Chapter 111 – Drunkard and Meaning of Existence

「Husband, you meanie.」

「Husband, you meanie desu.」

「Village chief, can you please be more considerate?」

「I think his clumsiness in those kind of situations is one of his strong points.」

Loo, Tier, Ria, and Frau said those respectively.

There are also others here besides them. The dwarf Donovan, the caretaker of the minotaurs, Nuff, the caretaker of the centaurs, Rasshashi, and the caretaker of the nyunyu-daphnes, Mamu.

The content of our current meeting is about Gordon of the minotaurs, Glueworld of the centaurs,  and the nyunyu-daphnes.

To summarize it, each of them is trying to send a mistress to me but I declined them. It resulted in this meeting.

「Maa maa.」

Donovan pacifies the place using alcohol.

「There are probably various opinions regarding this but….first of all, village chief, you should act like a village chief more….No, it might be useless unless you think like what a ruler should be.」

「Think like a ruler?」

「Yes. This is not a difficult topic.」

Donovan drinks one cup of alcohol and explains while pouring alcohol to the cup again.

By the way, the alcohol is my treat.

「I’ll give you an example…. I, along with the other dwarves, am living in this village, who permitted me to do so?」

「Isn’t it me?」

「Yes. I and the other dwarves are making alcohol for this village. The dwarves are making them but it is not ours. All of the alcohol the dwarves made belongs to the village chief.」

「It is as you say.」

「Then, let’s say that the village chief intended to drive all the dwarves out of the village.」


「This is just an analogy. If the dwarves will be chase out of the village, who will brew alcohol from now on? Even so, can we still stay here?」

Donovan raises the alcohol on his hand and shows it to me.

「Though the village chief is not that much of a fan of alcohol, most of the villagers are. If I and the other dwarves are driven out, no one will make alcohol… Even if the village chief is fine with it, the others will be dissatisfied. When that happens, the village will be unstable. If you carefully weigh it, is forcing the dwarves away good for the village? Think about it.」

Think about it?

….think about it.

「In other words, it can be said that I and the dwarves are making alcohol in order to gain the permission to live here. Do you get what I mean?」

「Ah, aahhhh.」

「We are making alcohol. Loo-dono and Tier-dono gave birth to the village chief’s children in addition, they are your counselor. The onis are taking care of everyone’s personal needs. The high elves hunts and are in charge of construction. The lizardmen are doing the heavy labors. The beastkins are doing the processing jobs. The demon girls are helping the village chief with his job. The mountain elves are working as blacksmiths, making instruments, and they also recently built a valuable waterwheel. Ah, Zabuton-dono and the spiders, Kuro-dono and the wolves, and the dragons are making this place safe.」

Donovan tells all those to remind me.

「Up to now, the people living in this village has a reason to stay in this village. That made the newcomers uneasy. If the village chief wants to, they can be chased out anytime.」

「No, I don’t have any intention of driving them out.」

「We know that you won’t. You didn’t refuse them when they came so you will definitely not chase them out. However, do you think they think so? It hasn’t even been a hundred days since they met you.」

When you say it like that….it might be so.

「Village chief, you have to be aware that in Big Tree Village, you hold the pinnacle of power. You’re also the most influential person in the newly made village so you should act accordingly.」

「Act accordingly?」

「To what you’ve done today, they became uneasy. That is not what someone in your position should do.」

Donovan drinks up the alcohol and pours his cup again.

「To put it simply, it’s about the balance of position between the newcomers and the village chief. Now, when the village chief ask them something, they can’t refuse it.」


「The difference between “can’t refuse” and “can refuse but still has to do so” is great. Presently, the village chief is giving them too much.」

「I give too much?」

「Yes. This is a peaceful place, they eat delicious food, they can drink alcohol we made, they are wearing clothes Zabuton-dono made, etc. you have given them mountain. Winter is coming but it is still unpaid. They will feel better being used by a villain since they don’t know how to repay you, a good-natured person. They will be crushed with the things you gave.」

「No, I’ll have them help with construction and other various things….」

「Building things where they will live while we still feed them during that time? Do you think that it will be enough?」


「Do you know the reason why they want to present women?」


「As for the reason why the village chief did not accept them.」


「….hahaha. This has become a preaching session. But you must understand what’s happening around, a village chief should be a village chief.」


「Even if you were offered a woman, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll have to make her your mistress. The important thing is you formally accept them.」

「It means….ahh.」

What a scary custom.

「Whatever the village chief’s final decision is…. Don’t forget to tell the other party why you refused.」


「…..I can only say things like this when I drink alcohol and is drunk. Do not expect too much from me.」


「Ah…. since we’re already talking about it, I want to say something to Ria.」

「What is it?」

「The high elves are wolfing him down too much. Please lessen it a little like giving him some breather.」


I’ll buy all of Donovan’s stocks!

「If you can’t give him a breather, you shouldn’t monopolize the village chief that much. Think of the other races too.」

Ah, yeah, please tell her to be obedient and I want to take a rest.

「We are talking with other races properly. However, maa…. let us discuss it.」

I’m making guts pose in my heart and I’m even about to give Donovan a reward medal….no, I shouldn’t.

I decided to give him alcohol.

Thank you!

Also, can you tell what you said to Ria to the onis too?

And please, can you give me advice when you get drunk again?

I’m not prepared for this.

I only prepared for accepting more than 200 new residents.

I thought that giving them shelter and food is enough but it was a mistake.

The new residents are living beings.

After that, we start the meeting all over again.

After the meeting was over, nothing was solved because it only became a preaching session.

I also asked for Nuff, Rasshashi, and Mamu’s opinion too.

The result.

「Staying in Big Tree Village?」

I met with Gordon and Glueworld and spoke with them.

「Ah, this won’t be a hard request. I just want each of you to choose someone to stay in Big Tree Village.」

「I understand what you’re trying to say but….what do you plan them to do in Big Tree Village?」

「They can act as a Riaison member and convey my order to each village. Also, since they are located somewhat far away, it will be troublesome if they don’t have sufficient information. It will be their job to record those events while we are staying in Big Tree Village then convey them to the other villagers when they returned. Also, those who came from those villages will be the one responsible to convey the information from that village here.」

It would be faster if the centaurs will be the one who’ll do that but they’ll believe it more if they hear it from someone of their own race.

「I will also ask them to do any work I’ll ask them to do. I’m not speaking something foul but you can call them as my errand maid.」

「Errand maid?」

「Right. While they are in this village, I will work both their hands and feet hard.」

They are basically sacrificial lamb for their race who’s somewhat far away.

「As for the people of Village Two, you may decide who will stay or how long will that person be here but please let me know the details first. Is there any question?」

「When will that start?」

「Today. Please decide who’ll be the resident officer.」

「Resident officer?」

「Ah, that will be the official title of the person who’ll stay in this village.」

「I see. While they are staying in Big Tree Village, where do you have them to stay?」

「For the time being, use the inn.」

「For the time being?」

「Next spring, my residence will be renovated. At that time, I’ll prepare a room for each resident officer of each village to sleep in. How can they be my errand maid if they’re not there?」


「That is….」

I ask them for some errand maids.

And that errand maid will live in my house in the future.

Even if each village sends me women, I can have them serve as Riaison officers.

Though I say that I’ll use them as Riaison officers, it is the same as them offering women to me.

Though this might be shallow, this is what I concluded(after consulting the people involved).

「And I will also ask each village or each race to do something for me.」

「Please do.」

「For Gordon’s village, you’ll mainly focus on farming. You can also raise livestock if you want to. Since you have done sericulture, we’ll gather silkworms once everything is settled.」

「Thank you. We would like to focus on farming first so we can establish a good foothold.」

Gordon lowers his head.

Until now, I did not tell him anything to do and just ask him things for inquiry.

I have reflected.

I should not forget about give and take.

Give back the amount you receive.

I could withdraw it later but I decided to tell him my immediate goal(which is what I should receive).

「For Glueworld’s village…… Although your village has not yet been completed, you will also mainly farm upon completion. Also, the Riaison officer who’ll run from your village to Big Tree Village should have good legs regardless of the season and regardless of the weather. Got it?」

「Yes, please leave it to me.」

「Then, let’s decide the details after your village has been completed.」

Glueworld lowers her head.

My work ends here.

I still have one more thing to do.

I called for Igu.

「Igu’s Village, this might sound bad but I decided not to make it.」


Igu was surprised that an ivy appear on top of her.

「Don’t be upset. You won’t live in a new one but Igu’s group will live in Big Tree Village.」

「Eh? Ooohhhh. We can live in this village?」

「Ah, yes but, I want you to continue your warning network on each village. I also would like you to continue doing your work as night light.」

「I agree.」

「Because you work as a warning network and as night light in each village, you will have to live separately and you will part with some of your comrades. Is that alright?」

「No problem.」

「Really? Good. This might be unfair for you but I will need to take care of the minotaurs and centaurs first since they came here before you.」

Although there are problems with size and lifestyle and even some discord with the first two groups, the latest group will live in Big Tree Village.

「What should I do?」

「I want you to be a manager of a village for some time.」

「A village manager?」

「Ah, the completed one. The one that can be lived in any time…. It hurts me that there’s no resident staying at that village.」

It is currently an empty village.

「I would like you to take care of the village until new immigrant comes. That is in addition to your warning network and night light. I’m being hard on you.」

「It’s okay. Leave it to me.」

I was surprised that there were flowers blooming on the ivy that pops out on her earlier.

「Yes, I’ll leave it to you.」


I’m tired.

I want to relax.

Oh no.

We have to complete the centaurs’ village.

Winter is right before us.



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