Chapter 107 – The Third Group of New Residents Arrived

The third group.

The first were minotaurs, then centaurs, so will it be taurus this time?

After thinking something stupid, I greeted the people who came here because of Michael-san’s introduction in front of my house.


The group the came because of Michael-san’s introduction is composed of beautiful women and tree stumps.


The height of beautiful women ranges from 150 to 170 which is a normal human’s height.

I’m immediately relieved.

Their ages range from late teens to late twenties.

They have a well-formed face and every one of them can be considered beautiful. Their style is not bad too.

No, it can be considered as pretty good.

I might be a little rude but my first impression of them are similar to those oneesan who works at night.

It’s because of their clothes.

Or else they would look like ordinary village women.

Honestly, it doesn’t suit you.

And…there are forty of them?

By the way….why are there 10 tree stumps here?

I thought that I already cleared this area using the AFT….

While I was thinking about that, a tree stump talks.

「I am the representative, Igu. I want to express our gratitude for accepting us.」

Did that tree stump just talk?

TN: Okay, here is the picture of the tree stump. So this is why they say that one is even willing to talk to a tree stump as long as it talks to him first.

After listening to them. it seems like the tree stumps were also immigrants.

It seems like the beautiful women and the tree stumps are from the same race called nyunyu-daphne.

According to my knowledge, they are close to tree spirits called dryayad, or was it dryad?

I thought that their appearance difference is because of the difference in sexes but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

The tree stumps are also females.


In other words, a female-only race.

「Do you interact with humans?」

To my doubt, their group only replied with a smile.

I thought my question is really important.

「Village chief, do not be upset. Us too, are willing to give you our “proof of loyalty”.」

「Proof of loyalty? …..N-no, that’s not it! That’s unnecessary, that’s not what I mean! Don’t misunderstand!」

TN: Chastity.

I tried to smooth things up after that embarrassing situation.

Compared to minotaurs and centaurs, they are quite normal.

「You should all eat first, is it alright to give you normal food?」

「Thank you very much for your consideration. However, we already heard about problems regarding the migration. We don’t want to trouble you regarding our food.」

「It will save us a lot if you do so but, do you have anything with you?」

「No, we don’t. Because of that, can you provide us with a sunny place and water? It will be a great substitute for food.」

「I understand but….」

A sunny place.

Maa, the Big Tree Village itself is sunny as long as it isn’t near the forest.

Water….there is a river nearby.

If that is the case…the place is….

I suggested them the first place I thought of.

「You can stay on the field there but I request of you not to trouble it.」

Because the representative Igu complied, I decided to take a rest.

Not counting the tree stumps, it was surreal to see beautiful women standing in a certain interval around the field.

They look satisfied so I guess they’re okay.

….I’m worried about tree stumps so I’ll take a note of them for now.

「Do I need to cut their roots when it is time to move?」

They look like tree stumps but they are still people….let’s let them do what they want.

The nyunyu-daphne’s crossed the mountain of Howling Village on the east and came here by walking in the forest.

They have the ability to assimilate with any kind of plants so they did not need to fight against monsters or demon beasts.

However, it seems like it is still impossible to avoid being marked by monsters and demon beasts.

To put it simply, they are scratched by their claws.

Though their sense of pain is minimal, those who were scratched by the claws of monsters and demon beasts cannot transform in their human form until their wounds are healed. That is the reason why the others are on their tree stump form.

I see.

In other words, their true form is the tree stump form.

I recommended them to take a bath.

They don’t smell but they give off that feeling.

Do tree stumps hates hot water?

I don’t mind if they take a bath.

Just clean yourselves.

After several hours.

I finally heard their story form their representative Igu who finished eating and bathing.

The reason for their migration is because the place they were previously living at became desolate so they requested a new place.

It seems like a nearby village caused a massive deforestation that caused a large-scale flood there.

They heard about Michael-san’s invitation when they were thinking of moving to a new place so they asked several things….

Hearing about the fruits that originated here from Michael-san, it seems like they immediately decided to move to this place before Michael-san was able to say anything.

「The place where you are looking for new residents, these fruits… apples and pears grow on that place, aren’t they?」

「Eh, that is right.」

「Everyone, prepare to move. Hurry up.」

Michael-san was there with the intent of examining them but seeing them moving immediately made him panicked.

After that, he still tried to negotiate with them but they are already migrating with no intention to stop.

By the way, Michael-san has prepared the nyunyu-daphne’s migration supplies in Shashato city.

I also asked him to prepare clothes, weapons, tools, and foods for the minotaurs and centaurs.

「However, if you came to this village because of the fruits, isn’t it a bad deal for you to refuse food?」

Igu of the nyunyu-daphne, I’m carrying her in her human form.

It is because moving while in their tree stump form is really slow.

I understand the reason since carrying a beautiful woman is better than carrying a tree stump.

「Don’t mind it. Our true purpose is not the fruits.」


「Yeah, the reason we came here is the soil.」


「If the land here produced such splendid fruits, it means that the soil here is excellent which is very good for us. Ah, can you put me there?」

「I have no reason to refuse….I see, soil huh.」

It is probably because I plowed the soil using the AFT.

「I see. I hope it didn’t disappoint you.」

「Not at all, looking at the field, it is really enviable. I hope that the place where we will settle in will be like this one.」

「Ahahaha, so you like a place similar to the field.」



Wait a minute.

「Though the field in the place where you’re going to live in will be prepared….Do you not live in houses?」

「We can also live in a house. However, we prefer outdoor.」

「You don’t live in a house?」

「We prefer outdoor.」

Do not upset.

It is too early to be upset.

Yeah, but I feel a little tired.

The caretaker of the nyunyu-daphne was decided.

「Igu, let me introduce her to you.」

「My name is Mamu. I was appointed to be your caretaker. If you encounter any problem, please let me know. Please take care of me from now on.」

We designated one of the beastgirls as the nyunyu-daphne’s caretaker.

The main reason is because the person herself volunteered.

Though she looks like a junior high school student, I consented because Senna, the beastkins representative, said that it will be alright.

「Likewise, please take care of us from now on.」

One of Igu’s root got up and shook Mamu’s hand.

「Mamu, I want you to know everything from Igu. What kind of place do they want to live in, what kind of job they can do, what are they good at, what are they not good at, and…」

「How about their race’s custom and taboo too?」


「I understand. At the same time, I’ll tell them about the village too.」


Good, she’s reliable.

I left the nyunyu-daphne to Mamu’s care and went home.

It is necessary to have a meeting again.

……We’re still facing a lot of problems after all.



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