Chapter 120 – Information Bureau?

After a long time, I was able to speak with Beezel again.

「Are the centaurs not giving you troubles?」

「No, but there is something I would like to ask of you.」

「What is it?」

「Can you check the people listed here?」

I hand a piece of paper to Beezel.

There are more than 100 names written there.

They are either husbands or relatives of the centaurs living in Village Three.

「The war is still ongoing in that place. I’ll look for them and inform you afterwards.」

「Thank you.」

「No, you accepting them here has helped us a lot.」

At the same time, I’ll ask him for migrants to live in Village One.

「About migrants, do you have anyone from a town? Like…though I’m not looking down on them or anything, orphans?」

「There are but it would be hard to solicit them to go here.」


「Yeah. In the demon king’s kingdom, all orphans are raised in an orphanage and after graduating, they’ll work in various places. We have been doing that for hundreds of years so you’ll rarely see a lowly orphan there.」

「I see. My apologies for saying something weird.」

「No, the demon king’s kingdom is just amazing. You’ll surely meet the orphans you think of in other countries.」

「Then, is it possible to solicit them from those countries?」

「That would be difficult. Even if you have good intentions, it will make you similar to a kidnapper and that might even cause war.」


「Yes. In addition, you can only gather women if you solicit in those places.」

「….Is that so?」

「Men are useful workforce. There are people and organizations that will invest and nurture for their future but it is different for women….」

「Aren’t there shops where women can work too? Why aren’t they investing in them?」

「There are certainly shops that can afford to do so but most shop can’t especially small ones.」

「Won’t this breed future prosecution? 」

「It certainly is. 」

「….. 」

I just heard something dark.

However, there is a limit to what I can do.

It’s not like I can save all the unfortunate people in the world and I also don’t intend to do so.

My priority is my family.

Next are the residents of the village.

Then my acquaintance outside the village.

Even if I now know how unfortunate women from other countries are, there is nothing I can do.


I want to do something but I don’t have the ability to do so.

Don’t I?

It’s another country.

Normally, it’s impossible.

I know it’s impossible but….

「Let’s change the subject…aren’t you going to make an organization that collects information from foreign countries? 」

「What are you trying to say? 」

「An organization that collects information on other countries. Agents will live there and will report to you when they hear important informations. 」

「Ah, that. Unfortunately, we are demons. Though we might look like humans, the difference is obvious. Pretty tough, right? 」

「Not every citizen are demons, right? There is Shashaato City and I heard that there are human villages and town at the east of Howling Village. 」

「The representative of those villages and towns are humans but not every citizen is human. Maa, it’s true that there are many humans there though.」

Humans and demons here are basically living in harmony.

It is also said that humans living in the demon king’s kingdom don’t want to do anything too dangerous.

「I see. Then, how about employing local human resident?」

「Local human residents will likely cooperate with us….ah」

I’ll connect this to the previous topic.

Yes, I meant to hire local people.

How to utilize those they’ll employ will be another problem.

As for me, I’m just looking for an excuse to hand over money.

「Though it’s only a small amount….I’ll donate. I will ask variety of things.」

「Understood. I appreciate your cooperation.」

That’s the limit of what I can do.

Though I can’t afford it, since I already heard about it, I’ll do what I can.

TN: Confuse? He’s talking about the problem of all the females in the world. He’s trying to invest in them.

Then, the fund of the village….



「Some of your scales peel off yesterday, am I right? Can I sell those?」

「It is very unusual for the village chief to ask such a thing. It’s fine.」

10 pieces of Hakuren’s scales.

「Are this goods okay?」

「Eh, ah, no, ano, eh?」

Even if this can be called hypocrisy, this is the best I could do.

Beezel brought back Hakuren’s scales protectively.

Several years later, Demon King’s Castle


「There are various changes in several places and reports were immediately received. Amazing.」

「Is that so? It’s all according to Count Chrome’s plan. As expected of him.」

「Right. At first, I thought that collecting information using people from other countries are useless….」

「So am I. I have never thought that building an orphanage in various places to gather information will be so effective.」

「The information we receive is like a diary entry or a daily newspaper. There’s no need to doubt them.」

「Right. But where did he get the funds to build that number of orphanages?」

「According to the rumor, it seems like some investor issued it.」

「I have heard of it but….. I never heard the name of that person.」

「Maa, anyone is fine as long as he donated enough.」

「You’re right. Let’s compile the report we receive for the time being. Especially about the location of the hero.」


The demon king’s information bureau began to work.

「Glatts, how is it?」

「Really surprising. Since there is a lot of information on various places, the other party’s movements are visible. I don’t feel like I’ll lose in a defensive match.」

「Right. I did not expect that we can gather this much information either.」

「You did not expect any of this to happen?」

「Hahaha. It is a result of philanthropy. By the way, even with this much information, it will be troublesome if you attack.」

「I know. I will not attack.」

「Good. Do you have any information you want to know?」

「Ah, well, there is an immediate need….I rely on those informations since this is like a chess match. The enemy commander is similar to me so it has become troublesome.」

「Indeed. How about drawing on this side?」

「Right. That will be for the best but we should not push it or the enemy will do this.」

「I know.」

「Ah…. you guys. I wonder if you can stop that smart talk and don’t leave this demon king out of the conversation. Or else, the meaning of my existence…..」

「What do you want?」

「Let’s have a conversation that includes me. If possible, something that my daughter would like to hear.」


It is peaceful at the demon king’s army.

「I haven’t seen a brat recently.」

「Hnn? Ah, brats. So, you’re like that huh.」

「No, not that kind of brat.」

「Ah, you mean those who sleep on the road? They are probably in that big building at the outskirt of the city.」

「Hnn? You mean the one that the carpenters work on enthusiastically earlier?」

「Yeah. It’s an orphanage.」

「Heh, the lord has taken out a lot of money huh.」

「Hahaha. The lord has nothing to do with it. A big company from another city funded it.」

「Hnn? Company? Why would they do such a thing?」

「I don’t know. We commoner can’t possibly comprehend how big companies think.」

「Right. Maa, at least I feel good not seeing those dirty brats.」

「Hahaha. To the point of occasionally giving food to those dirty brats. If you want to meet them, go. I heard that they are looking for volunteers.」

「Th-that’s not it. I simply, well, that….what」

「Let’s go together. I’m kind of interested too.」

「Since you are interested then it can’t be helped. I’ll accompany you.」

「Yes yes」

The orphanages in various places were received favorably.



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