Chapter 175 – Mountain Toppling Festival + α

I heard that when a dragon becomes pregnant, she will be violent but there was no sign of that happening so far.

I feel relaxed.

Well, she has been eating and sleeping properly.

I remember the first time she came to this village.

It was like war back then.

But now, she’s pregnant.

She’s doing whatever she wants.

She wants breakfast in bed.

Say no more.

She wants to take a nap.

Say no more.

She wants to sleep in the evening.

Say no more.

A pregnant woman’s job is to sleep.

And get up and play at night…

Rumble rumble…..


If Hakuren is up, Ursa will surely not sleep.

I want her to live a regular life since she’s pregnant.

Ah, wait.

Could it be that dragons are nocturnal?

「No, not at all.」

Rasuti replied.

I see, I see.


She wakes up at night because she sleeps all day.

Then, can I obstruct an afternoon nap……of a pregnant woman?


How can we fix her day-night reversal?

I can’t think of anything.

When I was about to send a message to consult Raimeiren….Hakuren grabbed my arm.

Hakuren shook her head left and right while having a frustrated expression. I smiled at her.

「Then, sleep at night, got it?」

It was impossible for her to do that soon but she managed to do so after 10 days.

You are mother and daughter, why are you scared of Raimeiren?

The day of the festival has come.

The villagers of Village One, Village Two, and Village Three have been coming here little by little since a few days ago in order to prepare for today.

We have prepared bed to those who have come early but the rooms are insufficient so we need to set up tents for the remaining ones.

Even before the festival, the atmosphere here is already lively.

But why?

「The tents are really popular.」

I understand how they feel but I hope you won’t catch cold.

There’s no absentee from each village.

Parents with a small child are arranged to stay at the inn.

There are many guests as usual.

First is Michael-san.

He’s already here the day before along with various commodities.

Doraim is also here since he’s the one who carried Michael-san.

He said that Dors and Raimeren will surely come to see Hakuren.

I took a bath and speak with them afterwards.

From the demon king’s kingdom, Yuri, Beezel, Glatts, Randan, and another one has come.

「Nice to meet you. I am Hou-leg. Please take care of me from now on.」

Hou is a woman.

She has bright red wings on her back but she’s not an angel.

「I have enjoyed various alcohol from this village. I especially like the one made from sugar cane….it was the best.」

「Ahaha. Is that so?」

That was something hard that I can’t even drink straight.

After greeting me, Hou went to a stall that is preparing food.

Ah, that’s not her target.

She’s looking for alcohol.

「My apologies. Hou really loves alcohol.」

「Hahaha. She’ll get along with the dwarves.」

After Hou, I’m now talking to Beezel.

During that time, Glatts talks the minotaur Ronana.

Randan bowed to me and also head for a stall.

「The demon king wasn’t able to make it?」

「He has accumulated work so he can’t attend this time. It’s a result of him always playing around. 」

Yuri was the one who answered. She went to the seat reserved for distinguished guests while being accompanied by Beezel.

The next who arrived are ancestor-san and Fushu.

Ancestor-san has been coming here all the time but he hasn’t stayed for too long since he’s a busy person.

「I want to throw them all away and settle down here permanently.」

Hearing ancestor-san’s declaration, Fushu made a troubled expression.

I told Fushu where the migrants of Village One are and have the civil servant girls guide her to them.

It’s because the next guest came.

Dors and Raimeiren.

It hasn’t been a while since I last saw them. They came here when to celebrate Hakuren’s pregnancy after all.

After greeting them, I’ll take them to where Hakuren is.


That’s not necessary anymore. Doraim personally came for them.

Maa, isn’t this guy intimate?

As for the others, Gulf from the Howling Village came.

He has been here ever since he came with the two new apprentices of Gutt.

Rasuti was the one in charge of transporting those two so they surely came here easily…

Will Howling Village be okay without their best warrior?

Is it really alright for him to come alone here?

It is probably okay now since they have become friendlier with the human village.

Maa, let’s just welcome him since he’s here.

After that, four lamias from the southern dungeon came and two titans from northern dungeon as well.

The ghost knight came from the hot spring.

Just the other day, Doraim heard about the hot spring so Daga and Gulf accompanied him there as guides. They took back the ghost knight afterwards.

It looks like it is looking forward to it so I guess it’s okay.

Before noon.

The festival started in full scale.

This year’s festival is mountain toppling.

However, there is an opening performance before that.

「First question. Jack, who’s living in Village One, has a wife and her name is Morte. If you think the statement is correct, move to the place with ○ written on it. If you think that it is incorrect, move to the place with × written on it.」

A quiz tournament.

Though it is a quiz, it won’t pose really hard questions.

Even normal villagers who are living normally can answer them.

However, they are disadvantageous for the guests.

Maa, I think you can answer those quiz question if you use a little bit of intellect.

The questions are prepared in advance and are randomly selected.

This will end when there is only one participant left.

The hostess is one of the civil servant girls.

She’s using magic in order to have everyone in the venue hear what she’s saying.

Everyone can join….that’s what I wanted to say but there are pregnant women and small children here so we have to screen them a little.

As for the guests, they can join if they want.

「Third question: Kuro-san is the first one who lived in Big Tree Village.」

The answer is ×.

I’m the first one.

I thought no one would answer it wrongly but….the group of migrants unexpectedly answered it wrong.

「Tenth question: The name of the village chief is Hiraku.」

The answer is ○.

…..but it’s not well known.

I’m shocked.

「Isn’t the village chief’s name Village Chief?」

So that’s how it is….maybe I should wear a name tag.

「Now, the participants have decreased a lot….」

The remaining ones are few of the kuros and few of the spiderlings.

And the wine slime too.

….There’s no humanoid.

I looked at Loo.

「I haven’t remembered all the migrant’s name yet….」

I looked at Tier.

「I never heard that there are now more than 50 dwarves here.」

Ah, yeah.

I don’t know that too.

And the last question…..

「Seventeenth question: Michael-san has come today. Ah, please wave your hand. Thank you very much. He has two grandchildren.」

All of the participants moved to ○.

Michael-san always talks about his two grandsons every time he comes to this village.

Even the kuros, the spiderlings, and the wine slime know about that.


However, in contrast to everyone’s knowledge, the answer is × so the participants did not get it right.

It was explained afterwards.

「Last month, it seems like his granddaughter was born.」



The venue was wrapped with applause.


「Everyone’s wrong. That’s too bad. Therefore, all remaining participants will be revived!!」

The quiz tournament was exciting.

The winner is Yuki.

It seems like she was blessed after all of them were revived.

I put the quiz king’s crown on her head.

Her tail is wagging more than usual.

「The quiz tournament was more enjoyable than we anticipated.」

「I agree. There’s no restriction needed. Every race and even children can participate. By the way, the quiz has become a hot topic especially for the new residents…. I think it might be a good opening act for every festival.」

When one of the civil servant girls suggested that, everyone agrees.

「It is good that everyone agrees. Now….the true festival will begin…」

I look at the sky.

It is almost night.

Never thought that the quiz tournament will be this exciting….

We rechecked and reestimate the schedule.

The mountain of logs is already arranged. Everyone is only waiting for the signal to begin.

「I don’t think we should do it at night. How about continuing tomorrow….」


Let’s do it tomorrow.

The festival will begin on its second day.

However, won’t this ruin the guests’ schedule?

Also, we have to consider the kuros and spiderlings guarding each village.

I’m sorry.



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