Chapter 140 – Titans and Resumption of Investigation

It seems like the titans being hairy is some sort of evolution to defend themselves to the bloody vipers of the northern dungeon.

Even if they are swallowed by bloody vipers, their hair will protect them from gastric juice and they’ll survive by raging inside its stomach.

It seems like the bloody vipers know about it so they don’t touch the titans.

And even if they touch the titans, they will not eat them.

But that’s only applicable to adults.

Bloody vipers target the less hairy children.

The titans are also no match against the bloody vipers but they can fight against young bloody vipers.

That is how the titans and bloody vipers are related.

By the way, the titan’s children are covered with full body wigs made up of adult’s hair.

I get it now.

I apologized because the reason why the earth rat shows up was the collapsed induced by Hakuren and Rasuti but the titans did not receive my apology.

「They came out from the collapsed part of the dungeon but it does not necessarily mean that they are the cause.」

The earth rat rarely comes here and to think that they’ll come out from that collapsed part of the dungeon.

I don’t want to mind this so I’ll think of it as a coincidence.

The titans.

They are good people.

So we had a banquet for them.

The venue is Big Tree Village.

At first, we thought of doing it in the dungeon but among the group, Ann is the only one who could cook perfectly.

I, Ria, and ancestor-san can cook too.

But for the others, they are only at helper level…..

I tried calling back ups from Big Tree Village but Donovan, who can’t cook, looked really lonely so I decided to change the venue to Big Tree Village.

Ancestor-san worked hard with his teleportation magic.

Though he looks tired, he did not stop from eating and drinking.

And the banquet becomes lively.

The titans are pleased with the food and alcohol of the Big Tree Village and are really excited with the program.

When the mountain elves made their demonstration, there was a great cheer.

If you put wheat into the machine they made, it will automatically turn into flour.

They announced it along with the performance of the elves and the civil servant girls.

I feel like the background music helped me calm down.

The power of music is amazing.

So does the power of steam.

When the mountain elves saw the steam coming out during the distillation process in alcohol making, they thought of things where steam can be used so I taught them everything I know about steam power…

And they completed it already.

Or not.

They’re still amazing though.

The first problem they encounter was the heat of the steam has been transferred to the flour.

It burns it.

It also takes time.

Using mortar to grind it is faster.

However, I never thought that they’ll be able to improved it this soon.

I thought so while watching the machine they build burning.



「Please be relieved. We have already prepared a large amount of water so it will be put out immediately.」

No, that’s not the problem….maa, everyone’s fine so I guess it’s okay?


Let’s just cheer at them.

It not a cheer of joy because they burn it.

With the titans here, the party continued late into the night.

The next morning.

I soon as I woke up, I immediately washed my body to return to what I’m supposed to do before the banquet.

Hot spring investigation group, fresh start!

I asked ancestor-san again to teleport us in front of the entrance of the titan’s dungeon.

I checked the traces of yesterday’s battle.

We checked if there are still earth rat nearby using Loo and Tier’s magic.

They detected nothing so I felt relieved.

By the way, I divided the hot spring investigation group into two.

One group will be the hot spring investigation group and the other group will investigate the hole that appeared from the collapsed part of the dungeon.

It is pointless to fill it out since the earth rat can easily dig through it.

We should investigate the reason why the earth rat has come to this place or the titans will never be at peace.

The titans said that the collapse is not the cause but I feel sorry for them so I offered to investigate.

Hakuren and Rasuti are particularly motivated.

This will serve as their reflection on what they’ve done.

Do you best.

I wanted to take part of the hole investigation group but everyone rejected it.

They asked me to continue to be a part of the hot spring investigation group.

I tried to resist but I can’t think of any realistic reason.

「Inside the hole in the dungeon is pitch black….」

So it’s like night there huh.


Using torch is not good for various reasons.

It can’t be helped so I’ll stick with the hot spring investigation group.

Other members are angels, Tier and Gran Maria.

Lizardman Daga.

Angel Kierbit.

Beastkin Gulf.

The inferno wolves are useful at night but all of them are on this group.

Hole investigation group, Leader: dragon Hakuren.

Sub-leader, dragon Rasuti.

Devils Bulga and Stifano.

Vampires Loo and Flora.

High elf Ria.

Oni Ann.

And ancestor-san.

All the spiders including Makura are also part of the hole investigation group.

「Don’t overdo it.」

I said that to Hakuren’s group who are heading towards the dungeon.

Maa, ancestor-san is with them so they can withdraw in case of emergency.

Loo and Flora are there too so healing with magic will not be a problem.

I also think that it is not dangerous but…..

I somewhat feel enthralled, will they be alright?


There’s no point in worrying about it.

They already left so we’ll leave too.

Let’s just trust them.

Besides, it is wrong for me to worry on that side.

Our side has something to do as well.

「I’ve discovered and verified the position of the hot spring. It’s there.」

We followed Gran Maria’s direction and headed north.


We walked in the forest for a long time.

And, it’s pretty hot.

We advanced towards it while I’m making a road using the AFT.

It is really convenient since I don’t get tired while I’m using the AFT.

Unlike the previous village connecting roads I made, this one’s width is enough for a person to walk to.

On the way, we met with a small bloody viper and a pretty big grappler bear but I exterminated them using the hoe form of the AFT.

We continue to move forward.

Beastkin Gulf and lizardman Daga’s POV

「Daga-san, the village chief….isn’t he incredibly strong?」

「Did you think that he’s weak?」

「I thought he’s an ordinary human.」

「Can an ordinary human make a village in the middle of the forest of death?」

「That’s impossible. No, what I thought was….I’m certain that he’s getting along with Kuro-san and Zabuton-san…. Yeah, an ordinary human can’t do that. Thinking about it, he can speak with demon king-sama like it was nothing. He really has the ability to be the village chief.」

「Right. He’s the village chief we are proud of. Please never make rude remarks again.」

「Hahaha. Though it’s probably too late….I’ll do that.」

Angel Kierbit and Gran Maria’s POV.

「Though I already know about it…the village chief is incredibly strong. 」

「Yes. I think so too from time to time. 」

「If only he’s not Tier’s husband…. 」

「You’ll go for him? 」

「Naturally, I’ll offer him to propose marriage. 」

「Why don’t you tell him that? 」

「Us angels follow one husband one wife policy. I’m the daughter of the angel’s leader so I will follow it. 」

「What a shame. 」

「….that open-mindedness, perhaps you…. 」

「As long as you love what you do, why hold back?」

「What did Tier says about it?」

「She encouraged it.」

「Tier did?」

「Yes.  Though angel’s rules are important…. A new child has not been born these past years because of that rule. Tier-sama doesn’t want our race to decline.」


「If you are interested, I will mediate with the village chief to form a relationship with you.」

「An attractive proposal…. but let me think about it first. There are various things I need to consider.」

「Fufu. I understand. The leader’s daughter is really the serious type.」

「There’s that but I thought that it would be better for me to wait for the village chief’s son to grow up….」

「I’ll kill you if you do anything strange to Alfred-sama.」

「Wai-, sto-, what’s with that bloodlust of yours? Joke, it’s only a joke. There are also others, like Ririus and Riguru.」

「You already have a plan of making one of them your future husband…. how hungry are you?」

「Don’t you think that it is better to plan for the future?」

Kuro’s offsprings(wolve’s POV)

「Just as expected.」

「Yeah, we only have to follow Kuro-sama and Yuki-sama.」

「However, we should beat everything as soon as we felt their presence.」

「I know but, it is hard to sense those who are hiding underground.」

「In addition, even if we can sense it, we can’t do anything about that big grappler bear.」

「Right. Even if we all attack it without fearing for our lives, we’ll only be massacred….」

「Kuro-sama must not be injured at any cost.」

「In any case, we should focus on scouting what’s ahead of us. I’ll ask Kuro-sama for permission to scout further.」

「Affirmative. Ah, village chief has kicked another grappler bear.」

「One blow….」

「Won’t the safest formation be the one with the village chief at the front?」

「That is right but if we do that, what’s the point of us escorting him….」

「…let’s just do our best. No, let’s persevere!」




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