Chapter 133 – Second Martial Arts Competition: Knight Section

Until the competition starts again, the harpies performed their rain dance, the nyunyu-daphnes performed an unusual dance, and the elves performed a musical.

The harpies did not participate in the martial arts competition so they seem to be looking forward to this performance of theirs.

The nyunyu-daphnes and the elves are the same.

It seems like they have prepared especially for their performance too.

Though their performances are only fillers, they are really good to watch.

It seems like they manage to move the moods of the knight section participants.

There are 16 participants in this year’s knight section.

The only participants last year that will not participate are the pregnant Ria and Ann.

All last year’s participant will participate again.

They are the vampire Loo, the angels Tier, Gran Maria, Kuudel, and Corone, the lizardman Daga, the devils Bulga and Stifano, the inferno wolf Uno, the spider Makura, and the lamias Junea and Sunea.

In addition to them are the new participants which are the mountain elf Ya, the inferno wolf Masayuki, the cocytus wolf Fubuki, and the angel Kierbit.

Kierbit said before that she’s interested in the martial arts tournament but could not participate.

Ancestor-san, who heard about it, brought her here with his teleportation magic.

Looking at the other participants, she made a troubled face. Is she alright?

…..Tier cheer her up to the point that she declared that she’ll be this year’s champion.

How did she do that?

But Kierbit’s first match is against the last year champion Makura. She was defeated.

As expected of their racial affinity.

「I wasn’t able to do anything…..」

Gran Maria consoled the crying Kierbit.

By the way, the knight section advanced fast. The first round ended in no time.

It advanced fast but each match was full of ups and downs.

There is no sure win or lose. Everyone tried hard.

The winners of the first round are the last year winner Makura, the cocytus wolf Fubuki, the vampire Loo, The angel Tier, the inferno wolf Uno, the devil Bulga, and the lamias Junea and Sunea.

Fubuki won against Ya, Loo won against Gran Maria.

Tier won against Corone, Uno won against Masayuki.

Bulga won against Stifano, Junea won against Kuudel, and Sunea won against Daga.

The two lamias surprised everyone.

Everyone knows how they fight using their lower snake body but they polished it more.

I have a feeling that they are taking these matches seriously as a race.

I mean, they both won by wrapping the enemy using their lower body while making sure that their upper body is in a higher position..

Using that strategy, they carried the match’s momentum and won.

Ria and Ann, who were sitting beside me, told me the horror of their strategy.

You two are pregnant so please be careful and don’t get too excited.

After some time, the second round started.

The lamias got unlucky this time.

It became a match against Junea and Sunea.

The winner is Junea.

As expected of the leader of the lamias.

However, both of them are injured so Flora had to heal them with magic.

The other matches are amazing too.

The match between the last year’s winner Makura and the cocytus wolf Fubuki. Whoever wins between them, I won’t find it strange.

The winner is Makura.

However, although she was the victor, it cost Makura one leg.

Though she lost one leg, it seems like it will grow back again in time.

However, because she still needs to fight again, Makura received regeneration magic treatment from Dors and Raimeiren.

Though she lost, it seems like Fubuki doesn’t need to be healed with magic.

The two remaining matches. The vampire Loo versus the angel Tier.

The inferno wolf Uno and the devil Bulga.

The same matches like the last competition.

But the result was reversed.

As if their conversation from the last competition is some sort of premonition, the vampire Loo won against Tier.

「Loo-san you dirty girl-desu. I even gave a hint about how we should fight….」

Uno managed to counter-attack Bulga’s bunshin and managed to claim victory.

Did he learn something from Zabuton’s battle against Raimeiren in the model match?

But just because he learned something means it’s an easy battle. Uno received a lot of Bulga’s attack that almost crippled him.

However, he managed to capture Bulga once that made him the victor.

「I, the moment I was caught, the things that I can do was reduced to minimum.」


The first match is Makura versus Loo.

Makura’s leg was perfectly restored.

Restoration magic is amazing.

Makura moved at high speed using its legs.

Loo played with her using tricky movements.

And victory rolled to the hands of Makura.

So what is the reason of Makura’s victory or should I say, Loo’s defeat?

Loo show off at the audience using eye-catching movement and during that time, Makura managed to complete the trap she’s setting.

「Ugh, regrets.」

Loo regretted triggering Makura’s trap because she’s busy showing off to the audience.

Second match, Uno versus Junea.

I’m unsure how things will turn out but Uno overwhelms Junea right from the start.

I felt like something’s wrong with Junea. It seems like she feels heavy or was it that her trauma resurfaced when their dungeon was attacked by the kuros in the past?

If that is the case, I’m sorry.


Last year’s winner Makura versus the inferno wolf Uno.

According to what the audience is talking about, Makura is definitely the dominant one. To show their support, Uno’s partner, Kurosan, and the other kuros surrounding the venue howled.

The air shook in an instant.

I don’t know who will win.

Zabuton, who was injured in the model match, is also watching.

It was a fierce match.

They approached each other rapidly and when they were about to hit each other, they immediately took some distance.

They have clashed a number of times already so why?

It seems like Uno and Makura are hiding to everyone that they both had a long-range attack to only use it in this match.

Makura flies while holding a rounded web.

It is something that will not inflict damage but it will limit the enemy’s movements once it hits.

Uno’s mouth opened widely, fireball…..the fireball flew.

In terms of power, Uno’s long-range attack is superior.

However, Makura managed to withstand it.

Uno’s fireball hit and gave her a considerable damage, but Makura managed to throw the web ball to Uno making him unable to move.

Makura attacks at that instant.

I thought that time that it will be Makura’s victory but I was wrong.

Uno’s horn shined blue. He used it to break the webs and his freedom. He then intercepts Makura’s attack.

Because of Uno’s attack, Makura was blown into the air.

This is definitely a chance.

Uno roared.

His body size was doubled.


He can do that?

He spitting fireball is already surprising enough.

It seems like I’m not the only one surprised. A commotion resounded in the venue.

What happened next is Uno’s pursuit.

Makura was knocked down and defeated.

The winner is Uno.

The rejoicing howl of the kuros around the venue was amazing.

Uno’s partner, Kurosan, was the one who was pleased the most.

Though it was regrettable for Makura, I’m happy for Uno.

When I was thinking about the awarding ceremony……

A problem occurred at the place where I am.

Ria and Ann, who were watching the finals with me, went into labor.

I panic.



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