Chapter 101 – Cleaning Up and Aftermath

The festival is over.

Now, I know that they still want to relax but we need to do what we have to.

We clean up everything now that the festival’s over.

Though there are a lot of people who are still suffering from hangover, we still managed to clean up things quickly.

We’ll be in trouble if they will be in a festive mood forever.

I was asked about what to do about the ring the and audience seat. Since they are not obstructive in anyway, I leave them be.

I think there will be a time in the future where we will use them.

It is outdoor so the only thing I can imagine on using it is for plays or concerts.

Though the other might have some other idea too.

However, the ring is made of soil and the audience seat are made of wood so it will rot as it was exposed to nature.

There’s no blue sheet in this world.

So what should I do to preserve it?

Should I consider roofing it?

Ah, what about, leaving the wooden chairs, making chairs using soil?

If I have some free time, let’s try making chairs from soil.


Dors, Raimeiren, Doraim, Doraim’s wife, Beezel, Yuri, demon king, and ancestor-san woke up late and began preparing to leave.

They seemed to have talked about a difficult topic before leaving. Is there a problem?

Maa, they are people of great standing so I don’t want to get involved unnecessarily.

I said goodbye to each one of them while passing giveaways.

First is for Dors, Raimeiren, Doraim, and Doraim’s wife.

「That was fun.」

「It was good and lively.」

「I would like for you to stay a little longer….but that will probably disturb you. Please return straight home. I still need to find new villagers for the village.」

「My daughter has matured. I want to work with you more in the future.」

Next are Beezel, Yuri, and demon king.

「I was able to relax for the first time in a while.」

「We’ll invite you too when there is a festival in our kingdom.」

「Hey, that’s my role. Mou….well, that’s it. I ask for your continuous support.」

Finally, ancestor-san.

「I’d like to be with Alfred a bit more but there are still various things I need to do. Haah, ah, right. I saw a field full of medicinal herbs, I wonder if I can get some? I will bring rare herbs next time.」

They left using different methods.

The lamias also woke up and greet me so I also passed giveaways.

「Is this alright?」

「It is for the sake of sharing the festival for those who were not able to come.」

「Thank you. And I will definitely win next time!」


There is no schedule for a next time…

The lamia’s returned but the beastkins from Howling village has yet to leave.

They checked the state of those who migrated in this village and planned to return together when it is time to trade during autumn.

In other words, four beastkin males, including Gulf, will stay in the village!


「Daughter, are you well? You’re safe here, right? Mother is also fine.」

Such conversations can be heard in four different places.

Ah, every one of them is married.

They even have daughters from those who migrated.


I understand.

I don’t plan on destroying any family.

Please get along.

I’m sorry for only thinking of looking for marriage partners for the beastgirls.

After finishing tidying up the martial arts festival, the atmosphere of the village returned to normal.

However, the aftermath remained.

First of all, the number of people training has increased a little.

Though there is still the normal running and stretching, war simulation is now a common occurrence.

Be careful and don’t get injured.

「By the way Loo, you’re a vampire.」

「Why are you saying the obvious?」

「During the martial arts tournament, I never saw you fight like one. You only fight normally.」

「How do you think a vampire battles?」

「Eh? Let’s see…..」

How do I imagine vampires…..

「For example….turning into mist to avoid attack.」

「Areh? Have I ever turned into a mist in front of you? How did you know about that?」


「I don’t know how you imagine vampires but turning into mist will not work on battles. It is tiring and has no offensive capability, moreover, you’ll be unprotected when you transform in your normal form again. It is a technique mainly used for invading locked room.」

「I see. Then, can you transform into animals?」

「That’s not a technique for battle. There is no stronger form than my current form. It is a technique used for sneaking.」

「Only for sneaking? Then, what about the technique of changing the age of your body….?」

「It’s not a technique, it’s more of a characteristic. I don’t consume much energy in my younger form but I’m at my strongest at my adult form…..that’s the reason why we transformed into a younger body upon receiving fatal damage.」

「Like the time when we first met. When you suck blood, can you take the power of your opponent?」

「I have my beloved husband so I will not ask blood from anyone else.」

「Ahaha. I’m sorry. Back then, I thought that it is a vampire exclusive attack….like hypnosis or something.」


「A technique of manipulating opponents.」

「Ah, dazzlement. That will only work if your opponent is weak. It won’t work against the participants in knight section.」

「Ah…then, how about blood manipulation?」

「Blood manipulation? What is that?」

「Attacking an opponent using a sword made of your own blood.」

「Is it some sort of liquid manipulation? I probably can do it….however, I think it would be better for me not to. I’ll be at a disadvantage if I pull out enough blood to create a sword.」


「The way you imagine of a vampire is strange. By chance, do you know any other vampire other than me, Flora, and ancestor-sama?」

「Hahaha. I only heard those from stories. Don’t look at me with scary eyes.」

「Isn’t Tier capable of manipulating golems? Why didn’t you use it during the martial arts tournament?」

Golem has power but it is slow. It is not suitable for a martial arts battle.」

「Then, when do you usually use golem?

「I mainly use it as a decoy. It can catch monsters and demon beasts. And also….for me to not get dirty.」

「To don’t get dirty?」

「Monsters and demon beasts are existence that can be considered…. unsanitary.」

「I see.」

I feel slightly sorry for golems.

「Ann, I would like you to answer my question honestly… there anything in your life you’re unsatisfied with?」

「There’s nothing in particular but….why are you asking me?」

「No, I just thought that it would be scary if you store things up.」

「?……Ah, is it about the martial arts festival? Please do not worry. With just saying it once, the village chief listens and improves.」

「What about Loo?」

「I already told her over and over again but I can’t see any improvements…. Ah, but I don’t have any enmity. I just thought that if she would stay as she is, I’m afraid that she’ll be a bad influence for Alfred-sama and Tiselle-sama. Since there is that opportunity…I unintentionally….」

「If you want to say something, say it. Don’t store it.」

「Ah, there’s one.」


「I want to call you master instead of village chief…」

「Aren’t you already calling me that from time to time?」

「But because village chief is shy, it is only limited when we’re in the room or at the bath. I want to be able to call village chief master anywhere.」

「I can’t allow you to do that yet so please forgive me.」

The dwarf Donovan came to my house.

「Village chief, do we the sour fruit? Can I have some of them?」

「Sour… you mean lemons? What an unusual request, something happened?」

「It is to make the alcohol scented. Also, the alcohol that the human merchant sent for the festival, I want you to purchase some of them.」

「Merchant, you mean Michael-san? Then that would be….honey liquor? Didn’t you say that it tastes awful?」

Immediately after receiving the alcohols, the dwarves immediately came and taste test them.

I can still remember their spicy criticism….

「I still think so but the oni girls did something to it to make it delicious. Even though you don’t ask yet, let me say it to you. It is not really a difficult method. You just need to add a bit of that sour fruit juice to that honey liquor. That alone made it tasty. It is similar to the method of matching alcohol with fruits that the village chief taught.」

「I see. Let me try it next time.」

「Umu, then please purchase more. Ah, and don’t forget to make sure that the alcohol you bought can be exchanged for a reward medal.」

「I’ll do that but….If you can buy alcohol, I’ll take out the after meal alcohol.」

「Really? Then, does that mean that alcohol will only be served during banquets?」

「The main reason for limiting the alcohol is because, if the heavy consumption continues, all the crops of the village will need to be turned into alcohol. I put some restrictions to have everyone drink moderately.」

「Moderately is it? That would be difficult….Maa, let’s just work hard….let’s follow the restriction. Drinking alcohol every day is delicious but drinking alcohol occasionally is also delicious.」

「All right.」

Makura, who won the martial arts tournament, have left the trophy crown at my house.

It is probably safer to have it as a decoration in my house than the place where she sleeps.

In any case, I made a shelf and put it in the corner of my house and put the trophy crown there.

Yeah, satisfying.

Makura seems to be satisfied too when she saw it.

Zabuton also looked at it delightfully.



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