Chapter 109 – Race Against Time

Harvesting was done at a fairly quick pace.

It is almost winter.

Nobody knows when it will get cold.

The harvests were counted by the civil servant girls before storing them to the warehouse.

I thought of not selling anything this year but what will happen to my contacts?

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First of all, we have a trading relationship with the Howling village.

Presently, Gulf is also in this village to accompany the migrants and needs to head back there too.

「Thank you very much for taking care of them.」

「Is that so? I don’t remember going to the beastgirls’ residence to do that. I also don’t remember taking care of them that much.」

「Hahaha, right but they are able to eat good food and even drink alcohol. This village has been good.」

「…..are you divorced?」

「Ah, no. I have a wife and other daughters waiting for me.」

「As long as your daughter is in this village, she will be fine.」

「I know. I appreciate that you accepted my daughter….no, all the girls.」

「Maa, if you can, you are welcome to stay again.」

「Ah, then I will not hold back when the time comes.」

Tier and Rasuti were the ones responsible for the trade with Howling village.

Do your best.

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Next, the seasonal crop sharing in the pretense of gift to Doraim, Dors, and Raimeiren.

Although I’m not sure why it has to be food, it can be considered as kind of good sale.

Because there will be something given back for those gifts.

Though those are gifts will be sent while expecting something back, it will surely be not something for the stomach.

Those crops will quickly return as either cash or jewel.

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Our transaction will Beezel is similar.

Food in exchange for cash.

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We also have to deliver crops to Michael-san of Shashaato City. We buy foods with the money we receive from him and the rest will be our savings.

Since we are communicating in advance, food is also prepared beforehand.

「It feels strange in selling food to buy food.」

One of the civil servant girls who went to Michael-san’s place says so but we need quantity now more than quality.

Even if she says that she feels strange, we bought more seafood than grains.

Our goal is to get over winter safely.

Next year, we will also farm in each village so everything will be okay.


Can the minotaurs, centaurs, and nyunyu-daphne farm?

No, they have lived their lives before coming here so I guess it will be fine.

…..but I never heard them farming.

Don’t tell me they can’t?

It is possible that the nyunyu-daphnes haven’t.

It will be inefficient to force them to do something they can’t.

Let’s ask them next time.

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Don don(sfx) the foods are being carried in the village.

I want to build a warehouse for preserve food supply but I postponed it.

Let’s just dig basements to increase the capacity.

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After harvesting and trading, I and all who doesn’t have anything to do head towards Village Two in a hurry.

We will make big houses for the minotaurs to live in.

It will be hard to build a two-story house for the minotaurs so everything will be one-story.

There will be no furnitures too.

Let’s complete the roof first.

Next are the walls.

Of course, that includes the measures against the cold winter.

The minotaurs are also participating in the construction work so we are advancing fast.

I also constructed proper well and toilet for Village Two.

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I return to Big Tree Village but most people who are participating in building Village Two are sleeping there.

There is quite a distance between Big Tree Village and Village Two so it will save time.

A number of kuros and spiderlings are patrolling around Village Two in order to protect those who are constructing it.

Thanks to that, the Big Tree village has become lonely.

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The minotaur adults are living in Village Two because of the construction work while the minotaur children are staying in Big Tree Village.

The centaurs are taking care of them.

As expected of their figure, the centaurs are good runners.

Their tactics in battle are using their mobility by raising speed in charging then running away at a distance. They are good the hit and run while taking distance if the enemy uses long-range attack.

At first, Glueworld is struggling against fighting a rabbit in the forest because she can’t run away.

If there is a road where they can run, they’re considerably strong.

Therefore, I asked them as transporter and messenger for Big Tree and Village Two.

If it is not possible for them to beat the monster or demon beasts they encounter, they can run away. By the way, not only Glueworld and the other centaur cooperate but also other adult centaurs.

It became a standard for five of them to form a team.

From Big Tree Village to Village One then to Village Two, they’ll take about 30 minutes of travel.

I think their speed is about 40km/hr.

I can make them run faster if I want to but I don’t want them to push themselves.

However, since I really want to know how fast is their fastest, I challenged them and it took them 20 minutes to travel from Big Tree Village to Village Two.


「Ano, village chief. There is a horse on the ranch but are you riding it?」

「Hnn? Ah, I do but….only in that place. It doesn’t listen to me.」

Could it be, can Glueworld talk to the horse?

Then, will it listen to me if she speaks to it?

No, maybe the horse is dissatisfied with something that’s why she’s bringing this up.

Perhaps it doesn’t like the name I gave it.

I don’t have a single piece of confidence when it comes to naming.

「That is, village chief… do you want to ride me?」

TN: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).


「Since we can communicate, I think it will be easier for you to ride me than that horse.」

「Eh, ehto….」

Glueworld’s lower body is of a horse.

Yeah, of a horse.

I look at her horse back.

I think I can get on.

I think I could ride….

「Can I ride on you?」

「Yes, please do.」

Glueworld bends her hind and forelegs so I obediently ride her.

Glueworld stands up.


This is the standard height when I was riding the horse.


Glueworld walks briskly.

My butt is jumping up and down on her back.

Yes, this is what exactly how I feel when riding a horse.

「I will walk a little faster.」


TN: This is not a moan.

I’m riding a horse.



It was fast and it felt scary.

I think this is dangerous since there is no saddle or stirrups.

After that, Glueworld began to bring me to Village Two.

Gran Maria is following us while looking at Glueworld with eyes that have a hint of jealousy.

The kuros too.

I understand Gran Maria but I have never ridden any of the kuros.

Incidentally, the horse is also sulking.

No, I’m sorry.

It’s not that I’m neglecting you.

But you’re not listening to my command.

I had a hard time fixing the atmosphere.

Let’s make sure that the horse won’t see me riding Glueworld next time.

「Village chief, prototype number 6 of the waterwheel is now complete. It will go well this time!」

The waterwheel making of the mountain elve’s didn’t go that well.

Prototype number 1 and two were both total failure.

Prototype number 3 rotated but was not able to draw water.

Prototype number 4 rotated and drew water but broke down after a few days.

Also, the water it drew were really small.

Because of pursuing durability, prototype number 5 became too heavy and did not turn well.

And now, number 6.

It was based on number 4 that works but with improved durability. Its shaft is even made up of steel.

In order to increase the amount of water it draws, it’s size was also enlarged.

It has a diameter of more than 3 meters.

Although it was lighter, we still asked Rasuti to transform into a dragon and help us install it to the water drawing site.

We made a fixed base in the river for the waterwheel.

The previous tests were conducted here.

「Position check, no problem! Get off the waterwheel!」

Almost all the mountain elves are here to watch the waterwheel.

They took off their hands on the water wheel that was fitted to the shaft of the fixed base.


The water of the river push it and it began to move slowly.

Cheers of joy rose.

However, it is not drawing water.

A dark atmosphere of failure emerged.


The waterwheel was installed on reversed.

It will naturally be unable to draw water.

It was reinstalled correctly immediately to test it again.

It succeeded in drawing a good amount of water this time.

「Good. Really good.」

The mountain elves began to cry.

「So this is what it feels to finally taste victory.」

「We have to think more about the weight of the wood….」

「Right, but we still had a good time.」

「There are still three things we can improve.」

「In any case, we did great.」

「Then, after this, we still need to build two more.」

Whether it will be used for farming or not, being able to draw water on the river using this will definitely be useful in the future.

Let’s continue to work hard.

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40 days after the autumn harvest, 25 one-story big houses were built.

The minotaurs are already living on those one-story houses so all the “could have been problems” were already fixed before completion.

Now, the housing problem of the minotaurs is resolved.

During the winter, the centaurs will now the ones who will be living in the dungeon in the north.

「If possible, I would like to stay in this village during the winter as well.」

I want to grant Glueworld’s wish but the coldness of winter is severe.

If it is only one or two, there will be no problem but there are over 100 centaurs.

「Let’s speed up the construction of Village Three.」

Until the winter comes, let’s do as much as things we can.



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