Chapter 122 – This Year’s Festival

The champion of mahjong has always been the high elf Rize but now that she’s pregnant, she did not participate in the competition and Frau stood up at the top.

On one side, trying to break her impregnable wall, his sharpness and overwhelming predictive power makes him come to this point minimal loss.

The one trying to destroy that fortress is none other than one of the four heavenly kings of the demon king’s kingdom, Glatts, who came here to see Ronana.

They are fighting a high-level battle which makes them use irregular tactics.

They are battling and it looks like a single mistake can make one of them sink.

Against the two of them are two other individuals.

Me and the devil Bulga.

「I feel like if I try to probe, I’ll lose everything….」

「Right. There’s nothing we can do against them….how about letting me through.」

「My apologies. Ron-desu.」

「I’ll ron too but not just ron, it’s a double ron.」

TN: No idea what are they talking about. I have zero knowledge in mahjong.

Bulga fell to the bottom and I managed to take the third place.

And that’s how it ends.


My record of always being at the bottom stopped.

「Fufufu. This is quite an interesting game. I would like to buy a set if possible.」

「I don’t mind but, who are you going to play with? Learning its rules is a bit difficult.」

「Ah….you’re right.」

「Glatts-sama, demon king-sama, princess-sama, and my father can play with you.」


「Yes, I taught them how to play when they came here.」

Now that she said that, I remember them playing with Dors and the others after the martial arts tournament.

「Then, there’s no problem. One set please.」

「I’ll take care of it. Do you want to play with Ronana?」

「Talking with Ronana is already enough. Besides, she’s still working. I don’t want to disturb her.」

Ronana is currently traveling towards Village Two with the kuros as her guards.

This is like a drill just in case she needs to travel to Village Two alone.

It was scheduled a long time ago but Beezel and Glatts’ timing were bad. They came here the day before she departs.

「Just think that you’re giving Ronana all the time she needs.」

「Don’t worry, I heard from the neighborhood that this has been scheduled for a long time. I don’t hold any grudge.」

「That’s good. Ah, looks like Beezel is coming.」

「I’m late.」

「I heard that there was a suspicious movement in the north just before I come here. I need to prepare some countermeasures. Also, Fraurem, you have tempered your schoolmates enough. Once they return, they can immediately work in the castle.」

「On-job-training….No, they are really going to be hired already? If they want to return, I’ll send them back.」

「I already asked some of them but they refused.」

「Oi oi, are you really going to take some villagers in front of me?」

「Hahaha. Excuse me. Then Glatts, shall we return?」

「All right. Village chief, can I have a tile set now?」

「Yes. I’ll get it at once.」

I had over one mahjong set.

It was sought before by the dozens wh came here so I prepared some set for occasions like this.

「This foldable table is quite something. Beezel, I’ll ask you to be my opponent once we return.」

「I don’t mind but please set the schedule. Especially if you want to ask demon king-sama to join.」

「I’ll leave that to you.」

「Please don’t leave everything to me.」

He’s a lively guest.

The festival season has come.

The martial arts competition has become a regular festival so we have to think of something else.

After several meetings, nothing was concluded so it was decided that the festival will be decided via draw lots.

I’m worried to the point of wanting to check every content before placing them to the draw box but sorting will be difficult.

Because of that, I decided to put in a massive amount of festival that I thought of.

It should be fun.

However, it must not be dangerous!

「Then, please do the honor.」

One of the civil servant girls brought me the draw box and I took out a piece.

「This year’s festival is …」



…………what’s this?

It doesn’t sound like a normal running competition.

「Sliding is a competition where participants run on a slope with all their might. It is a famous festival in Bulgan region. Ten people will run together and whoever comes first wins.」

「Run through a slope…. with all their might ……」

「Of course, it’s downhill.」

「Ah, is that so? But…. isn’t that dangerous?」

「Everyone can defend themselves with magic so it is not.」

「Is that so?」

「Yes, however, where can we slide in this village…..there’s no slope.」

「You’re right. By the way, how big should it be?」

「The inclination is different in different area of that region but their height is about 20 meters.」

「20 meters? We don’t have something like that nearby and it is difficult to pile up soil to make it.」

「Really difficult.」

「Okay, dismiss it.」


「We can do it but taking the labor into consideration, it’s pretty unreasonable.」

「Understood. Then, I’ll return this paper with sliding in it and put it back to the box, if you pull it again then let’s make it the present festival.」

「Hahaha. Of course.」

How foolish of me.

「Let’s do it!」

The festival this year is sliding.

「You want to build a small mountain?」

「If we make a mountain and dig a hole at the same time, we can achieve the height needed and the labor cost will only be half….」

「You can turn the new hole to a pond later but how do you plan on utilizing the mountain afterward?」

「How about surrounding the village with an earth wall?」

「We’re talking about a mountain where 10 people can run at the same time. How about decreasing the participants to three?」

「If only I know how fast they are, I can make the right slope for them…..」

「How fast they are…..」

「But this is a sliding competition, right?」

「Yes so there will surely be difference in speed.」

「Then, how about we do something like this….」

「Are you going to make that a prototype?」

「Don’t you think this will be interesting?」

I was able to come up with a plan.

I fully understand that I must fully utilize the AFT for this.

I’ll work hard.

The two minotaur expatriates from Village Two.

Ronana and Mirua.

Both of them are female minotaurs.

They have been living in Big Tree Village ever since they were chosen before winter.

They sometimes return to Village Two but they don’t stay there for a long time.

They usually come back after one night.

The two centaur expatriates from Village Three.

Both of them are of course, centaurs.

However, unlike the expatriates from Village Two, they change members every now and then.

They swap with another every three days.

It has been ongoing even up to this day.

But why?

I asked the caretaker of the centaurs, Rasshashi.

「The position of expatriate is very attractive. As the result, there is a flood of applicants.」



「Why? Is it the food?」

「No, it is working close to the village chief.」


「They are originally people who serve the feudal lord, they are happy to work besides the one who holds power.」

「The one who holds power….me?」

「Who else other than the village chief?」


「Moreover, they want you to ride them if you’re going out of the village….」

That reminds me, when I tried to go out of the village, the centaurs were restless.

「Maa, I understand.」

「Great. Ah, there’s something I want to consult you about.」

「What is it?」

「Glueworld is the village chief of Village Three so she can’t become an expatriate.」

「Ehto….what about it?」

I went to Village Three and took a stroll while riding Glueworld.

「Are you satisfied?」

「I’m sorry for troubling you.」

Currently, there are four who held the position of caretaker in this village.

Ramurias, the caretaker of the beastkins.

Nuff, the caretaker of the minotaurs.

Rasshashi, the caretaker of the centaurs.

Mamu, the caretaker of the nyunyu-daphnes.

Although they are caretakers, they are living in Big Tree Village.

They don’t always have to manage or supervise.

The caretaker will take care of them whenever they need help.

In short, they have nothing to do when they are free and they are extremely busy when they have something to do.

Ramurias is the one who seems to be always busy.

She has to take care of the beastboys because they are still too young when they came to this village.

She works like a nurse and teacher of a kindergarten and elementary school.

Nuff and Rasshashi are also busy as senior advisers for the expatriates.

But Mamu, who’s in charge of the nyunyu-daphnes….

「Do I look unreliable?」

In a sense, there’s almost nothing that the nyunyu-daphnes need.

Therefore, they didn’t consult her that much.

No, they didn’t consult her at all.

Maybe I should talk to them.

「I want to be relied on!」

We’ve already encountered problems related to time and labor but this is the first time to encounter a problem of not being involved.

Next time, I’ll ask the nyunyu-daphnes to consult her on something.



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