Chapter 171 – New Dog

I am an inferno wolf under Kuro-sama’s pack.

With my level of ability, I was appointed to be the leader of ten.

Maa, I’m moderately strong.

Enough that I can be proud of it.

I’m at the upper ranks.

My current duty is to lead several of us to explore the forest.

Our objective is not hunting but territory management.

The place is considerably far from the village.

It will take two days of run.

Since we need to move around the village at that distance, it will take twenty days in total.

It is a duty that needs us to leave the village that everyone dislikes.

But there are also benefits.

We can eat the prey catch during this mission on the spot.

Home is far away so if we don’t eat them during the mission, we’ll get hungry.

And one more thing.

I’m looking for a partner.

It is very rare to encounter an inferno wolf who does not belong to the village when we leave it.

My purpose is to invite someone like that.

Of course, she must be free and can join our pack.

As for the qualification I’m looking for someone to become my partner

There is this good she-wolf in the pack that I want to become my partner….no.

My apologies.

I’ll have too many rivals so it is better for me to forget her.

I’ll just find someone to become my partner in this mission.

Ten days have passed.

We continue our mission while mainly eating fanged rabbit then, I found this unusual creature.

A puppy.



It’s not an inferno wolf pup.

I know by its smell.

What kind of puppy is this?

Moreover, it’s weary.

It’s still alive but it is dying.

What should I do?

Should I get it with my mouth?

Its size is about half of my face.

A mouthful….it can be eaten with a bite or two.

When one founds something unusual, it is said to bring it home or leave a sign but….


It can’t be helped.

I’ll call my colleague and have him take over as the leader.

Taking it home is troublesome.

If it dies before we arrive at the village, then that’s it.

I can also order someone else to bring it home but……

It will be unfair for them since my colleagues’ situation is similar to mine, they are also looking for partners.

It will be hard to order one of them.

I’m the one who found it so it will be my responsibility.

After that, I am now taking back the puppy to the village.

I took it first with my mouth but it’s too shake there so I put it on my back.

It was hard to keep it from falling.

Along the way, I took some breaks and find some food and water.

I’m doing great with the puppy.

It’s still alive.


It is hard to eat?

It can’t be helped.

I’ll make it softer for you…..

We arrived at the village.

The puppy managed to survive.

I call out boss.

「Bark (boss boss, I found something weird.)」

Boss looked at the puppy and immediately call for someone to heal it.

As expected of boss.

「You helped the puppy. You did well.」


I was praised.

I receive a head pat…


Stomach too?

Interrupting my partner search was worth it.

Three months later.

「Bark(aniki aniki)」

There is a puppy beside me.

No, with its size, it can’t be called a puppy anymore.

Or rather, it is already bigger than me.

Two times bigger.

It is probably because boss was the one who took care of it when I brought it in this village.

It took a liking to me.

Going with the flow, it is obviously looking for me….

It has a habit of bumping into me with its body as a greeting which I can’t get rid off.

I am still more powerful compared to it but the impact is still painful.

「Bark(Are you going out to hunt? Let me go with you.)」

Though it cannot defeat me yet, it has become considerably strong.

As for magic, it is better than me.

「Bark(Aniki, I killed the rabbit!)」


Did it just spew flame?

I could also do it if I try….probably not….

Yeah, you’re not a dog.

You already give off a certain atmosphere.

And dogs don’t grow that big.

No, you’re not a normal puppy in the first place.

If you’re not a dog, what are you?

Thick silver fur.

Looks like a dog on certain angles but looks like a wolf too.

However, I don’t know any other wolf other than inferno wolf in this area.

Though I heard that at the edge of the forest, there is a certain specie of wolf….but what is it?

Even if you’re no longer a puppy, I’ll still call you puppy.

It seems to have received a name from boss but I won’t call you that because of envy.

It is now mating season.

I was not able to find a partner so this season make me difficult to stay in the village.

I’ll try to sleep after eating this apple that fell from a tree here in fruit area.

「Bark(aniki aniki)」

Puppy arrives.

Speaking of which, you have to find a partner too.

I’m not complaining but it is puppy’s fault that I was not able to find a partner.

It suddenly barges in when I was having this good atmosphere with a she-wolf.

Did it do it intentionally?

It meant no harm, I’m not angry…..


Well, it had protected me from the attacks of brutal she-wolves.

「Bark bark(Apple, an apple fell here)」


Ah, only one?

Did it fell at the same time as the one I ate?

「Bark (Aniki, please)」


You eat it.

「Bark (A-aniki)」

Though the puppy is holding back, I know that it likes them since apples are chewy and delicious.

Kuh….the apple’s smell.

I must not look….I must not.


「Bark (Aniki, are you going to sleep?)」

Yeah, don’t disturb me.

「Bark (Okay. Then, I’ll sleep next to you….)」

Hey, you’re too close.

Ah, mou…..

I’ll permit you to act like this only this year.

Next year, you will no longer be a puppy and I’ll have a partner by then too.

….Hnn, I guess I’ll have to look for someone of the same species as puppy.

No, it should look for a partner itself.

A partner is not someone to be prepared for you.

「Barff (Aniki, did you say something?)」

No, it’s nothing.

Hah….mating season, I wish for it to end early.

Conversation of a high elf and the village chief about the one the inferno wolf brought.

「It became big.」

「Right. I was worried at first but it looks like it gets along well with them especially with that one….」

「Yeah. It looks up to the guy who brought it like a parent.」

「I don’t think that it still looks at him like a parent since it is already that big. In addition, look at them….」


「They are male and female.」

「Eh? You mean it is a female?」

「It looks scary but it’s a female.」

「Really? But I have given it a gallant name.」

「Maybe it doesn’t mind having a gallant name.」

Conversation of the true ancestor and the vampire princess.

「Areh? Isn’t that a fenrir? Why is it in the inferno wolf pack? What’s happening?」

「The vampire’s true ancestor is talking a stroll in this village with a cup of tea on his hand, don’t you think that’s more unusual?」



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