Arc 1 Chapter 1.6 – Transaction

Kousuke’s group rode the merchant Schmidt’s carriage who was on his way to Ryuusen.

Fortunately, neither that horse nor the carriage sustains any damage and they would arrive in two hours if there is no second attack.

In the carriage, beside Kousuke’s group of three and Schmidt, Gozen, the leader of the guards, is there too.

「Again, let me express my gratitude for your help. A little while ago, when I was asked to purchase something from you, I heard that there are certain circumstances but that won’t be a problem. Will the other fine with that arrangement too?」

「Yes, I don’t really need the money but….I have questions that I would like you to answer, is that alright? Frankly speaking, I want information.」

「Information….is it?」

Schmidt’s eyes shined(of course, it might also be only Kousuke’s imagination), Kousuke thought so.

「Yes, about the certain circumstances that you heard, the truth is, until a few days ago, we were at the tower of Gazenran.」

This is something that Eris taught Kousuke while he was living in the Garden of Eternal Spring.

Because he can’t honestly tell anyone that he was transferred here from another world, it will be the best excuse he can say for his sudden appearance.

Kousuke did not bother himself thinking deeply about it.

By the way, he was not taught of what kind of place the tower of Gazenran is.

He was told to see it for himself with a smile.

Gozen who heard him reacted.

「…..teleportation trap?」

「Yes….probably. Before we know it, we are already here….and since monsters come out here, I assume that this is the central?」

Schmidt and Gozen nodded after hearing his question.

「As expected….then…..after wandering for several days, we found something like a highway and we say you being attacked.」

「So that’s what happened….」

Schmidt nodded.

Looking at them, deep in his heart, he was relieved.

That is something that the three talked about before coming out on the highway. Because it is impossible for them to tell the truth, they have come up with this lie.

「Then, the information you want, is it the market price of materials?」

「The currency used too.」

「Alright, I understand.」

Then, Schmidt talked about the currency, about the market, and the price of materials.

Kousuke thought that he would pry a little about him in Gazenran but it seems like his past won’t be questioned.

(Schmidt is a capable guy.)

Gozen also talked about the materials that can be taken from monsters in the vicinity.

After all, the most important topic is how to earn money.

It is good that it was answered immediately.

Since there is an official guild administered in Ryuusen, they plan on registering to undertake work.

They already proclaimed themselves to be teleported from the tower so they’ll just say that their identity cards were lost during that time. As an official guild, its rules will be the same as the other guilds in other continents.

However, since Kousuke’s group never registered to a guild before, they don’t know how to utilize it.

In any case, they still need to go to a guild in order to get a badge since they need proof of identity.

「With Mitsuki’s ability, you can earn money without problem.」

That was Gozen. Schmidt, who heard him, nodded greatly.

By the way, in this world, the guild is a big organization but it is not united. On the contrary, it is scattered.


In this world, the people who undertakes monster extermination are called adventurers.

A party of adventurer is usually composed of six individuals.

Of course, there are other parties with fewer than six members and there are also soloists.

When there is a number of them, they will now be a guild.

A small guild can take a contract from an official guild in a per-party basis and they can also sell materials directly to merchants or craftsmen.

When it comes to a big guild, when a contract directly hires them so, all of its members must comply.

Most adventurers belong to(or create) some kind of guild but most of them start off in an official guild.

In a sense, an official guild is also an institution that raises newbie adventurers.

It is natural to say that the fate of a city is determined by the number of adventurers it has to defend against monsters.

「Will you show me the material you offered?」

Schmidt returned to the original topic as we’re even talking about foods in the central continent.

Although it can only be considered as a chat, to Kousuke, they are valuable raw information to this world. He got absorbed in it and forgot about their transaction.

Kouhi and Mitsuki’s thought wander from time to time but the two of them didn’t think much about it since they won’t need it that much. For them, they’ll only need to follow what Kousuke ask them to do.

Since Schmidt already told them things they asked for, Kouhi took out the material in order to give it to Schmidt.

Kouhi took something from somewhere and a fur appeared on her right hand.

Schmidt and Gozen were surprised with what they saw.

「What the!? Isn’t that item box magic!?」

「And that fur, isn’t that a fur of a black bear!?」

Actually, Kouhi used something of a much higher category than an item box but it is impossible for the two to determine such a thing.

To begin with, item box isn’t a magic that is well known to others.

「….ehto. Is it that unusual?」

Schmidt and Gozen were puzzled and looked at Kousuke with delicate eyes.

「….that is right. It is not like no one has seen using it before but it is really rare.」

Item box is a magic that every merchant wants badly. In addition, exterminating a black bear is a proof of being a top-notch adventurer here in the central continent.」

After hearing them, Kousuke thought that they have shown something they should not have but there is no point in crying over a spilled milk. It is rare but there are others that can use it too.

Also, since he is with Kouhi and Mitsuki, he is destined to attract other people’s attention. He changed his way of thinking and thought that this is something tolerable.

「Is that so? Well, we have been using it and it is really a convenient magic. As for the black bear, we met it in the place we were teleported at and we were only able to secure its fur.」

「…..I see.」

Gozen, who was struck, move again. He then looks the black bear fur that Schmidt is currently appraising.

While waiting for appraisal, I anxiously asked Gozen.

「So, you’re going to be rated as a first-rate adventurer by defeating a black bear?」

「Ah, in central, you won’t be so. Black bear is not known for being strong but it only shows up in the inner part of the central continent. Just going there is already a challenge. 」

「So that’s how it is. I know that furs are traded for a high price so that’s the only thing we kept…. 」

Schmidt, who heard him, stopped his appraisal and made a slightly disappointed look.

「Everything other than the fur were disposed of?」


「Is that so? That’s regrettable. The internal organs of black bears are also very useful material for making medicine.」

Gozen also has a not so good expression.

「Indeed. I see…..even though you said that, I don’t think we could return to that place because we’re not sure if we will be able to come back after getting the materials.」

「Maa, given the situation, you’re right.」

「Right…..Aside from that, this fur is a perfect material. There’s no doubt about it… about two pieces of big gold coins?」

Kousuke was surprised when he heard him.

One big gold coin is equal to one million cents(one cent is roughly equal to 1 yen) so he’ll be earning 2 million cents for one fur.

Though he did not know the real value, Gozen’s reaction shows everything.

「Oi oi, Schmidt-san, are you serious!?」

「Yes, I am serious….. Black bear’s fur can be used as a material for adventurer’s armor but it is also popular for noble ladies’ coats. In the first place, the fur is bulky so adventurers who got one will surely cut it to several pieces. However, this fur’s size is perfection. To say it clearly, an additional gold coin is nothing compared to the customers that will want this.」

「Hoh, I see.」

After hearing the two’s conversation, Kousuke is at his wit’s end.

It’s because that black bear is not the only one that attacked them. There are ten of them divided into Kouhi and Mitsuki’s item box.

If he sold all of them for the same price, it means that he’ll receive a total of 20 million cents.

Originally, he has no intention of taking them all out especially that one has already earned him a lot.

He had no intention of being too greedy but sufficiency is something he must consider.

「…..oya? Kousuke-sama, is there something wrong?」

Did he see through him? The merchant Schmidt spoke with Kousuke with a full smile.

Kousuke decided to bring it up.

「Ehto, actually….the fur, it’s not just that.」


The smiling Schmidt stiffened.

「Ah, Kouhi, show him all.」

「As you wish.」

As per Kousuke’s instruction, Kouhi took out all the black bear fur from her item box. Of course, since she was not ordered to, Mitsuki did not do anything.

Schmidt, who was given with additional furs, checks them in a hurry.

Gozen, who saw what happened, looked at Kousuke’s group with a face full of amazement.

「Ah, Kousuke-san…I, should I envy you? Or should I be frightened?」

He looks really emotional.

「….ehto….maa, allow me to say it but, I’m totally useless in combat….」

「If we only consider how you look, you are clearly not skillful.」


「Maa, if this goes out, you will definitely be flooded with recruitment from several guilds.」


Both Kousuke and Gozen looked at Kouhi and Mitsuki.

「I will not take instruction from anyone other than my lord.」

「Right. Our only master is Kousuke-sama.」

Gozen, who saw the two’s reaction, pats Kousuke’s shoulder.

「….maa, do your best.」


Kousuke could only laugh at those words of encouragement.

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