Chapter 114 – Domaim and Kwon

Domaim came to this village, transform into his human form and greeted me. He’s now staying at a room in the inn.

After that, I called Hakuren we began drinking at the dining room of the inn.

It has been a custom to serve alcohol to the inn’s guests.

「Please hear me out aneue. It’s really terrible.」

The reason why Domaim came here?

He runs away.

He has been coerced to marry so he ran away.

By the way, I’m at the inn too for some reason.


Hakuren forcibly brought me.


I cooked several dishes for Hakuren and Domaim.

They are drinking so they want something that is suitable for alcohol.

Normally, we don’t serve the guests of the inn with an eat-all-you-can during winter.

However, it is alright with Domaim’s case since he brought foods as present.

So eat without holding back.

And, while cooking, I heard what exactly happened….

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His wife candidate is an acquaintance dragon.

It seems like their cousin from a certain younger brother of their parents.

And she’s stronger than Domaim.

He said that with a tormented face so he definitely doesn’t want to marry her.

It seems like Sekiren, Domaim’s older sister, is targeting the younger brother of his wife candidate. She is supporting the wife candidate.

Even Dors and Raimeiren are promoting their union.

He has no ally even at home.

Because of that, he lost all hope and ran away.

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So that’s how it is.

Un, I see.

And presently.

The wife candidate is in her human form sitting in front of Domaim across the table.

「Are you the village chief? My apologies for my late introduction. I am Kwon. My father is Raimeiren-sama’s younger brother and most likely will be Domaim-sama’s wife. Nice to meet you.」

She’s wearing a dress.

She has a well groomed, japanese-style, raven-black long hair.

Although I haven’t seen what she looks like in her dragon form, I will not be surprised if she looks like an eastern dragon.

TN: Western dragon = looks like a lizard with wings: Eastern dragon = looks like a snake.

「I’m the village chief Hiraku. Nice to meet you too.」

By the way, no one was injured during her visit.

She quietly followed Kuudel’s instruction when she welcomed her upon arriving in this village.

She came to the inn to greet me but because Domaim is also there, she sat down.

Currently, Domaim is not moving an inch as if frozen.

「Domaim-sama? What happened? Are you feeling nervous too? Fufufu. What a funny guy.」


「Domaim-sama. Reply.」

「Ah, ye, yeah」

He managed to squeeze up his voice.

「Aren’t you delighted to see me?」

「I-I-I’m glad.」

「Aren’t you happy to be able to marry me?」


「Domaim-sama. Reply.」

「ma, ah, I’ve been saying this before but I……」

「Do you favor a woman other than me?」

The inn’s dining room is now filled with bloodlust.

「Hey hey Kwon. Don’t bully my younger brother.」

「Hakuren-anesama, I’m not bullying Domaim-sama. On the contrary, I’m the one being bullied.」

「Is that so?」

「Yes. Although he promised me that we’ll go out together to place, he dropped it like it was nothing. When I was about to pick him up, he suddenly went missing.」

「Ah…..Domaim, you’re a meanie.」

Domaim shook his head.

Un, I got it.

I want to leave but how can I leave another man with similar circumstances to me?

「Hakuren, can you please continue speaking with Kwon for a while? I’ll have something to talk about with Domaim.」

「Ara? Couldn’t you talk here?」

Although Kwon tried to stop me, I had Domaim go outside first then whisper something to Kwon.

「I’ll try to persuade him about his marriage with you, give me some time.」

「………I understand. As expected of the husband Hakuren-anesama approved.」

I chased Domaim in a hurry.

If I don’t, who knows if Domaim suddenly flies right away.

Actually, he was about to escape.

「Wait wait」

I pulled back the escaping Domaim.

「What is it?」

「Even if you run away, she’ll chase you and it will all be over.」


「Maa maa, try to calm down. Let’s talk a little.」


「Maa, that’s right. Though I just met her a moment ago…..that Kwon gives off this dangerous atmosphere.」

「…….You can feel it too?」


「G-good. Really good. Finally, someone who understands my feeling.」

「Don’t cry. And answer my question honestly.」

「What is it?」

「Regarding your marriage with Kwon, can you state your condition?」

TN: Betrayal tag added.


「To marry Kwon, what do you want her to do?」

「No, that, to begin with, marriage partner…..」

「Give up on that.」

「Give up…..」

「I just said that she gives off a dangerous atmosphere. You can’t run away from her. Perhaps, even if Dors and Raimeiren oppose your marriage, Kwon will not give up. In the end, your luck has run out when you met each other.」

「We’ve known each other……she, when I was born, she’s there!」

「That’s fate. Give up.」

「i-is that so?」

「You’re only going to marry her, it’s still early to feel despair.」

「…..what are you trying to say?」

「It’s about the condition. You have something you don’t like about her, right? Have her fix that. Tell her that you won’t marry her unless she does that.」

「That, do you really think she’ll listen?」

「Why not? Have you already asked her?」

「Ah……, I haven’t said anything….」

「Then try saying it first.」


「It should be fine! She has no choice so she’ll definitely listen!」


「Yeah. But you need to say it firmly to reach her.」

「But, I. I can’t speak well when I’m before her.」

「I understand. Let’s write it on paper. 」

「Eh? 」

「It will be alright to write it on paper. Do your best and write it. It’s cold outside let’s go back inside.」


We came back inside. I waved to Hakuren and Kwon in the dining room and led Domaim into a room.

I prepared a pen and paper and hand it to Domaim.

「Here it is. Write all your demand to your partner on this paper! Don’t forget the details as well! After reading this, I’m sure your partner will think about it and change! Don’t forget to write to Kwon that that is your type of woman!」


I left Domaim who looks really motivated to write now and returned to the dining room.

「Have you convinced Domaim-sama?」

「Before that, I want to ask Kwon about something.」

「What is it?」

「Do you want to marry Domaim?」

「Of course」

「Is the current Domaim already good enough for you?」

「Yes, Domaim-sama is already good for me.」

「I understand. Currently, Domaim is writing what he hopes for his future wife on paper.」

「Future wife….what do you mean?」

「It is addressed to Kwon. Perhaps only you can accept everything he’ll write.」

We just met a while ago but I feel like I understand her.

「Alright. Because that’s what Domaim-sama hopes for, I’ll do my best to fulfill it.」

「An ideal bride.」

「Thank you very much.」

「Then, what if your married life doesn’t go well?」

「……What do you mean?」

「Though I don’t think I’m in the position to speak about it….I just want to say. To a married couple, mutual recognition of both partners is a serious matter.」


「One side must not overwhelm the other! In addition, it is also not good for one side to submit! Being a married couple doesn’t only make a child but they also must cooperate to build a home! Kwon! Can you do it!?」

「O-of course! I will build a happy home with Domaim-sama!」

「Good. Then write what you hope for Domaim on this paper.」

I offered a pen and paper to Kwon.


「I want you to write something you want Domaim to do. 」

「Eh? Eeehhhh, but….」

「The other party wants you to do something, it is normal for you to ask of him too. Don’t hold back. Write it all.」

「…….I understand.」

I prepared a room for Kwon and have her write there.

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Hakuren and I were left behind.

「Village chief. You have quite got involved in this. Are you really like this?」

「Domaim is your younger brother.」

「Just because my younger brother is involved?」


「Village chief.」


「There is also something I want to demand from the village chief too.」

「Hahaha. What a coincidence. There is something I want to ask of you too.」

Hakuren and I enjoyed the food and alcohol while flirting a little.

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The next day.

Domaim sat down on the chair while facing Kwon, who wrote a twenty-sheet masterpiece, across the table.

「Then, let’s trade.」

「Eh? Ano, are you sure everything on those is necessary?」

「I have not spare any effort to make sure that everything I feel for you is written!」

The hesitating Domaim was scolded.


「Go back to your room and read it all! Read it all! Don’t miss a phrase!」

The two of them return to their respective rooms.

「Is this going to be alright?」

「I don’t know. But…..they’ll be able to discuss each other’s feelings. It is a one step forward from their current relationship.」


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I don’t know if the result is what I expected but Domaim and Kwon left the village together.

Domaim’s face looks slightly refreshed so I guess it’s fine.

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A problem came and left.

「Hakuren-anesama, village chief….unfair」

Rasuti is sulking a bit.

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「Are we able to mutually recognize each other too?」

「Of course, we are.」

「Then, does that mean that husband knows our desires as well?」

「Of course, I do.」

Loo, Tier, Ria, Rize, Rafa, and Ann reconfirmed our mutual understanding.

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「Thank you very much. My relationship with Kworun…..」

Sekiren is now in front of me who was praised as a miraculous adviser that developed the relationship between Domaim and Kwon.



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