Chapter 112 – It’s Winter

Winter has come.

Snow has suddenly piled up.

It was dangerous.

If the construction work was delayed for even a few days, the centaurs would have had to spend their winter at the northern dungeon.

「Food has been delivered. Each village has no problem.」

One of the centaurs who checked the status of each village reported that to me.

The nyunyu-daphnes are on Village One.

The minotaurs are on Village Two.

The centaurs are on Village Three.

Everyone, except a few, started their new lives in their new villages.

The exceptions were those who were sent to Big Tree Village.

「What about the countermeasures against cold?」

「There is no problem. They have sufficient firewoods. However, Gordon-san and Glueworld-san want to consult you about the snow on the roof.」

「Hnnn? Snow on the roof?」

「If they climb on the roof, there is a possibility of breaking the roof.」

「Ah, right. I see. Take some snow removing personnel with you when the weather is good.」

「I understand.」

「Have you encounter any problem on your way?」

「Nothing in particular.」

「How was the river?」

「I feel like the amount of water was higher than usual. The waterwheel seems to be not that operational.」

「I see. How about the waterway building?」

「Both Village Two and Village Three are still on the planning stage. I told them to not do something reckless and only do something when the weather is fine.」

「Good. They shouldn’t overdo it.」

We transferred some jobs to the villagers of Village Two and Village Three this winter.

However, since this is their first winter in this unfamiliar place, I asked them to put serious consideration on safety.

「What is the status of Village One?」

「No change.」

「Really? Is there anything else?」

「Just one thing. Igu-san of Village One, Gordon-san of Village Two, and Glueworld-san of Village Three want to convey something to the village chief.」

「Hnn? What is it?」

「Since the three of them will also be entitled as village chief, they said that the village chief should have a new title.」

「Ah, right.」

Since the number of villages increases, the number of village chief will increase too.

I see.

I haven’t thought about it.


I only thought of making and naming new villages.

However, a new title…. what do you call someone above the village chief?

I wonder.

「The three of them have thought about it, they suggested that the village chief of Big Tree Village will be called Great Village Chief. What do you think?」

「……..I, I’ll consider it. However, don’t expect too much.」

「Yes. Then I’ll wait for two hours then report to each village until I arrive at Village Three.」


As expected, I don’t like to be called great village chief.

The kuros call out outside so I open the door.

There are 20 of them lined up there.

The one on the front is Kurogo, one of Kuro’s pups.

After barking once, they all ran to the west.

Today, the twenty of them will be guarding Village One, Village Two, and Village Three.

Even if I say guarding them, they’ll only live there.

By the way, Kuroroku, Kuronana, and Kurohachi are the leaders in each village.

Kurogo’s group is a mobile unit.

The mobile unit is basically protection for the centaur messenger in addition to Kuroroku, Kuronana, and Kurohachi’s protection.

Though the three groups guarding each village can take care of most monsters and demon beasts, there is a possibility of them escaping their network so we can never be too sure about safety.

Though this is hard for the kuros, please persevere.

I waved my hands while looking at Kurogo’s group.

…….ah, yeah, I know.

It seems like they’re telling me to close the door since it’s cold.

I closed the door, and apologize to Kuro and Yuki who are lying down on my house.


Where have your wildness from the first time we met gone to?


It’s cold.

I didn’t dare to go outside.

Days like that continues.

There’s also no problem in eating three meals per day though it is not that good, they are edible.

There are also kuro pups that are born this year.

Hakuren and Rasuti went south because they thought that the food was bad. They solve the food problem by catching a big fish.

Thank you.

The food problem, why didn’t you solve it immediately?

No, we shouldn’t rely on them and must do what we can with our own hand.

「I want deep-fried food.」

「Me too」

In any case, I cooked fish for Hakuren and Rasuti.

Gran Maria came to me for consultation.

「Village chief, the range of our patrol will be considerably wide if you include the new villages. 」

「It’s that bad? 」

「Though there is no problem when we are flying but we won’t be able to patrol the ground that much. We’ll definitely miss something. 」

「Un, it can’t be helped. Just don’t miss big things, I don’t think the small ones will move that much this winter.」

In addition, the one I’m most cautious about is wyverns.

「I understand. We’ll do just that. Also, when the spring comes, I want to bring my friend here, is it alright?」

「Is your friend an angel?」

「Yes. She’s not that strong but she can fly.」

***TN: Not sure of the gender yet. There’s no indication of angel’s being a female only race yet but we’re going there. ***

「I don’t mind another one living here if she wants to but don’t force her to.」

「I understand. I’ll contact her this spring.」

Gran Maria’s friend.

What kind of person is she?

I went to the ranch area and checked the horse who seems to have a change of heart.

And it is listening to my command.

I’m riding a horse.

When it saw me ride Glueworld, it’s reluctance is now gone and it began to act strangely familiar with me.

I guess even it can feel jealousy.

And it now took this opportunity to change.

Good good.

Okay, here we go.

Though it is only walking fast, I enjoy horseback riding.

Then, I found Glueworld who’s watching us with intense eyes in a place a little far away.

I felt chill on my back.

What’s wrong with Glueworld?

Oh, she came here for the periodic report.

Ah, I haven’t done anything wrong, why are you looking at me like that?

The horse laughs bluntly when it saw Glueworld. It’s probably telling me something.

Un, Glueworld is really scary.

During winter, the spiders won’t show up.

I guess they are hibernating.

Time like this is a little lonely.

But there are still some of them who are moving energetically at the ceiling of my house.

They don’t go to absolute cold places but…

Please be careful when getting close to fire sources, you might get burn.

Now, what will I do this winter?

I decided what to do.

First, increase the number of reward medal.

I’m still consulting the nyunyu-daphnes, the minotaurs, and centaurs if I can introduce this to them.

If I’ll give them some, how much should it be?

I did my best in order to increase the number of reward medal.

Am I familiar to it now?

My production rate is much faster than last year.

Next, making miscellaneous items.

The new villages have too little housewares.

They only have the bare minimum so we need to increase them this winter.

I had the centaur messenger to pass it to them as she passes news.

It is said that my handmade goods have a good reputation.


「Ano, village chief?」

「What is it?」

An oni maid who I gave my handmade cup for house use spoke to me.

「The carving in this cup is so amazing that it is hard to use….. I also need to be careful when washing it.」

「Kuh, I overdid it.」

「Looking at the density of the carving in this wooden cup, this can already be considered as a work of art and not something for daily use. Isn’t this similar to the level of the shrine of god that village chief cherish?」


「I recommend you to use this as a gift instead.」

「Eh….isn’t it embarrassing to gift others handmade items?」

「Not at all. By the way, I was informed that the tablewares you sent to the other villages are used as decorations.」


「The tablewares aside, even the lip of the cup has carving. You should have made one side of it normally so it can be used.」

「Like this?」

「….This, is this for me?」


「Thank you very much. I’ll make it my family’s heirloom.」

「No, it’s just a rush work. I want it to be utilized in everyday life….」

The oni maid did not listen to any of my words and went out of the room skipping while holding the cup with both of her hands.

At a later date, a group of oni maid excitedly come to me to request something.

Yes, I’ll make one for each of you.

Village Two and Village Three already has a shrine with god’s statue so I’ll make a statue of Kuro, Yuki, and Zabuton that I haven’t carved yet.

I’m carving slowly and carefully in a room.

I won’t be satisfied with mild result.

Should I change their pose? I challenge carving again with the theme “stirring heart” in mind.

I gained some impression from the oni maids who came into this room and were on attack mode.

「….an charm against evil?」

「This is not one but it gives off that feeling.」

The statue of Zabuton that I carved with the theme “stirring heart” is extremely popular with the spiderlings who are active during winter.

I can see them moving around the statue.

And last.

Three high elves, Ria, Rize, and Rafa, are pregnant.

With my child.

Maa, they are in a relationship with me for a long time.

Hearing the pregnancy, the high elves were festive even though its winter.

They look like they’re hoping for a boy but I don’t mind what gender they’ll be.

I just want them to be born safely.

It was a little late but it seems like Ann of the oni maids is pregnant too.

Of course, it is my child.

The oni maids are as festive as the high elves.

As a father, I’ll do my best to prepare everything for their future.

Ah….females of various races, can you please stop being impatient and don’t casually drive me into a room?



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