Chapter 116 – Pleasant Spring

Spring has come!

Because of that, we’ll be very busy!

Greeting Zabuton who came out of hibernation is the start of the pleasant spring.

First, check the food.

Frau and the civil servant girls are the ones who’ll do that and they’ll also calculate how much is left.

「Big Tree Village, no problem!」

「Village Two, though there is a consumption bias, there is no problem in terms of quantity.」


「They consume fruits first. On the other hand, grain consumption is not that much.」

「Is it because of taste preference?」

「Ah, no, that. Perhaps….they are not consuming food that can be stored for a long time.」

「Aren’t they informed that we’ll replenish it if they run short? Does Village Two not trust us?」

「I don’t think so, maybe it’s a habit? It seems like they have it hard before coming here.」

「…..I see. Next.」

「Village Tree, they seem to have consumed a lot during winter. We need to replenish their supply in the near future.」

「Can the supply of Big Tree Village last?」

「No problem. With the present consumption, it will last until the next harvest. We’ll arrange it.」

「I’ll leave it to you. What is the reason for the heavy consumption?」

「It seems like we had a mistake about the amount of a centaur child can eat.」

「Centaur child. They eat a lot even if they’re still young.」

「I see. Village one….there is no problem or should I say, the consumption is almost negligible. Large amount of food we sent there are kept as it is.」

「They did their best to eat only a little……」

「Let’s thank them properly for suppressing their consumption.」

Presently, there is no food problem until the next harvest of Big Tree Village.

In other words …

I’m expected to do my best using the AFT.

I have to work hard.

Clean everything that the winter causes.

It’s dirtier than expected.

Combined with the help of the drying sun, we had a general cleaning.

I plowed everything with the AFT to turn them into fertilizer.

Next, the field!

I want to start immediately but before that, I hold a meeting with all the race’s representatives.

Village One nyunyu-daphne’s Igu, Village Two minotaur’s Gordon, and Village Three’s Glueworld participate too.

The main agenda is the activity plan for this year and the delivery of reward medal.

Though I said that this is a meeting, they were already consulted beforehand so this is like some sort of final notification.

「First of all, I want to develop Village Two and Village Three this year.」

The ideal situation is for Village Two and Village Three to be self-sufficient.

But not in a rush.

Things will not go on easily if they are rushed.

I want them to get used to their current life and live with peace of mind.

I receive a report that all furnitures needed are already created during winter.

The building of waterway has also not been completed yet due to weather.

I told them to not overdo it so that is not a problem.

However, water is necessary for the field.

Thus, the priority now is the construction of waterway and reservoir.

Also, the problem that occurred this winter should no longer be a problem for now.

It is the outdoor toilet. They requested to construct something like a passageway from their houses to the toilet.

After all of that, it’s time to discuss the field…..I have the AFT so it should not be a problem.

The only problem is that my working hour/schedule is jam-packed.

Next topic, construction. The high elves will be the one in charge of it with the centaurs and minotaurs helping them out but I also have to take part in this too.

Presently, each village was built thinking of winter so there are only houses there.

I would like to construct facilities such as a big building where they can conduct meeting or schooling, and bath.

Regarding the reward medal, we talked about it a lot during winter.

The result.

「Everyone from the Big Tree Village, except the nyunyu-daphnes and the representatives of each races, will receive three pieces each. The representatives will be given ten each.」

Yup, it is the same as last year.

Alfred and Tiselle, and the lizardmen’s hatchlings will not be given since they are not counted as workforce yet.

On the contrary, even though they are still small, the beastboys will be given their share because they are working properly.

I gave Kuro and Zabuton’s group their share too.

Thank you as always.

And please continue what you’ve been doing.

「I will not hand any to the residents of Village One, Village Two, and Village Three this year. However, I will give each village 30 pieces. The local representative will be the one who’ll manage it.」

There is a clear difference to how the newcomers were treated.

I wanted to treat them equally but Igu, Gordon, and Glueworld refused.

They said that they are not useful yet.

In addition, they told me that it will be troublesome to treat the young ones and the adults the same.


After that, we discussed other various things and handed them 30 pieces each at the end.

The exchange list of the reward medal is not that different from last year.

With regards to the furnitures that I need to make, an additional provision was added. It will take time.

I also added two additional reward medal for Rasuti and Hakuren for their contribution regarding the food problem during the winter.

I had trouble giving them too.

Because Rasuti and Hakuren said that it is not necessary.

Should I prepare an achievement list?

It seems like the evaluation of how much reward medal can be given to such feat is entrusted to me.

After that, we discussed about Big Tree Village.

Like the renovation of my house.

Field expansion and what crops should be planted were discussed as well.

The expansion of the fruit area and the care of the bees were discussed too.

After that, a big issue, it’s about the children’s education.

Village Two has 23 minors and 49 adults.

Village Three has 64 minors and 40 adults.

It seems like the adults should be the one who should be originally teaching them but the number of adults is too small compared to the number of children.

In addition, the adults are busy adapting to their new lives.

Presently, the education of the children is being neglected and the adults are just looking after them.

「Thinking about the future, it would be better for them to be able to read, write, and calculate.」

「I agree but given the present situation, even the adults can’t possibly….」

When I heard the details, it seems like the minotaurs have the ability to teach their children how to read, and write but none can teach how to calculate.

The centaurs are like that too.

Hearing a more in-depth explanation, it seems like they can do basic calculation like addition and subtraction but they can’t do multiplication and division.

「Is the common education level really only like that?」


As for the residents of the Big Tree Village, several calculations of the high elves and mountain elves were doubtful but Hakuren is teaching them so I guess it’s all right.

I am now cautious if someone, other than the children, slimes, and bees, can read, write, and calculate.

By the way, are the kuros and spiderlings capable of doing that too?

It seems they can.

I feel the difference in education.

And it is not possible for me to leave it this way.

「It will be a huge burden to move the children. Each of them should be educated in their respective villages. I will have a teacher dispatch from the Big Tree Village.」

Teaching is Hakuren’s job. Should I have the civil servant girls do it?

Maa, education is important but it is wrong to rush it.

If we forcibly teach them, they’ll dislike studying.

Let’s do it without being impatient.

And finally.

The confirmation of searching for migrants to Village one.

The migrants are the main source of my anxiety.

There are two things that made me uneasy.

The first one is the AFT. If something happens to me, the villages will be in trouble.

I don’t feel like I’m going to die anytime soon but I’m still a human, I’m not getting any younger.

I will die someday.

It would be nice if Alfred and Tiselle can inherit the AFT. That would be the best.

Also, in case that I don’t die but by some chance I’m no longer able to use the AFT, what will happen? Thus, I wanted the residents to farm normally.

Another problem is the ratio of male to female.

Currently, there are too few males.


Even though it is gruesome, I can’t do anything but go with it.

I can only prepare.

To be honest, I already gave up in various ways.

But what about the future?

The next generation will all be Alfred’s siblings.

This situation is nothing but morbid.


Thinking about the village, it needs men other than me.

However, the migrants….. minotaurs have a size problem and it is impossible to mate with centaurs.

The nyunyu-daphne is a female only race.

When it comes to farming, there is no problem with the gender ratio.

I have no choice but to continue.

To seek migrants.

I confirmed that and the meeting was over.

After the meeting, next is field work!

I plowed the field of Big Tree village with my full power.

I managed to successfully expand the edge of the field.

It was expanded from 32 by 24 to 32 by 32 fields.

I also expanded the medicinal herb field at the northeast.

It was expanded from 8 by 8 to 8 by 24 fields.

It is a good thing that with the arrival of the new residents, the kuros increased their population.

Like usual, during my field expansion work, some spiderlings left.

They raise one of their legs as a form of salute and fly one after another.

No matter how far you’ll go, please be well.

And to those who chose to stay, thank you.

Thank you very much.

When the expansion of the field is over, I expanded the fruit area next.

From 12 by 8, it is now 12 by 12.

Let’s raise coconut, pomegranate, lime, kiwi, lychee, and mangosteen.

The bees living in the fruit area has a newly built hive so it seems like we can expect more honey this year.

Fruit area.

I feel like calling it orchard is more appropriate.

Let’s propose it next meeting.

And ranch area.

Un, the calves and kids are growing steadily.

The chicken coop on the north side has become lively.



Yes, cute.

I’m going to turn them into meat in the future…..

As of now, I can’t do it yet.

We can still hunt for meat in the forest so it is unnecessary.

Even though I know it’s hypocrisy, I still can’t do it.

I ask them for their milk, goat milk, and egg.

After completing my work at Big Tree Village, I’m now going to Village Two with the kuros as my guards.



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