Chapter 121 – Events During Spring and Summer

「Ah, my apologies. I will have to leave for a while.」

Gran Maria said that to the other angels as she leaves the village.

「Are Kuudel and Corone not going to accompany her?」

「If everyone of us will go, who’ll scout?」

「Right….once Gran Maria comes back, then you can also take your turn.」

「No no, there are a lot of things that we can only enjoy at this village.」

「Once you tasted the food here, it is impossible for you to eat food from another place.」

「Is that so?」

When Gran Maria left the village, what is that mountain of luggage she brought?

「Lunch box and food supply.」

I receive some information from the titans of the northern dungeon.

Beyond the northern dungeon, further north, there seems to be a hot pond.

Hot pond.

Is it a hot spring?

It might be a hot spring.

A hot spring.


I have no choice but to check it out.

I formed a hot spring investigation group.

And I’m the leader!

That’s what I intended to do but I was stopped by the villagers from going out.

The helpless me had no choice but to have a high elf be the leader. The group consists of 20 individuals including some kuros.

The hot spring investigation group returned after 30 days.

They all look exhausted.

「The path to that place is really difficult to go to.」

「We also encountered monsters we’ve never met before so we had a hard time dealing with it.」

One of the kuros is injured and it has a miserable face while it was being carried by a high elf.

「The water is too hot and one can hardly soak in it.」

Hearing that terrible report, I’m very disappointed.

Thank you.

And sorry for the trouble.

The other kuros who were not carried all have several injuries.

I asked Loo, Tier, and Flora to heal them with magic.

To think that it’s a hot spring that can’t take bath with.

I never thought about that.


If it’s only a temperature problem, then all you have to do is to draw water from the river….won’t that spoil the water?

Thinking about it, it was careless of me to have the investigation group go unprepared.

I have to reflect.

Next time, I personally must go.

Disaster prevention drill.

As the population increased, I thought of disaster prevention.

The scariest thing that could happen would be fire.

Because of that, I checked the places where fire is used.

I also checked if there is a way to extinguish it immediately.

I found no problem.

The disaster prevention awareness of the villagers was higher than I thought.

I think I’m the least aware.

I must be careful.

Next, firefighting exercises.

「Just extinguish it with magic.」

Nobody gives a damn.

No, firefighting is important.

Magic is amazing.

However, I want to extinguish fire with water.

「You want us to carry water with magic?」

「Wrong. I want you to exercise bucket relay.」


The residents formed a single line and relay a bucket of water from a water source to the fire.

Then, the person at the end will throw the water from the bucket to the fire in order to extinguish it.

The fire will not be extinguished with just one or two tries.

After ten times no, a hundred times, the fire was finally extinguished.

「Fire extinguishment….confirmed!」

The bucket relay was not smooth in the beginning because it’s still too early for everyone to understand what they are doing.

The most challenging part would be carrying the empty pail to the water source.

I also have to apologize to the minotaur and centaur expatriates* that were not able to line up because of their physique.

TN: They are the messengers and errand maids living in the village.

If there is too much difference in height, it will only slow down the bucket relay.

I’ll just have them teach this method to Village Two and Village Three.

「Village chief, can we do it one more time?」

「Hnn? Ah, it’s fine.」

「I want to be the one in the end.」

「The one in the end had the most fun!」

The position of the one who splashes water is popular.

However, the lizardman who was doing it until a while ago looked considerably tired.

Well, he’s splashing water and he’s also the closest one to the fire.

He’s the one who works the hardest.

「Okay, each one will take turn ten times each. After ten times, let others experience it.」

It is necessary for everyone to take turns.

In order for everyone to properly learn from the disaster prevention drill.

It was a time well spent.

Ah, tired Lizardman.

You don’t have to join this time and rest.

It is now the second Big Tree Village hide and seek tournament!

「Alright, before we start, I would like to remind everyone that this is not training but recreational activity. In short, we’re only playing. Don’t hide seriously. Yes, I’m looking at you high elves and dark elves. YOU WILL NOT BE EXECUTED IF YOU’RE CAUGHT! Hold back. Also, those who can use magic, don’t use recognition inhibition magic. I won’t attack you. Even if I have the role of shinigami, I won’t attack you so don’t use magic. And nyunyu-daphnes, if you’re going to transform into a tree, make sure that you are at least 1 meter in height. I mean, HOW ON EARTH DO YOU EXPECT ME TO FIND A ONE CENTIMETER TREE IN THIS SCENERY! Excuse me but I won’t look for you if you’re like that. Please remember that we’re only playing hide and seek. Let’s get started. The oni….I mean the shinigami will be me again….any question? Please ask.」

「Ehto, village chief, why are the kuros on your side and they look like they’re fully motivated?」

「They’re going to help the shinigami. Don’t mind them.」

「Why are the spiders warming up?」

「They’re going to help the shinigami. Don’t mind them.」

「Village chief, you’re too serious about this!」

I’m really excited.

「The type of alcohol has increased.」

「Umu. Everything is delicious.」

Although the dwarves resisted to sell alcohol until now, they were the one who proposed to sell them this time.

They said that a good alcohol should be tasted by everyone.

Didn’t you come here because you heard the about the good wine of our village?

After that, didn’t you resisted to sell any?

Currently, we’re only selling them to Beezel.

Michael-san desires it.

Why did you change your mind?

Do not look away.

I asked and they confessed.


Up to this day, all the dwarves gathered in this village heard about the Big Tree Village alcohol from a certain someone.

The main source of information is Doraim.

Currently, there are 41 dwarves.

They have increased a lot.

There are four women among them.

Their male to female ratio is strange.

Since it’s strange, we should correct it.

But how?

They will come if they heard about the alcohol here.

Then how will we spread the rumor?

We’ll sell alcohol.

「That’s what we thought.」


「Are you angry?」

「No, I am surprised.」


「I thought you’re only interested in alcohol.」

「Since there is alcohol, the next need will finally come in light.」

「The next should be food that compliments alcohol.」

「That’s also important. After drinking and eating, we want to go back to a warm home.」

「A warm home. Maa, I don’t mind selling alcohol because I agree with you.」

「Thank you.」

「So, which one are you selling?」

「Those over there.」

「….those are recently made.」

「The others are still immature.」

「Don’t you think it’s too little?」

「No no, that’s enough.」

「How about adding some from over there….」

「Don’t. Please don’t. Those are pretty delicious.」

Michael-san was pretty pleased that we were able to sell him a small portion of our stock alcohol.

「Since you are only selling that much, aren’t you afraid that he won’t sell those?」

「We smile if we were given alcohol, merchants smile if they were given profits.」

「I see.」

「In addition, Michael-dono comes here and drinks alcohol sho he already knows how it tastes. The other merchants will also sell them without tasting them.」

「Maa, the merchants have to earn a living too.」

「I know, that’s why we’re incompatible.」

Their relationship is difficult to comprehend.



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