Chapter 138 – Hot Spring Investigation Group Reformation

The angels invited by Gran Maria did not come.

What’s wrong?

「I really would like to know.」

Gran Maria is a little anxious.

On the other hand, Kierbit comes often to play….

「Keirbit, do you know something?」

「About what? However, I told them that I come here to play.」


「Gran Maria, among you angels, are most of you be considered as someone close to Kierbit?」

「We’re okay….but I can’t really say about others.」

Since Kierbit often comes here to play, I wonder if that will make the others hesitate to come here.


Just come whenever you feel like it.

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A loud sound broke out in a corner of the Big Tree Village.


「Right, failure.」


The dwarves, mountain elves, and onis sighed all together.

They are trying to make a pressure cooker.

It is the result of me recalling the thing called pressure cooker and the convenience it gives to cooking. I taught them the structure….

And it seems like it didn’t go well.

There are things where my knowledge about the structure of things is ambiguous and it seems like it is difficult to make a pot that you has a cover that doesn’t let air escape.

I thought that it will be simple as heated iron expands but it doesn’t seem to be so easy.

By the way, they succeeded in obtaining the same effect the pressure cooker can give using magic.

However, the data gathered is not enough to make a pressure cooker.

I want to believe that they are not wasting time during this busy season.

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Beastkin Gutt and human Nashi migrated here and are being helped by Senna.

Gutt is Senna’s older brother and they don’t seem like they have a bad sibling relationship. Gutt is also obediently following Senna so no problem has occurred.

「Please take care of Gutt’s family for a while.」

「I intended to do that from the start. You do not have to worry.」

Ramurias, the caretaker of the beastkins, has no problem in accepting Gutt’s family.

It is a good family.

The beastboys are also familiar with Gutt and Nashi and they are also making friends with Nutt, the daughter of the two.

In the future, she might be partnered with one of them.

Yup, the future is bright.

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The vampire’s progenitor, the great Korin religion founder….

Is helping with harvesting, cooking, and he’s also making accessories.

Other than that, he enjoys morning, noon, and evening baths and he also plays from time to time.

He’s especially skilled in mini bowling, darts, and golf.

My impression of him, good time management skill.

His instant teleportation is convenient too.

「It is a little unique but it’s not too difficult. It is a magic I developed after erasing my memory.」


I would have asked him to teach me if I have magical talent.

While I’m feeling impressed, Loo tells me secretly.

「Ancestor-sama is the only one who doesn’t find it difficult. A normal person has to spend his whole life to learn it….that’s the difficulty level.」

I see.

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「By the way, village chief. The thank you gift of Fushu from her previous request will be ready the next spring.」

「Is that so? I don’t know what it is but I’m looking forward to it.」

「I’m sure you’ll be pleased. Of course, Loo and Flora will be pleased as well.」

It was Loo and Flora that suffered during that time so I’ll be grateful if they’ll be pleased.

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Once harvesting is finished, preparations for winter are carried out.

It is mainly securing firewoods that will be used during winter and collecting materials for the work that will be performed inside the mansion.

And making preserved food too.

Making preserved food is simple, we just smoke meat.

They mainly come from killer rabbit with horns and great boar that the kuros hunted.

By the way, not too long ago, they had to look for me to take care of great boars….but now, they don’t need my help.

It seems like there are a rise in the number of wolves like Uno who can hunt a great boar alone and the others can take care of it with a team.

You’ve become more reliable but I prefer you not getting hurt.

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As we prepare for winter, I suggested something if we can afford to do so.

「Let’s reform the hot spring investigation group.」

Hot spring.

I personally want to go to that hot spring beyond the northern dungeon.

Last time, they said that it is too hot bath into but if I’m with them, I’ll be able to draw water from the river.

Of course, I’ll be the leader.

No, even if I’m not the leader, it will mean nothing if I’m not participating.

「In addition, I still have yet say hello to the titans of the northern dungeon.」

I have known their existence for some time but I have not yet met any of the titans from the northern dungeon.

Attaching various reasons for me to be able to join the hot spring investigation group was met with strong resistance from the villagers.

「First of all, I don’t mind the reformation of the hot spring investigation group.」

A villager compromised.

「However, it is dangerous so I oppose the participation of the village chief.」

Or not.

Is the north really that dangerous?

「If you really want to greet the titans of the northern dungeon, let’s call them here.」

「Eh? No, that would be impolite.」

「Considering our power relationship, it is fine. On the contrary, why is it that they haven’t greeted you yet and why is it that no one has raised this issue until now?」

「No no, wait wait.」

Is their race that friendly?

That they will come here to greet me without calling them….

「Besides, why do you want to greet them yourself? Have they done something that significant for you to do that?」

「Should I be indebted to them first before I greet them? Ehto….Ah, last year. When we noticed that we don’t have enough houses for the newly arrived residence, they promised that they will take them in.」

「It is not a favor but a trade since we will hand them some supply. In addition, Hakuren-san and Rasuti-san exterminated most of the bloody vipers that are troubling them.」

The flow of discussion shifted at the direction of calling the titans from the northern dungeon.

If it is the usual, I’m already swept away.

But today, I am different.

「No, I will go.」

What strengthens me to go this far?

Hot spring?

Of course not.

I want to avoid calling the unknown titans of the northern dungeon.

Since there is an errand near their area, what’s the point of calling them here?

I want to leave but I don’t want to bother them.

Though the discussion shifted a bit, I believe that the hot spring investigation group will fail to make that a hot spring without me.

「If it is really dangerous, I’ll return on the spot.」

From everyone’s reaction, it seems like it is really a dangerous place. Even I will hesitate to send the villagers into such a place.

In any case, I improvise, adapt, overcome.

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Hot spring investigation group, reformed.

The leader! Me!


Vampires Loo and Flora.

Angels Tier and Gran Maria.

High elf Ria.

Oni Ann.

Lizardman Daga.

Devils Bulga and Stifano.

Dragons Hakuren and Rasuti.

Inferno wolves Kuro, Yuki, and 50 more.

Makura and one hundred more spiders.

There are also ancestor-san, angel Kierbit, and beastkin Gulf.


「Rather than an investigation group, this is more like an invasion troop.」

Frau muttered so.

「You’re exaggerating. Well, the number of members is indeed larger than expected….」

The other high elves, lizardmen, and the mountain elves tried to join but I refused them.

I want them to stay to protect Big Tree Village.

「I’ll leave everything to you while I’m gone.」

I said that to Frau, the mountain elf Ya, and the dwarf Donovan.

Of course, I also said that to Zabuton and the remaining kuros.

「Alright, let’s go.」

I carry a bag….a kuro took the bag and carry it for me.

I’m empty handed.

That’s sad so I’ll just carry a tree branch….there’s no fallen branch.


I took out the AFT and transformed it into its hoe form.

「Alright, let’s go!」

When I said that, ancestor-san approached me.

「Ano, I’ll send you there using magic.」


When ancestor-san said so, Hakuren and Rasuti looked at him as if they didn’t like it.

Okay, there’s no need to walk.



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