Chapter 123 – Faith and Undead

Farming god in Village Two, War god in Village Three, I add additional statues on the shrines of those villages.

I asked Michael-san to obtain an existing statue of them for me but….I still carved them in the end.

There are a lot of religions in this world leaving aside whether those gods really exist.

I got a feeling that the number of god in existence is the same as the number of religions.

Among them is Korin religion which has a large number of believers and boasts as a major force.

Korin religion only teaches one thing.

Faith of oneself and faith of others are equally important.

They want everyone to learn religious freedom.

Everyone has the right to believe on what they want to believe and they have the philosophy of not disturbing others’ faith.

There are even Korin religious members who worship different gods.

Nonetheless, since a number of people have gathered, it will form a faction and if there is a faction, it will have an influence.

The greatest faction of corin religion is the faction who worship the god of creation.

Next would be the god of light, god of war, god of farming, demon god, medicine god, and god of comfort factions.

By the way, god of comfort is related to music.

TN: It is written as 楽 which can mean one of the following: comfort, ease, or music. I’ll use god of music from now on after this note.

It seems to be an entertainment god.

By the way, Loo’s grandfather, ancestor-san, is the founder of the Korin religion.


「What heh? Shouldn’t you be a little more surprised?」

Ancestor-san complains about my reaction.

「No, even if you say that….you have worked…to that extent.」

「What if I say so? I usually hide it but I don’t really need to hide it.」

When ancestor-san is saying that, Loo brought some tea.

「Ancestor-sama, I think that it is something better to keep hidden.」


「Yes because we vampires suffer from various misunderstandings.」


I drink the tea Loo brought.

I had green tea while ancestor-san had coffee.

Loo goes out of the room after putting down tea.

She probably needs to take care of Alfred….

Thinking about it, it seems like Loo is actively avoiding getting near ancestor-san….

Flora herself does not dare to approach him, isn’t this weird?

「By the way, village chief, I’ve been anxious since a while ago.」


「The cup displayed on the shelf at the back. Isn’t the god of creation carved in it?」

「Ah, I made that during winter….it became a decoration because it’s a failed product.」

「Failed product? Which part of it is a failed product?」

「It is not practical. Even the part where you put your lips has carving.」

「No no, I already thought of something that will make anyone willingly drink on that.」

Ancestor-san demonstrated something using his cup of coffee.

「Look at that design, it looks like you’ll drink from the hand of the god of creation….it’s like saying everyone to drink the holy water from the hand of the god of creation! Amazing! Nice design!」


It is only a coincidence.

I have never thought of such a thing.

However, I don’t feel bad being praise like that.

Let’s just ride it on with ancestor-san.

「Do you want to take it home?」

「I’ll only use it in the most important ceremony.」

「No no, for everyday use….No, use it as you see fit.」

At least it would be better than using it as a decoration.

Ancestor-san left with the cup happily.

Since ancestor-san returned home, I went to see Loo and Flora.

It is to eliminate my doubt from earlier.

「Are you bad with ancestor-san?」

「It’s not like I’m not good, it is better to say I’m afraid…..」

「He is like the vampire god.」

Vampire’s true ancestor.

Ah, I see.

So that’s how it is.

「Ancestor is the first vampire?」

「That’s what I’ve heard. 」

「I’m not sure either. 」

I see.

Though there are only some who thought of it, he is someone that is treated like a god.

It turns out that he is the korin religion’s celebrated figure.

Is he?

「By the way, why did ancestor-sama come here? 」

「It seems like he wants to take care of a large army of undead that appeared. 」

「Large army of undead? Where?」

「North-east of here. They are still far from the forest. They are currently on the other side of the mountain.」

「Other side of the mountain. Is that all right?」

「Ancestor-san said that it is for the time being. Maa, they don’t have business to this place so it will be fine.」

「Is that so? But, I will still inform everyone.」

「Of course. We should also inform Beezel and Michael-san. The Howling Village too.」

Location wise, the one most likely to be affected is the Howling Village.

Maa, there’s still a considerable distance but….

I call Rasuti and told her to send a message via the small wyvern.


What I imagined of them are zombies and moving skeletons.

Is ghost considered to be one as well?

I, who is not that familiar with how things in this world work, thought that they are beings that have lingering feeling in this world but it seems like I’m wrong.

A monster devoid of life and is a walking corpse, a zombie.

A monster devoid of life and is a trying to obtain substance, a skeleton.

A monster devoid of life and is storing power, a ghost.

Undead are monsters devoid of life but they don’t have any lingering feelings in this world.

They only have that image because they are moving dead but it seems like that information about them is wrong.

And that is an undead….

「Is it alright to leave them unattended?」

「It’s enough to leave them be. They’ll disappear in a few years.」


「Yes, though there are some problems.」

「Can you tell the detail of those problems?」

「Ehto….zombies are really the most problematic. Their bodies cause illness not just for people. It is also troublesome if they fall on a river and contaminate it.」

「That’s troublesome.」

「Another problem, undead are basically baits for monsters and demon beasts.」


「Yes. Because of that, powerful monsters and demon beasts gather in places where there are undead.」

「I see. That’s certainly a problem.」

「That’s why there’s no need to attack the undead. Even if you leave them on their own, they don’t really move that much from where they are and they’ll be all eaten soon.」

「That’s how they disappear?」

「Yes. Though I don’t know the reason why a large number of them appeared, they’ll definitely catch the attention of strong monsters and demon beasts.」


Is that so?

I misunderstood the situation.

I certainly thought that something must be done because a lot of undead appeared.

When I was thinking about it, Hakuren cut in.

「Do you want me to go and deal with the undead with my breath?」

「You’re going to exterminate the undead? Will there be a side effect?」

「Hnnn…. the surrounding topography will change a bit.」

「Isn’t that more damaging than what the undead are capable of?」

「Sort of」



「Anyone will say the same.」

For the time being, we let them be.

I will have Hakuren do what she suggested if we receive a request from the Howling Village.



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