Chapter 119 – Handling Village Two and Village Three

Harvest season of Village Two and Village Three ends so I plowed the field again.

This next one will last for the whole year.

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By the way, there’s a problem.

I thought that the crops harvested by each village will belong to them but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

「Eh? Everything?」

Village Two and Village Three’s harvested crops are all presented to me.

Rasshashi explained me Village Three’s side, the centaur’s side.

Caretaker of minotaurs Nuff explained me the Village Two’s stand as well.

「Village chief, you probably expect Village Two and Village Three to be independent, correct?」


「But Village Two and Village Three don’t want independence.」


「They feel safer under your asylum rather than being given with complete independence.」


Don’t want independence?

Are they sure?

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「Please think about their situation.」


「First, their capacity to defend the village. The kuros and the spiderling are the ones in charge of it, aren’t they?」

「Y-yes, that’s right.」

「Now, think about their productivity. Though the future is still not clear….only the village chief can expand the field. They are basically just taking care of them for you.」

「It seems so.」

「In addition, if they need things other than crops, they need to seek for the Big Tree Village for it, right?」

「That seem….to be the case.」

「Given all of that, there’s no way they’ll hope for independence.」


「Though it looks like they already have everything they need but since these are newly built villages, they will definitely encounter problem after some time and seek for your help.」


「All the harvested crops are property of the village chief….more specifically, the village chief of Big Tree Village. Please think about how you want us to address you.」


「Thus, as a management system in the future…..Village Two and Village Three would like to have a sort of “management group” for the harvest on villages on remote location headed by the village chief.」

「….are they sure?」

「Village Two and Village Three agreed.」

「Is that so?」

「Yes, they are willing to bring the harvested crops to the Big Tree Village but since it will be troublesome to have the Big Tree Village to give them some again afterwards, they would like to keep some harvest on their villages. Those two villages will receive a portion of their harvest as food supply. And if they have something they need, the request of each village will be conveyed to the village chief with the help of their local representative or caretakers. Please approve it.」

「Approve since I have the feeling that things are already moving on like that.」

「That’s true.」

「When I was making the field, I haven’t thought about it….」

Village Two and Village Three has various opinions about the size and what to plant on the field.

I thought that they were thinking of their own village so I did not say anything about it.


「Is this policy modification your idea? Is someone pressuring you?」

「Of course not. From the beginning, I thought that Village Two and Village Three’s migrants will be treated like that. This is not a policy change.」

Rasshashi denies my question in a hurry.

「Since the village chief wants to let all the harvested crops of Village Two and Village Three to themselves, I rushly meet with Nuff to talk about it.」

「And the rest is history.」

「Yes. You can try verify all things related to it. We don’t want you to misunderstand something.」

「….I understand. I fully approve it.」

「Thank you very much.」

Rasshashi and Nuff bow.

I feel relieved. I never thought that there are more things to it than I thought.

「I apologize if we decided things out before presenting it to you making you worry.」


「I’m the one who selfishly thought of independence. 」

「If they are independent, it means that they’ll be fully responsible for themselves. They don’t even know if they can stand on their own so they’ll surely won’t demand for it any time soon. 」

「Right. This is just an off topic question…. Do you think Village Two and Village Three will have the spirit to be independent in the future? 」

「We have to wait for ten or twenty years before I can answer that question. We have to wait for the young ones of Village Three to grow first. 」

「I can say the same for Village Two. However, given the character of the minotaurs, it is unlikely for them to voluntarily aim for independence. 」

「……I understand. Let’s take care of them for the time being. 」

「As you wish. 」

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Am I too optimistic?

After preparing the houses and the fields, I selfishly thought that…..however……

It didn’t go as I thought it would.

Even though I have considered a lot of things, I never thought that they’d be relying on Big Tree Village rather than choosing to be independent.

I was sure that someone will demand for it magnificently.

I guess even that someone will prioritize the safety of the young ones.


As a result.

I feel that the weight of my responsibility is now heavier.

It must be it.

The weight of being responsible for keeping others alive.

Do I feel this way because they are located in a place where my eyes can’t reach them?

I have to protect the lives of people in a place where my eyes can’t reach.


Kings are amazing.

It might be impossible for me to be like one.

However, until they become independent, I must take care of them.


As Rasshashi said, being independent is being fully responsible for oneself.

In other words, they must stand alone in their village.

It will not happen in a year or two but do your best.

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I confirm the number of the kuros.

Majority of them still lives in Big Tree Village.

There are about a hundred of them who left but there are still more who remained.

In addition, Village One, Village Two, and Village Three have 30 of them permanently stationed on each village.

And another thirty moving around as a mobile unit.

Nobody ordered them to do so, they did it on their own.

I’m grateful to them.


I play with them using frisbee and ball.

「….Yo-you’re too energetic. 」

There are still a lot of them after all.

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There is no way for me to accurately verify the number of the spiderlings…. There are about 50 of them in each village.

Their job is mainly repelling foreign enemies and exterminating pests in the field.

With them doing that, the residents of each village can live peacefully.

I played with the spiders including Zabuton with a fashion show.

They made several clothes for me.

「Isn’t this one a suit for nobles? 」

I can’t wear this while farming but Zabuton looks satisfied so I guess it’s okay.

After that, we enjoyed a potato party.

「I’m not going to eat that raw. 」

I said that to the spiderlings who brought raw potatoes to me.

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As for the nyunyu-daphnes, there are several of them in each village as they work as an alarm…..

「Isn’t your presence too thin? 」

「Even if you say that….it’s because we are in tree form when we’re in the villages. 」

「Tree? Not a stump? 」

「We are in that form if we want to move. We can transform into a common tree. 」

「Heh. 」

「With that, we’ll naturally blend in the scenery. It is normal for us to have no presence. By the way, there is a popular game among us. We approach a house of a resident little by little every day until they became uncomfortable. 」

「Don’t tease others too much. 」

「Okay. 」

I left her with the management of Village One not because I don’t care for it but because it is an easy job.


「Is there anything you want me to do? 」

「Eh? Then, can you prune us? 」

「… prune? 」

「It means to trim trees. 」

「I know that but….are you going to be alright? 」

「It’s safe as long as we’re in our tree or tree stump form. 」

「Is that so? Then…..I’m not sure if I’m good at it but…. 」

I went around each village to prune the nyunyu-daphnes.

「Ooohhhh, amazing technique. 」

「Do you have a pruning experience?」

「You’re god.」

「God exist.」

I am worshiped.

Perhaps it is because I use the AFT for pruning.

「Once in six months….No, I won’t even mind even if it’s only once a year but please continue to do this in the future.」

「As long as my hands are not full.」

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「Aren’t you going to play with us?」

I was asked by the residents of Big Tree Village.

No, it’s not like I’m only playing around.

Because of that, we decided to have a small recreational activity.

「Now, this is the first hide and seek tournament of Big Tree Village!」

「Then, the shinigami will be the village chief. People he found will be shinigami too.」

There are onis here so we did not call the “it” as onis but shinigami instead.

「A certain reward will be given if you can hide enough for a certain period of time.」

A shout out is enough and there is no need to touch someone.

It feels like a missing child event but I feel excited somehow.

「I can’t find anyone at all!」

The residents of the village are super good at hiding.



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