Chapter 110 – Accustomed?

The nyunyu-daphnes are more self-sufficient than what I thought.

They don’t even necessarily need food.

It’s not like they can’t eat or drink but it seems like water and sunlight is enough for them.

And they are doing that while waiting for prey when hunting.

They also have an incredible endurance since they can wait on the same exact location for days until a prey comes.

In short, they don’t need to be taken care of by us.

They also ask permission if necessary.

「Do you mind if we bathe under the sun around here?」

「I don’t but please make sure that you are not naked if you’re in your human form.」

「But they feel like tree parasites….. Okay, we’re going to the check the condition of the tree in the center of the village.」

They don’t really need to be taken care of by us but it takes effort to deal with them.

The nyunyu-daphnes’s hunting ground is Village Two but ever since the construction work in Village Two started, the kuros are now in charge of the vicinity of that village so they have to move.

Because of that, some of them are standing by in Village One, Some remained in Village Two, and the rest are on Big Tree Village.

The reasons for standing by? To serve as a light source and an “alarm”.

It seems like the nyunyu-daphnes have the ability to communicate with each other at a certain distance.

It is not on the level where they can talk with each other at but they can send simple content messages with each other like “satisfied”, “dissatisfied”, “safe”, and “danger”.

As soon as they noticed an approaching “danger”, it will be conveyed.

In other words, even if I’m in this village, we’ll know if a “danger” is approaching.

Even though it is not that accurate, I think that using this method, we can definitely avoid other villages from being annihilated by monsters or demon beasts.

That is them being an alarm.

As for serving as a light source, the nyunyu-daphnes can emit light in their tree stump form.

When in their tree stump form, they can make a branch grow, they make a flower bloom that can emit a fantastic light.

Since they like to stay outdoors, their position as the village street lights at night was established.

「Mamu, was there any demand from the nyunyu-daphnes?」

「There were some but those are something I can handle myself. The problem is….their clothing custom.」


It seems like the nyunyu-daphnes are originally a naked race.

Even though they look exactly like humans.

After hearing what happened, Michael-san prepared clothes that they are willing to wear and it was considered as gifts.

「Thanks to Michael-san.」

「Yes, so what should we do? I think we should focus on teaching them the custom around here but….」

It seems like their clothes will come off if they transform in their tree stump form so they need to be naked in order to hunt.

And with their figure, they are simply poison to the eyes.

「When you are in the village and you’re in human form, you are obligated to wear clothes. If you’re inside a house, I will not force you to do so.」

「I understand.」

「It has been a while, have you heard about the circumstances of the minotaurs before coming to this village?」

I was busy and forgot about it.

「Yes. I heard about it.」

The minotaur’s caretaker, Nuff, replied.

「I heard it from Gordon-san and the others, it seems like they were doing sericulture from where they lived before.」

「I thought most commoners are farmers but…. they were raising silkworms?」

I was wondering before if they can farm but now I feel uneasy.

I asked if they can farm and it seems like they were doing it too.

「Yes, they also farm but the main reason for their migration is the sericulture industry.」

「……..? What happened? Were the silkworm annihilated because of an epidemic?」

「No, they even boasted their good sales but the lord governing that place has requested something unreasonable.」


「The cocoons of silkworms are sold at a high price and he requested an increase in production volume.」

「Ah, I see.」

I understand what the lord is trying to do.

He wants to increase the profit from that business.

「However, even if he requested an increase in production, it is impossible to have an immediate result because they are end products of living things.」


「The lord got angry and raise the tax….」

「….what? Raise the tax? Is that lord stupid?」

「I think so. Gordon-san’s group worked hard for three years but since they could no longer bear it, they eventually abandoned the village.」

This is the result of being blinded by profit. The industry itself was crushed.

Furthermore, the inhabitants even abandoned the village….

「Afterwards, they wander around the country. They were lucky to have come in contact with one of Doraim-san’s underling and have come to this village after that.」

I see.

So that’s why they were at that condition when they came to this village.

「Though this is only my selfish opinion, I think that they will be able to live at ease at Village Two.」

「I agree. Let’s work hard so everyone can be at ease in the future.」


「By the way, what country does that incompetent lord came from? He can’t be from Full Heart Kingdom, right?」

「I don’t think so. I don’t remember the name of the country but it is a country west of Full Heart Kingdom. Should I ask them?」

「No, you don’t have to. I was just a little anxious.」

I’m already thinking that the Full Heart Kingdom is the cause of all problem.

My image of that country is really bad.

The construction of Village Three where the centaurs will live is considered as an urgent job.

I, with the AFT on my hand, cleared up the area while the high elves, lizardmen, and minotaurs are building houses.

Like the minotaur’s houses, all of them are one-story houses.

It is a bit different though since we have to consider the horse lower body of the centaurs.

「The hallway of the houses are too narrow, only one of us will be able to pass through it.」

「The position of the door handle should be a little higher. Raise the window too.」

「Put it halfway more.」

「Don’t forcibly lay the floorboards.」

「The rooms inside should use a curtain than a door.」

At first, the centaurs were holding back but since Rasshashi and I requested it, they began voicing their opinion little by little.

Living in a house that doesn’t fit you will only stress you out.

Upon compiling the opinions of the centaurs…..

「A slightly luxurious horse stable?」

That’s what the house gave me. The only difference is that there are a toilet and kitchen at one corner of the room.

「Ma-maa, because our lower body is of a horse….I wonder if you can grant our request….」

Glueworld embarrassedly said that to me so it is probably really something they want.

「I understand, let’s do it as per your request.」

Since the house design is now decided, it will be easier from now on.

We began building several houses simultaneously.

It is already becoming chilly slowly so we have to hurry.

This is our last chance to make it in time.

We are all engaged in construction work for a while.

Meanwhile, I called for Gordon and Glueworld.

The venue is one of the newly built houses of Village Three.

Since nobody is living on it yet, no one else is around.

「I have something important to discuss with you. I want you to listen carefully.」

Hearing what I said, the faces of the two of them tensed up.

「This is really important. Listen to me clearly. Gordon, can you mate with other races? 」

「Mate? Eh? ….ah, ahhh, aaaa. I’m sorry. Ehto…. it is possible but there is a problem. 」

Gordon talked to me in a more polite way than he has ever done.

Is it because they were about to settle down in Village Two?

However, if he continues to do that, I feel like the distance between us will get a little further.

So why?

I’ll cast my doubt aside…

「Problem? 」

「Yes. That…. 」

Gordon is worried about Glueworld so he asks Glueworld to cover her ears.

Now, he can finally talk about the mating habit of the minotaurs.

Yeah, normal mating habit.

Ah, is it a problem with the size?

Yeah, minotaurs are big so “it” can probably only fit other minotaur.

Then, doesn’t that mean that its impossible?

It might be good if I don’t ask them about it.

「Gordon, I apologize for asking something embarrassing. I understand now. Only a minotaur can make another minotaur happy and build a happy family. 」

「I agree. Ano, however, that…. 」

「What? 」

「We barely have males…..some females might want to be with someone other than minotaurs. Though I’m not sure if they fit the village chief’s taste…. Can I present them to you? 」

「Wait wait wait!」

「Yes 」

「I never demand that from you.」


「I’ll say it clearly, I don’t ask for them. I never express that in anyway both directly and indirectly.」

Hearing my declaration, Gordon looks embarrassed.

「It’s not like I despise you. However, you told me that a minotaur wishes to build a happy family with another minotaur. Let’s leave it like that.」

「I understand what you’re trying to say but some minotaur females seek someone other than a minotaur….」

「Straighten them.」


「I only ask you to correct their path. I have never thought of you presenting someone to others when we receive all of you here! If you want to return our kindness, do it by working hard.」

「….as you wish.」

「If you are still unsatisfied, let me tell you this. The only males here are the dwarves while the lizardmen will not copulate with anyone else other than lizardwomen. Do you understand what I’m trying to say? You don’t need to present anyone to me because of my position. Besides, even if you do so, none will receive my preferential treatment. Remember that.」


After my talk with Gordon was over, I now speak with Glueworld.

「It is embarrassing to ask a woman about this but I must do so since you are the representative of the race.」

「What is it?」

「Is it possible for a centaur to mate with humans?」

「………………………………………….th-that question, if you mean to ask if centaurs can bear a human’s child, then it is impossible.」

She answered while blushing.



No possible huh.


The best answer!

「However, if the village chief wants to, please use this useless me. Enjoy me as much as you can!」


「T-th-though I’m still immature, I have heard various things on how men enjoy women! Fortunately, I have confidence with my chest!」

「Wait wait wait!」

「I’m already resolved! Now, order me anything!」

「I won’t order you! And throw away your resolution!」

「Why! Even if I’m like this, I’m a bullish woman! I heard that men find it joyful to gnaw bullish women!」

「Who told you that? Not all men are like that.」

「Then, why are you asking me that question?」

「Ah, right, I should have said it first. It’s like a survey to prevent trouble with other races. I’m not asking you because I want someone to be presented to someone.」

「Prevent trouble?」

「In the future, what do you think will happen when the children grew?」


「What do you think?」

「I-I never thought about it….thank you very much.」

「No, well, there are also other circumstances regarding that matter…… But since mating is impossible, I want the centaurs to build a happy family with other centaurs.」

「Yes! I understand!」


A favorable response.

「So, when should I visit the village chief’s room?」


「I’m asking on how long will it be before you call me to your room?」

「What are you talking about?」

「W-when will you enjoy me? This questioning, is this some kind of play?」

「NO! Of course not! I just said that centaurs should build a happy family with other centaurs.」

「Yes, I wish to express my heartfelt gratitude to the village chief.」

「Then why are you asking when will I enjoy you?」

「If we’re not in a stable position, how can we build a happy family? In order to stabilize our position, I think it will be good if I receive the village chief’s love. If this Glueworld is unworthy, then…」

「Ah….I also said this to Gordon. It should be fine so don’t worry. I will not drive you out so you don’t have to worry about it.」

「Even if you say that…….」


Why does dealing with these newcomers so troublesome?

I thought that they were already accustomed in living here but it seems like that’s not the case.

Ah, a difficult problem.

For the time being, I managed to persuade Glueworld who’s trying to remove her clothes.

Someone, please help me out.



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