Chapter 108 – Consultation

I understand that there are many problems.

The origin is, the number of the migrants we received are too many.

And they arrived too early.

And since we have decided to accept everyone, we can only work harder.

Though it will also trouble the residents of my village, I would like to ask their help.

That night, I gather every representative of each race to discuss it.

This includes the representatives of the minotaurs, centaurs, and nyunyu-daphnes as well as their caretakers Nuff, Rasshashi, and Mamu.

Doraim and Beezel are also participating.

Though there was an objection on having the newcomers to suddenly join, I think it is better for them to know what the problems are.

Besides, they are not visitors.

They’ll live in a different location but they are new residents.

「Minotaur’s representative, Gordon.」

「Centaur’s representative, Glueworld.」

「Nyunyu-daphne’s representative, Igu.」

Igu is participating in her human form.

It seems like Mamu finds it hard to move.

Even so, it’s a good thing that each migrant groups are a unified single race.

It is easy to call them.

In addition, their race representative will also serve as the migrant group representative.

We usually conduct a meeting around a table but there is no table for large races like the minotaurs and centaurs.

Everyone is either sitting on a log chair or sitting on the floor.

「Before we start, how are you?」

The centaur’s representative Glueworld raiser her hand.

「I, I did not know my place earlier and was really rude. I’m very sorry. Please let me apologize. I’m the only one who behaves like that so please, let me bear all the responsibility for what happened.」

She bent her forelegs, bowed with her upper body, and lowered her head deeply.

She’s not bending her hind legs so her but is sticking up….Is this the centaur’s apology pose?

Let’s ask her later.

「Though I did not think that you were that rude, I’ll accept your apology. Don’t mi….cough. Be careful in the future.」

I thought of saying to not mind it but Rasshashi, who’s beside Glueworld, wrote something on a wooden board asking me to say them.

Who, who is it that taught her such a move of cheaters!

「Hah, thank you very much. I will be more careful from now on.」

Glueworld did not notice Rasshashi’s cheat board and express her gratitude.

「I expect for your improvement in the future.」

That is also Rasshashi’s instruction.


It seems like she’s satisfied with Glueworld’s reply but Rasshashi flips her wooden board again.

“As expected of the village chief! Excellent performance! You can even become a king now!”

Thank you.

But that cheat board can also be seen by those around me.

Loo and Tier, stop laughing.

Let’s move on with the meeting.

For the time being, the immediate problem is the beddings of the newly arrived residents.

Every one of them says that they have no problem sleeping in the open but I at least want the young ones to lay down in a place with a roof.

There are three places in the village that match that description.

My house, the inn, and the liquor factory.

If you ask if they are big, they are big, but if you ask if they have enough space, they don’t.

I get it.

I know that you don’t want others to use the factory so stop glaring at me, Donovan.

「Let’s have them use the inn. Prioritize the children.」

Though it is a place where other people sleep, I still want to do more.

Yes, some will be sleeping in a place with a roof but there are still some that need to sleep outside.

「Though we’re sleeping outside, if you can let us use this place, we will appreciate it.」

The minotaurs want to use the martial arts competition ring.

「We can stay to the place where you let the cows and horses stay.」

The centaurs are requesting for the ranch area.

「As long as it is light up by sunlight, we don’t mind where we are.」

The nyunyu-daphne are OK with anywhere.


「Minotaurs and centaurs, go the place you desired to take a rest. Do not hesitate to ask your caretaker if you need anything.」



「Nuff and Rasshashi, please stay as much as possible with them. Also, sleep in my house for a while.」

「I understand….We’re going to sleep in your house?」

「Is there a reason?」

「It is to save the minotaurs and centaurs the trouble of looking for you.」

「Indeed, I understand.」

「I’ll do what you say.」

「Nyunyu-daphnes, you can stay in any place you like. But please, don’t be in the middle of the field. Also, try not to bother others. If you encounter any problem, get in touch with Mamu.」


「Mamu, it will be hard for you but do your best.」

「Yes, I’ll work hard.」

「And so, I also want Mamu to stay at my house, is that all right?」

「It’s all right but I’ll like to return home and report to Ramurias first.」

「All right. Ann, prepare rooms for the three.」

「I hear and obey.」

Afterwards, we discussed several more things.

We’ll leave the Village One since it’s complete.

TN: Yeah, although I think One Village, Two Village, and Three Village is more appropriate since Hiraku is supposed to have “no naming sense”, I’ll follow the readers.

First of all, everyone needs to harvest everything first.

After that, we’ll try to complete Village Two then Village Three if time permits.

As soon as the Village Two is complete, we’ll have the first group to live there.

We decided to make Village Two suited for the minotaurs considering the first come first serve principle.

The centaurs will be at Village Three.

After that, building a village for Nyunyu-daphne.

Both Doraim and Beezel will visit from time to time to check the situation in addition to stabilizing the spirits of the minotaurs and centaurs.

I appreciate their cooperation.

Let’s begin harvesting.

Those who can harvest will harvest.

Those who can’t harvest will hunt in the forest.

A new problem came up.

The minotaurs, centaurs, and nyunyu-daphne seem to be unable to hunt monsters or demon beasts in the forest.

「Looking at them, they look strong.」

「Even if you say that, minotaur is originally a mild race.」

Nuff, the caretaker of the minotaurs, explains.

「They are not someone who’ll fight someone else other than the ones who are protecting their group which specializes in battle. Also, only those minotaurs who specialize in battle are strong, most of them are shepherds.」

「Minotaurs who specialized in battle….are they trained from infancy?」

「No, they are seemed to be determined by birth. They are discernible from the form of their horns.」

「I see. So, is there someone who specializes in battle among the minotaurs that came to this village….」

「Other than the race’s representative Gordon, there is someone else but still a child.」

「In other words, only Gordon has the ability to enter the forest.」


「Even so, if we ask him to unreasonably enter the forest, he’ll just be wounded which is troublesome.」

「My apologies.」

「How many people are Centaurs in the forest?」

「Seven adults including Glueworld. It is impossible for the children to do so.」

Rasshashi, the centaur’s caretaker, explains.

「Other than the children, aren’t they moderately armed?」

「They are armed but most of them were only gathered to protect the children.」

「Are those seven who entered the forest properly educated soldiers?」

「No, only Glueworld and another one were trained as soldiers. Aft… since their weapons are long, they probably can hunt fanged rabbits. I’m sorry. It’s because I don’t know how to assess the vicinity….」

「Is that so? I’m worried that they entered the forest.」

「Yes. So, should we only let Glueworld the other one to work in the forest?」

「Yes, let’s think about something else for the others.」

「Thank you very much.」

I can understand the nyunyu-daphnes.

They have the proper skill to escape but they have no fighting power.

「No, we have the ability to fight. We’re good at magic too.」


「Yes, however, rather than looking for something to hunt, our style is to wait at a certain place to wait for prey.」

「Ah, I see.」

「Once we’re hurt, we’ll become tree stump and we’ll lose our mobility so we can’t really chase prey.」

「Indeed. However, you can’t hunt that much using that style here.」

「I know. Since the kuros are already all over, we won’t make much result.」

「Mobility is your only issue. All right. Let’s talk with the kuros and decide where you’ll hunt.」

「Thank you very much.」

In this way, those who can’t enter the forest are given with new work.

Minotaurs will be responsible for transporting the harvests.

Regardless of their gender, they have sufficient power.

They’ll carry the harvested crops to the warehouse.

The centaurs will make beds.

Since it might rain, they’ll also be the one who’ll set up shade for sunlight and rain.

Not only for the centaurs but also for the minotaurs.

Incidentally, we also asked them to take care of the bull calves and calves.

All of the nyunyu-daphnes are moving around Village two.

They decided to hunt around there.

With this, even though they are not used to it, are doing their best with their respected jobs.

On the first day, other than the nyunyu-daphnes, the hunting result of the group is only one fanged rabbit.

And three injured people.

Gordon, Glueworld, and the other centaur.

「….is the fanged rabbit strong?」

「Ehto….if they are met by a normal person, that person will lose all hope.」

After hearing what the civil servant girl said, I decided to give them another job that is not related to entering the forest.

「By the way, can you beat a fanged rabbit yourself? 」

「Please don’t joke around. I’m one of those normal people.」



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