」

「Loo-san, that’s underhanded.」

Third round, second match.

A battle between Bulga and Makura.

It was not a match.

Bulga was too exhausted because of her match against Uno so she couldn’t even conjure a bunshin. She was not able to evade Makura’s thread.

「Uuhhh. It ended so soon….」

Makura was victorious.

And the final contestants are now decided.

Tier and Makura.

Before that, let’s talk about the third place first.

It is a match between the two who didn’t manage to get into the final.

Loo aside, Bulga is completely down.

Flora also said that she can’t permit her to have another match so the third place battle was called off.

Maa, it’s not like we necessarily need to have a third placer.

And the final starts.

Maa, it did not go well.

But everyone understands why.

The battle between Tier and Makura.

It is similar to the battle between Corone and Makura earlier.

「It’s really a mismatch.」

Tier was tied up with web and was defeated.

The martial arts tournament winner of knight section is Makura.

Zabuton’s offspring, Makura, is the champion.

Makura raises one of her legs to respond to the cheers.

She looks happy.

Now that the tournament ends, it is now the awarding ceremony.

I give Makura 10 reward medals.

And a wooden championship trophy. I prepared it especially for this festival, it is a wooden crown.

I consulted Loo first before carving the crown since I don’t know if there is a strange meaning if I hand it as a prize but she said that I don’t have to worry about anything since we are part of the demon king’s kingdom.

Hearing that, I made a crown.

Because I assumed that a bipedal person will wear it, the size of the crown is not suitable for Makura.

While I’m thinking of how should I salvage the situation, Makura received the crown and put it on her buttocks.

The crown is on her butt… suits her so I guess it’s OK.

Makura proudly shows off the crown to the audience and waves her hand.

The second place Tier, I gave her five reward medals.

In addition, I also gave one to those who won once and two to those who won twice.

Please do your best in the future.

With that, the martial arts tournament ends but there’s still a banquet that will last until late night or probably until tomorrow morning.

Because the ring is still there, free matches were held.

However, because it will be dangerous if one gets heavily injured during the match, we made sure that there is a referee in all matches.

The high elves and the mountain elves who were not able to participate and the beastkins from the Howling village that came here with Gulf entered the ring to fight.

Some beastgirls also climbed the ring from time to time as if treating it as a battle training. Even Loo challenged Tier for a revenge match.

Even when the sun sets and it gets dark, the matches continue with the help of torches and illumination magic.

On one side….

「Demon king, how about having a match with me?」

「Hahahahaha, please don’t joke around.」

The demon king declined Dors’ invitation while ancestor-san, Beezel, and Yuri are talking about the ongoing matches.

「It would be much better if no chant magic will be used more frequently.」

「However, not chanting will decrease the power. I think one should asses the situation first.」

「I don’t know how to cast magic without chant.」

「Really? Then I’ll explain it to you.」

「Wa-wait a moment. Is it alright for a person of your standing to teach the princess of a country?」

「Hnn? I don’t really care about social standing. Don’t worry about unnecessary things.」

「Thank you very much. I’ll do my very best to remember them all.」

Doraim is enjoying the food with Hakuren, Rasuti, his wife, and Raimeiren.

「Grandmother, I should polish my humanization form a bit more.」

「Is that so? You don’t have to be flurried. Even Doraim had some trouble transforming into human….」

「Mother, please stop. Besides, ah, uhm….Right, what happened to the marriage of Sekiren?」

「Doraim-chan, why are you talking about younger sister’s marriage in front of me?」

「P-please don’t mind it. Besides, isn’t your situation here similar to being married?」

「Eh, ah, we-well, do you think so? Yeah, seems like it….」

「An embarrassed Hakuren….what a rare sight.」

「Grafaroon, if you tease me more I might tell a story about you from the old days.」

「…..I’m sorry.」

What a lively meal.

Since Bulga and Stifano recovered, they are moving around as their stewards again.

While not being obstructive, additional food and alcohol were given to them by Bulga and Stifano.

Anyway, what’s with the story from the old days of Doraim’s wife?

……….I’m scared to hear it.

At any rate, I feel bad.

Probably because of mental fatigue.

I guess I’m too exhausted from worrying about injuries.

Next year, let’s absolutely change it to another festival.

I spent the night of the festival thinking that.



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