Arc 1 Chapter 1.7 – The First City

The five black bear furs the Kousuke handed to Schmidt were appraised with a price of 10 large gold coins.

Schmidt’s estimate was higher but Kousuke refused to receive more than that.

The condition is that he won’t tell anyone that those came from him.

Of course, Kousuke requested Gozen that too so Schmidt decided to pay him some hush money.

At first, Gozen said that he doesn’t need it but he was forced to accept it.

Though Kousuke felt that those two will not tell anyone about it, he thought that it will be a bother if they trouble him in the future.

Schmidt is a peddler so he doesn’t have enough gold in hand to pay up the 10 pieces of gold. He’s going to pay them as at the city.

They decided to stay at the same inn as Schmidt so he’ll pay them there.

For the time being, Kousuke received two big gold coins which are the payment for the first piece of fur. By the way, even if they got into the city, there are few places where they can spend those big gold coins because its value is too high.

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While they were discussing various things, they approached the gate of the city of Ryuusen.

The three of them don’t have an identification card and they need to pay up upon entering the city so Schmidt will deduct those expenses to the payment of the furs.

With that, the three of them were able to enter the city of Ryuusen without any problems. They were asked with several questions at the gate but were able to enter the city.

The carriage entered the city and went straight to the inn they’ll stay in today.

Gozen’s group will be also staying at that inn. Though they were already inside the city, the contract indicates that it will only end until they arrive at the inn.

After entering the city of Ryuusen, they encountered no problem so the carriage arrived at the inn immediately.

Apart from Schmidt, who has now paid the furs, they’ll say goodbye to Gozen’s group here.

Having said that, they are all staying at the same inn so they’ll likely pass each other.

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The future plan is to go to the official guild so the present task is to take a room.

After the guild registration, we’ll shop for household goods.

By the way, most of our cash, I entrusted them to Kouhi.

One piece of gold coin is a lot of silver and copper which is kind of bulky.

Because of that, I asked Kouhi to temporarily put them on her item box. How are we going to handle our money in the future? We’ll have to discuss it tonight.

Given that Kouhi is the one keeping our money, I had her check in for us.

As soon as we enter the inn, there was something like a counter where there is a woman.

No, I’ll say it clearly. An obasan is sitting there.


When she noticed us, she showed a surprised expression for an instant that immediately turned into a smile.

「Is there a room available?」

「How do you plan on assigning the rooms?」

「Do you have a room for three?」

After hearing Kouhi, Kousuke wanted to immediately stop her but when he looked at Mitsuki, who is standing next to him, it seems like she’s expecting that as if it was the natural thing to do.

(… Areh? You don’t find it strange? Am I the strange one?)

The talk between Kouhi and the landlady continues despite the confusion of Kousuke.

「There’s no room with three beds but there is a room with a big bed.」

「We’ll take that.」

「Okay. Wait a minute」

The room has been decided even before Kousuke managed to say anything.

And before he was able to take in what’s happening, they were already taken to the room.

Although the size of the room is moderate, there is one big bed.

It is big enough for three or four people to sleep in.

Though that inn doesn’t look like one that nobles will use, Kousuke was concerned of who’ll demand such a room.

(After all, if they have something like this, it means that there’s a demand for it.)

Kousuke is escaping reality by thinking about what purpose that room serves.

Before he noticed it, the landlady who has guided them there was gone.

「Ehto, why are we going to stay in one room? And there’s only one bed….」

「Is there a problem?」

「It is the problem!」

Kousuke shouted unintentionally while Kouhi maintained her usual expression.

Mitsuki who watch the two’s conversation smiled, laughed, and finally says.

「Kouhi, what Kousuke-sama wanted to say is that sleeping in the same bed is unwise.」

「? What’s the problem?」

「Us, we’re the problem.」

「….eh? That’s not!」

Hearing Mitsuki’s prompt answer, Kousuke shouted unintentionally again.

Though Mitsuki seems to know where he is coming, it seems like Kouhi still doesn’t get his concern.

Because of that, Mitsuki continued explaining.

「In short, Kousuke-sama is still hesitant in having that kind of relationship with us.」

「….eh!? Is that true!?….Is there something wrong with us!?」

Kouhi’s expression turned aghast as she was stunned from what she heard.

Seeing that scene, Mitsuki smirks and looks at Kousuke.

As expected, Kousuke can’t find anything to say in return.

In the first place, it’s not like he finds it unpleasant. On the other hand, he can’t find any reason to refuse the beauties.

Since it is impossible for him to escape from this situation for a long time, he made up his mind. Incidentally, he stopped thinking of excuses.

Truthfully speaking, the two are fond of him so there shouldn’t be any problem.

「Yah…..I’m sorry. There’s no problem at all. I was just surprised a little….」

The two clearly heard him.

After hearing him, Kouhi was relieved while Mitsuki smiled.

「Maa, anyway, let’s decide our schedule for today. 」

「Yes 」


「Let’s go register to the official guild then stock up supplies. After that, do you have any suggestions?」

「Since we’re going to be adventurers, I think it will be good for my lord to find better equipments.」

Mitsuki nodded to agree on Kouhi’s suggestion.

「Right. Even if the two of us are guarding you, there might still be splinters that can wound you.」

「I see……then, let me ask…..After wearing an armor, do you think I can still walk straight?」

「You don’t necessarily need to wear metal armor. Clothes imbued with magic is a good choice too.」

「I see. Then, let’s look around for a protective equipment shop.」

「That would be great.」

「Anything else?」

Kouhi and Mitsuki think.

「I can’t think of anything else in particular.」

「Ah….we need to go to a place where we can collect information.」

「Of course, that’s right. The us of today are still too ignorant.」

Kouhi looks doubtful of Mitsuki’s words but Kousuke agrees with her.

The experience they got from the black bear fur made them learn things in a hard way.

Kousuke’s knowledge all came from the “garden of eternal spring”. Kouhi and Mitsuki were given knowledge about this world but it is on the level of knowledge that can be learned from books. There’s no information about how is it to live there.

Seeing Kouhi’s reaction, he decided to leave it to Mitsuki.

「For that particular matter, can I leave it to Mitsuki?」

「Leave it to me.」

A reliable oneesan.

Now, she was just created but it makes him think of her that way because of the atmosphere she gives off.

「Then, let’s go to the official guild first.」


The three of them don’t have any luggage to leave in the room so they just closed the door and leave.

They asked the receptionist of the inn about the location of the official guild. In order to register right away, they left for the guild at once.



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