Chapter 148 – Way Back Home (One)

Based on ancestor-san’s story, the dungeon of the titans collapsed because there’s a big tunnel underneath it extending from east to west.

On the western side,  it ends to the place where Rasuti’s group found a black rock.

The east side also arrived at a place with a black rock but the tunnel further extends to the east.

The last point seems to be a place beyond the mountain range in the east of the forest of death.

The tunnel is one straight rod but it seems like there was a branch that leads to the ground.

And that happened several times.

Those are parts of dungeons and earth rat’s nest.

One was within the vicinity of the forest of death, the second one is beneath the mountain range, and the last one is beyond the mountain range.

Two of them are earth rat’s nest.

Those two earth rat’s nest were destroyed by Hakuren, oni maid Ann, and the spiderlings.

「Did some managed to escape?」

「That is something I am unable to confirm.」


Ancestor-san is only lightly answering my questions.

It seems like he’s really tired.

He’s currently taking this chance to soak in the hot spring.

I’m also taking a bath.

「How about the dungeon?」

「I crushed it as soon as I saw it but it’s not a big deal. The group…..because there’s no airhole, wouldn’t it be great to have one?」

Beside ancestor-san is me.


「As for the reason of you asking me, if you really want to consider the safety of the titan’s dungeon…..I recommend destroying the hole.」

「Right….that might be for the best.」

If you look at it like a house, you can say that the back door is really loose.

「I’m worried about the black rock too. It is probably best to bury them with the hole.」

「Is there something wrong with them?」

「Hnnn…. they are located quite deep. If they crashed straight, i think that there would be at least a visible impact on the ground…..I also don’t think that they were buried using magic since it is something that negates magic.」

「To put it simply, they are manually buried there. And you probably think that there’s a pattern on how they are buried.」

「That’s right.」

「…. I see. So, is there a way to prevent the earth rats from digging them?」

「Hnn? That is…their nest has a lot of entrance and exit points so….Aahhh, right. I know of a certain magic that can deal with that.」

「Great. Then, I’ll leave it to you.」

「I’ll take care of it.」

After ancestor-san answers, he looked up the sky and put a towel on his eyes.

「Ah….but, you should really enjoy this place first.」

Ancestor-san seems to be really tired.

「The dungeon beyond the mountain range is almost uninhabited. There is a ruined village near the entrance of the dungeon on the ground and ancestor-sama said that that’s the place where the angels exterminated the undead.」

After eating, Ann explains their findings on the east side.

「You went to a pretty far place.」

「Yes. But the tunnel is straight. It was a simple journey.」

「Is it?」

The spiderlings raise their leg so I praise them since they also work hard like Ann and the others.

According to what I heard, they played a considerable part in communication, luggage carrying, and battle.


「Thank you for your hard work, Ann.」

「Ah, do you intend to let her live in the village?」

「Do you think that it’s not good for me to take care of her.」

「I don’t mind but, won’t Torain be jealous?」

「Maybe, but I’ll love them equally. I think she’ll be a reliable older sister of Torain.」

「I understand. Let’s just think about an additional action if Torain is troubled.」

「Thank you very much.」

When Ann lowered her head, Ursa came over.

She’s riding a kuro.

I wonder if it is normal for a child of her age to ride a kuro.

「Eeehhhhh, ano? What’s that strange thing over there?」

When Ursa found Ann, she got off of the kuro, run towards her, and hug her.

「It’s not strange. It is a slide made by the village chief.」

Hakuren comes up afterwards.

Because Ursa dislikes Hakuren, it will be troublesome if she lives in the village like that so I intend to make them closer with each other.

Because of that, I asked Hakuren to take care of Ursa…..


Ursa puts her tongue out towards Hakuren.

It seems like it’s not going well.

Well, I know that it is impossible to obtain an immediate result.

By the way, the slide is a water slide from the hot spring to the river.

I thought that it was a child’s play but I never thought that everyone would like it.

Is it because they never slipped on a slide during their childhood?

Should I make one in the village as well?

While I was thinking of it, I pat the head of the kuro that Ursa was riding until a while ago.

「You have it hard.」

…..several kuros went around Ursa.

Don’t worry, even if she didn’t choose you I’ll still pat you.

Five days after Hakuren’s group joined us.

We left the hot spring.

I’m currently riding a raft and just like I initially planned, we’ll go first to the place that is burnt by Rasuti.

「So, only Makura will not join.」

Her whereabouts was known.

She’s in the titan’s dungeon.

I she going to meet up with us on the way? Or will I have to ask ancestor-san to teleport her back?

Every one of us is either riding a raft or a boat.

The reason why we’ll leave only after five days is because I have to make rafts or boats for everyone.

Well, there’s also ancestor-san who doesn’t want to leave the hot spring immediately.

After making enough for everyone, we finally left using rafts and boats.

Though the flow of the river is fast, beyond the area where they were playing earlier has a slightly gentle flow.

Slightly gentle but not in a bad way.

There are also 1 meter long fish flying from the river from time to time.

Most of them are caught by the web of the spiderlings and enter the kuro’s stomach afterward.

Is it alright for them to eat it raw?

Well, it will be more worrying if they use fire here.

When the river flow becomes faster, I’ll start to worry if there is a waterfall ahead but since Gran Maria and Kierbit scout from time to time, there’s nothing to worry about.

The river flow changes depending on the depth of the riverbed.

The flow is slow when it’s deep and it will be fast if it’s shallow.

I see.

Does this mean that if it becomes really deep, it will stop?

And if it’s really deep…..

A big fish suddenly jumped out of the river.


It looks like it’s around 3 meters.

Is it the boss of this area?

It looks like a moray.

The reason I thought of that is because of its moray-like mouth.

No matter how I look at it, it looks carnivorous.

I wanted to observe it more but Loo exterminated it with magic.

That’s wonderful but, is it really alright to use lightning magic when we’re at the water?

The kuros and the spiderlings seem to be okay but I’m a little startled.

「Is everyone okay?」

Everyone replied that they’re okay. Loo was preached by Tier and Ann afterward.

Especially Ann, she’s particularly angry.

Probably because Ursa is crying.


Looking around, lizardman Daga and beastkin Gulf were stunned.

I guess that’s why they were not able to reply.

I have to reflect.

We get the now floating fish on the river to turn it into our food.

There seems to be no second area boss.

What a relief.

We arrived at our destination. We get off of our rafts and boats and move to the forest.

A wonderfully burnt area.

And it’s really wide.

There’s also a huge hole in the center.

The black rock that Rasuti has said should be at the bottom of this hole.

First of all…..

Since this area suffered a large scale fire, big beasts seem to have come here to check it.

Let’s get rid of them.

I took out the AFT in its hoe form.




I’ll leave the spectating big beasts to Hakuren and Rasuti.

I’m anxious about a certain thread.


That black thread seems to have come from the bottom of the hole…..and it is attached to Ursa who’s beside Ann.

I don’t know what it is but I have a bad feeling about it.

I plowed the thread with the AFT in its hoe form.

There was a sharp splitting sound.

And the thread disappears.

That was refreshing.

I check Ursa.

There’s no thread attached to her anymore.

Ursa will be probably safe now.

Somehow, I felt that way.

Angels Tier, Gran Maria, and Kierbit’s POV

「If she’s really Urbraza-sama……won’t it be a problem since she’s turned too young?」

「She needs a strong proof especially with the Kingdom of Full Heart, Kingdom of Galbart, and the Kingdom of Garrett or else they’ll make a commotion.」

「Ah….that’s right. She’s the “brave queen” of those countries.」

TN: Just a clarification, her title is 英雄女王 which can be read as eiyuu joou. I translated it as “brave queen” but others might argue that eiyuu should be translated as hero. I’ve always translated yuusha as hero and eiyuu as brave and will continue to do so.

「Those countries were divided after being simultaneously attacked by the demon king.」

「And all of them claimed to be the successor of the brave queen.」

「And when we had a proof that she’s alive….」

「They won’t give up their authority obediently….」

「However….we can’t disregard the fact that she’s still alive either.」

「The vampires and dragons are involved too.」

「This will really be a troublesome issue that it might even start a great war.」

「The village chief won’t like it.」

「….but we can’t stay silent.」

「I agree. Let’s discuss this with the others. I’ll talk to the vampires.」

「I’ll talk to Ann, Ria, Daga, and Gulf.」

「Eh? I’m in charge of the dragons? Wait, change with me. Change!」

「Please do your best. Also, don’t forget about Bulga and Stifano.」

AN: Talking order: Tier, Gran Maria, Kierbit.



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