Chapter 136 – Autumn Harvest and This and That

Autumn has come.

It is also harvesting time.

So far, we have already harvested all the crops. All I need to do now is to plow them again using the AFT to turn everything into soil and to also expand the field.

Even though autumn harvest time means it’s almost winter, I still need to turn them into soil.

However, I need to be careful since this time, it’s different from usual.

It is because I will have Village Two and Village Three farm normally.

I need to make sure that I’ll leave the seeds for them to use.

Can that really be done….

There are crops with seeds but aren’t these too few?

Also, should I just leave the root crops alone….

Though there’s a variety of them, I have to choice but to check them.

But what about those seedless crops…? How troublesome.

Since banana has no seeds, what am I supposed to do with them?

When plowing using the AFT, is my consciousness considered as the seed?

In any case, we can also try buying seeds and seedlings from another place.

We are the only ones farming at this place so we have to buy somewhere else.

Normally, every place in existence should be practicing farming.

The minotaurs are a good example. They are experienced farmers.

But presently, the only thing they can do is to put their hearts to it.

「In other words….the Big Tree Village will do the usual after the harvest but what will Village Two and Village Three do?」


I asked one of the civil servant girls to have the others assembled.

「This wine, it is a little bitter but we can take care of it by peeling the skin.」

The dwarf Donovan said so.

I wonder what he wants to imply.

「You can do it yourself, why are you telling me that?」

I don’t think it is something he needs my permission to do…..

「No, that is…..we lack manpower to peel the grapes.」

「I see, do you have someone in mind?」

「I want to ask for the beastgirls because of their dexterity but they are busy in times like this.」

「Indeed. They are busy making oil and other processed goods.」

「The high elves and the mountain elves are also busy with their usual winter work, the lizardmen too.」

「During this season, it will be harder to find someone who is available.」

Our work was basically stacked up because we were not able to do them during the martial arts festival and the autumn harvest.

「Thus, as a result of looking for manpower….can you ask the lamias if they want to earn? I want to hire them.」

Thus, you require my permission.

「I don’t mind but what are you paying them with?」

「Food and accommodation while staying in this village. I’ll also give them crops as payment since they want it.」

「Alright. No problem. Donovan, you can decide the quantity and what crop you’ll pay them with.」

「Affirmative. Leave it to me.」

Thus, a group of lamia came….six of them.

The group of lamia stayed in the village to help with brewing alcohol. They are in charge of peeling the grapes and mashing them.

Yeah, a peaceful scene.

When harvesting ends, it is barter time with the Howling Village.

This time, Daga is our representative.

It seems like he promised to meet them after they returned home at the end of the martial arts festival.

I don’t mind but please don’t forget why you’re there.

Two of the civil servant girls accompanied the group to do the accounting.

As for the physical labor, we’ll employ the residents there.

Because of their ongoing circumstances, I want them to earn a little.

They seem to be having trouble with the human village again.

I don’t mean to thrust your neck but, can’t you do anything about it soon?

The human village that is troubling the Howling Village is also part of the demon king’s kingdom so won’t it be solved once I spoke with either the demon king or Beezel?

Ah, but, Gulf joined the martial arts competition and I’m sure he saw both the demon king and Beezel.

At that time, did he manage to convey the problem to the demon king or Beezel?


I’ll just think about my next move after talking with the residents of Howling Village.

I was consulted.

「Eh? Me? Talk to the demon king?」

Daga came back from the Howling Village with Gulf.

As for the explanation.

It seems like the village is already reaching its limit and they are already on the verge of moving away.

Originally, if the village is in trouble, the village leader, the one who governs the villages, will be their representative to appeal to the feudal lord…..

Once you submitted your appeal, it means that you are entrusting everything to the feudal lord and you’ll follow his decision that follows….

However, the feudal lord is very inclined to the humans and is very distrustful of the Howling Village so the appeal is pointless.

Therefore, the only way is to appeal to someone higher than the feudal lord.

They thought of directly appealing to the demon king….

「Can you please speak to demon king-sama on our behalf?」

「On your behalf…in short, you just want me to convey what’s happening to your village to the demon king?」


「Why didn’t you speak with him during the martial arts competition?」



Frau barged in while I was speaking with the embarrassed Gulf.

「Ano, demon king-sama is the greatest person of the kingdom. There is no way that an ordinary citizen can directly speak with him.」

「But he even thought of a name for my son.」

「Normally, that will never happen.」

「In other words…」

「But if it is the village chief, I think it is possible for you to speak directly to demon king-sama.」

「Looks like it….let’s hear the root of the trouble first.」

Though I’m still not convinced, I want to know how worse the situation of Howling Village is.

The name of the human village that is troubling the Howling Village is Hyuma Village.

The cause of dispute, a woman who married someone from Howling Village returned to Hyuma Village.

After that, the business with Howling Village has suddenly become unfair and they also pressure to the surroundings.

The Howling Village did not stay silent and try to appeal about their situation to the surrounding village.

The Howling Village thought that they will compromise with the help of the surrounding village but Hyuma Village chooses to stop trading.

And it leads down to the present situation.

「The Howling Village is being accused of the reason why the woman returned to Hyuma Village.」

「I see. Why did she return? Is her relationship with his husband bad?」

「No, their conjugal relation was not bad. The woman is also a good daughter in law. However, she was not able to adapt to the living condition in the mountain that deteriorates her physical condition. The woman desperately tried to remain but she was still sent back to Hyuma Village because if she’ll die….」

「So that’s why you returned her….」


Maybe because I’m hearing the story from the Howling Village’s side, I can’t see what the Howling Village has done bad.

I also think that it is good that the Howling Village has not brought out their arms and tried to deal with it calmly.

「Why is the feudal lord close with the Hyuma Village?」

「The feudal lord is a human. In addition, Hyuma Village is closer to the lord’s mansion than the Howling Village. The lord has never come to Howling Village but the lord has stayed many times in Hyuma Village.」

That feudal lord, why is he only backing up the village that has taken care of him?

「To begin with, the village mayor and I already went to the lord to talk about the current situation. However, the Hyuma Village insisted that Howling Village is evil. Though we want all of these to be solved with talking, we left thinking that it’s useless.」


Is he implying that Hyuma Village is a bully?

I want to hear Hyuman Village’s side….

Frau has signaled me from behind while I was thinking.

「There is something I want to verify….」


I listened to Frau and continue to interrogate Gulf.

「Is the woman who returned home a daughter of someone influential in Hyuma Village?」

「I heard that she’s a relative of the village chief of the Hyuma Village.」

「And the husband from Howling Village?」

「The village mayor’s son. He’s Senna’s older brother.」

「How did they become a couple?」

「It was decided by their parents. I heard that it is to deepen the friendship of Hyuma Village and Howling Village.」

「Is their marriage celebrated?」

「Yeah. There’s a grand celebration at Hyuma Village. Even the feudal lord participated.」

After I finished the interrogation, I looked at Frau….

She’s holding her head.

「What happened?」

「After hearing all of those, it is completely obvious that Howling Village is the villain!」


This world, I still don’t understand the rules here that much.

Is it because of cultural difference?



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