Chapter 142 – Earth Rat’s Hole in the West

I am Rasutisumoon.

I’m a dragon whose favorite is dried persimmon.

Though I didn’t act like it before, I’m proud to say that I have acted like a grown-up lately.

It seems like I’m doing a good job that even my father and grandfather praise me.

Then there’s the destruction in the northern dungeon.

It is a failure that both me and Hakuren-aneesama did when we were hunting bloody vipers.

I thought that a part of the dungeon collapsing is a small thing compared to exterminating bloody vipers but I never thought that I was too naive.

The village chief lowered his head to the titans.

Because of what we have done, the village chief was forced to lower his head.

The village chief might think of it as the proper action but it gave me a shock.

To think that the village chief will lower his head because of what we have done.

And it looks like Hakuren-aneesama was more shocked than me.

For the village chief to apologize, this is not a laughing matter.

I’m smiling but I’m angry inside.

I’m really angry.

The titans obviously fear us and there’s no enmity between the titans and us for me to turn my anger to them.

I understand what I’m feeling.

I’m angry at myself.

In order to calm myself, I need to do something outstanding.

I’m not asking to be forgiven but I have to do something in order to suppress what I’m feeling.

Because of that, though it is a little troublesome, we’ll investigate the hole which the earth rats have come out from.

If some heinous individual appears, I’ll use him to relax but….

What if a sealed devil* or an evil deity is there?

TN: Devil here is not the same as the devil servants of the dragons(like Gucci, Stifano, and Bulga). You can think of Satan as a devil and the devil servants of the dragons as diluted/minions.

This might be more dangerous than I thought.

I have to reflect.

The village chief is probably not expecting anything like that to happen.

He only wants to check the hole, make sure that everything is fine, and find out if there is anything that threatens the lives of the titans.

The collapsed part of the dungeon is quite deep.

I remember that there were a lot of bloody vipers here.

That’s why this place collapsed…..

Let’s forget about it.

We went down to the collapsed part where the earth rat came out from. It looks like a tunnel.

The sudden collapsed probably opened a hole in the middle of that tunnel.

The height of the tunnel is about 5 meters.

It is also fairly wide.

It extends to the east and west.

The earth rats came from the east and are digging towards the west.

Now, which way should we head to?

「Rasuti, I’ll head east. Go west.」

I can’t go against Hakuren aneesama

I obediently follow her.

My companions are the vampires Loo and Flora.

High elf Ria.

Devil Bulga and Stifano.

And half of the spiderlings.

Hakuren-aneesama is being accompanied by the oni Ann and the other half of the spiderlings.

The vampire’s true ancestor is also with her.

The vampire’s true ancestor.

Grandfather said that I shouldn’t oppose him as much as possible.

He’s that powerful.

However, he’s not absolute.

Grandfather said to not oppose the village chief no matter what….

I wonder why?

We already had a fight before and didn’t we reconcile immediately afterwards?

Maa, ancestor and village chief are close to each other so they surely won’t be hostile against each other.

It is the same for Hakuren-aneesama.

I’m sure he’s a reliable person.


If Hakuren-aneesama acts recklessly, the village chief will surely be angry if she didn’t protect the oni Ann and the spiderlings.

When I was thinking of such a thing, the vampire’s true ancestor waves his hand towards me.

Did I look too worried?

Or can he read my mind?

If that is the case, he’s amazing.

To be able to read a dragon’s mind…..

Remembering what grandfather told me, I tried thinking of a joke.

No response.

It seems to be alright.

If he can really read my mind, I’m sure he’ll burst into laughter immediately.

Don’t tell me that my joke is boring?

Now, we’re going to a serious investigation towards the west.


I breathed in greatly and spouted fire at once.

I’m in my human form but I’m still a dragon.

Should I continue this for about 5 minutes?

Since I continue to spit fire, the small fries will all be exterminated.

The only one who’ll be left behind will be the ringleader.

I’m sure of it.

Now, let’s go.

I encouraged my stunned companions.

By the way, Hakuren-aneesama has done the same thing.

They got angry.

It seems like we’re wrong to use fire in a cave.

Though I certainly thought about the village chief’s principle first before doing anything….

「It is safe for dragons but not for me.」

The high elf Ria said that.

If you use fire in a cave, it seems like it will consume the air needed by living things.

I think I heard something like that a long long time ago…..

It’s not related to dragons so I didn’t pay any attention to it.

「There’s air flowing so I guess it’s okay….」

If it’s okay then there’s no problem.

Let’s continue the investigation.

We only walk through the tunnel.

On the way, we found something poisonous looking so I burnt it with my flame. The end.

To be honest, this is boring.

The only thing I look forward to is the food prepared by Bulga and Stifano during our break.

We advance as the tunnel continues.

As Ria said, there’s an airflow so it’s not a dead end.

And we reached that place…..after a few days.

We finally arrive.

It’s an open space.

The space is spherical but not in a clean way, it’s deformed.

But there is a jet black rock at the bottom of the sphere.

「Is that some kind of seal?」

The jet black rock has some characters carved to it so it might really be so.

Then, what is sealed in it?

It must be big considering the size of this place.

There is a hole just right above the rock.

The wind blowing is coming there so it is likely connected to the ground.

「We’ll scout it.」

The vampires Loo and Flora went up the hole.

I’m slightly envious because I can’t fly in my human form.

In any case, given the distance we traveled, I’m sure it’s still the forest of death.

I don’t think that we have traveled to a distance where we have reached the west mountain.


Loo and Flora soon returned.

They gave us a warning.


The sound of falling can be heard as skeletons and zombies fall from the hole as they chased Loo and Flora.

They hit the jet black rock as they fell and stop moving. These idiots.

The ghosts are a little troublesome because they can fly.

Normal attacks don’t work on ghosts too so they should be attacked with magic.


「Everyone, behind me.」

I’ll just finish them off with my fire breath.

I spit fire with my every power and incinerate the ghosts who came over.

The falling skeleton and zombies were incinerated too.

I continued blowing toward the hole.

Perhaps my exhilarating flame has already gushed to the ground.

The surrounding undead must have burnt too.




Could I be doing something catastrophic to the ground?


I’ll be yelled at!

I had Loo carry me to the ground. The forest is burning.

I returned to my dragon form and conjure wind….not working.

But I still continue to do it….I’ll extinguish this fire.

Ugh, why haven’t I foresaw this…

But I’ll do my best.



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