Chapter 188 – Hakuren’s Delivery

Hakuren began to labor.

I panic.

I’m panicking and that’s the only thing I can do.

Doraim brought 20 veteran devil midwives and they are now surrounding Hakuren.

As expected, 20 of them are too much so there are only one or two of them at Hakuren’s side.

The remaining ones taught the women of the village about midwifery.

The midwives that are taking care of Hakuren are doing their job wonderfully.

Yeah, I’m obstructive so they kicked me out.

I did not resist.

After leaving the laboring Hakuren while wishing her to hang in there, I left the mansion.

There, I found Ursa and a girl similar to Ursa glaring at each other.

In a place a little away from the two of them are Dors and a cold looking middle-aged man drinking tea.

They are sitting on chairs, did they took them out from the mansion?

「Is it born yet?」

「No, not yet. I was driven out because she’s still in labor.」

After answering Dors question, I look at the cold looking middle-aged man next to him.

「Apologies for the late introduction. This is the dark dragon Girar.」

「I’m Girar. I came here with my daughter. Take care of me from now on.」

His voice is cold too.

He’s here with his daughter. Does this mean that the one glaring at Ursa is his daughter?

「That’s my daughter Guraru.」

He answered before I was able to ask.

She looks great.

Looking at her closely, she has two horns on her head just like Rasuti.

There’s also a dragon tail on her butt.

「Then, why is it that Guraru seems to be in conflict with Ursa?」

He diverted his face and refused to answer my question.

Dors…..diverted his face too.

I don’t think that Ursa has done something rude but….

While I was troubled, I saw Doraim from a certain distance and have him come here.

「That….maa, it is something instinctive to female dragons.」


「When they feel like their partner will be born in this world, they will do what it takes to get him.」


「In other words……that child, who seems to be as old as Ursa, is trying to get Hakuren’s newborn child?」

「Might be.」

「But we’re not sure if it is a male.」

「Her being here means it is a male.」

I’m doubtful but… I don’t think he’ll lie to me.

Then, does this mean that the girl name that I thought of is useless?

No, that might not be…..

「I get it now but why is she glaring Ursa?」

「It is normal for women to fight.」


But they both look like 5 years old.

「No matter what age, a woman is a woman. The correct thing to do is not to get involve.」

I know what you mean.

After that, I heard that Doraim was fine because Grafaroon, his wife, is younger but he told me that in a serious tone.

I see.

However, does the mother say nothing?

Giving birth in dragon form will have the mother lay an egg. That egg will be left uncheck so she won’t be able to say anything in particular.

On the contrary, because the woman will protect the egg, it seems like the mother will be pleased because it will save her time and effort.

As for giving birth on human form……I hear that they don’t know well because it is extremely rare.

It seems like when Doraim was hatch, everyone was expecting that he’s a female because no one’s protecting him…..

Ho hou.

However, if that is the case…..what will happen to Hakuren and Rasuti’s partner?

Does this mean that they are not fated to find one in the future?

Ah, I’m fine with marrying both of them.

It seems like dragon females will never have an affair. I’m relieved.

I now know.

「Looking at them now, there’s definitely no problem. Especially when it comes to my older sister, she’s like a different person now.」

Doraim bowed at me and said that I should continue to give them my favor.

Of course, I will.

I joined Dors and Girar with Doram. While I was thinking about the future, Guraru and Ursa moved.

The two of them approached each other silently and had a handshake.

They went straight to the forest side by side.



Wait, don’t go to the forest alone!

Ah, you’re not alone because Guraru’s with you?

Several kuros who noticed them follow them.

I also chase after them along with Doraim, Dors, and Girar.

What are those two planning to do in the forest?

I don’t think they’ll have a duel because they shook hands.



I can’t catch up.

Guraru and Ursa’s feet are faster than what I thought.

And Doraim, Dors, and Girar’s feet are slower than I thought.

「It has been several hundred years ago when I run in this form…..」

「I, this is my first time.」

「Me too. Dors’ son, for what reason did you run before?」

「Hahaha. It’s just for a little with my wife….please don’t make me remember.」

「With Grafaroon? I apologize on my niece’s behalf.」

Girar and Grafaroon seem to be sharing an uncle-niece relationship.

The world of dragons is small.

We have caught up with Guraru and Ursa.

The two of them are fighting against a huge wild boar.

Guraru is on her dragon form but she’s small.

Her total length is about 5 meters.

Though she’s bigger than the wild boar, she’s repelled.

I don’t know where Ursa got her sword but she used it to stab the huge wild boar….she wasn’t able to kill it.




I killed the huge wild boar with the use of the AFT.

And scolded the two girls.

Why did you do that?

You want to present it to the newborn child?

Though your intention is not bad, don’t go into the forest.

Aren’t you alone?

Okay, I won’t tell this to Hakuren.

It is good that you apologize.

You know what Hakuren has been going through so you must not trouble her.

Guraru returns to her human form….Girar must not spoil her.

「You’ve done well Guraru. Just a little more and you would have beat it.」

That cold coaxing voice….I don’t wanna hear it.

I look at Dors.

He returns my gaze with eyes that seem to be saying “I’ll tell her wife about this later.”.

Thank you in advance.

Maa, let’s just take this huge wild boar back and eat it.

I transform the AFT into a hook….ah, Girar transforms into his dragon form and carries it.

That saves me from carrying it.

When we returned to the village, the village is already in the middle of a grand celebration.

Yes, it was born safely.

My son.

The dragons are surrounding him.

Hakuren’s mother, Raimeiren.

Hakuren’s little sisters, Suiren and Sekiren.

Suiren’s husband, Maxbergak.

Maxbergak and Suiren’s daughter, Herzenark.

Hakuren’s little brother, Domaim.

Domaim’s wife, Kwon.

Sekiren’s husband, Kworun.

Doraim’s wife, Grafaroon.

Doraim and Grafaroon’s daughter, Rasuti.

Now, there are also Doraim, Dors, Girar, and Guraru.

Of course, there’s also me.

Good, an energetic child.

Really good.

Hakuren’s lying in bed beside him….she’s energetic too.



Don’t hold back.

Come here too.

Ursa was a little hesitant but when Hakuren calls for her, she approached.

You’re his oneechan.

Ah, hearing the conversation….Guraru asked if she’ll be the wife.

Let’s not think about it now.

As of now, I can only be thankful for him being born safely.

Ah, I want to hold my son but….. I was blocked by the devil midwives.

Not only that, they chase away me, Doraim, Dors, Girar, Guraru, and Ursa.

「Please, take a bath first.」


That is totally understandable.

We, who had been in the forest for a while, rushed to the bath.

As for his name.

The dragons seem to have some naming rules.

Dors’ sons both have “do” as starting syllable of their names and Raimeiren’s daughters all have “ren” as end syllables of their names.

Maxbergak’s daughter ends with “k” like him.

TN: Sound of “k” without any vowel.

Grafaroon’s daughter ends with “n” like her.

TN: Sound of “n” without any vowel.

As for Girar’s son, name seems to start with “gi” but for her daughter, name starts with “gura”.

The son’s name should start with the first syllable and as for the daughter, there’s not really a rule that they should use the last syllable.

Their naming rules for son and daughter is that simple.

However, that rule.

Is not absolute.

The parents who bore the child are free to name theirs whatever they want.

I see.

However, they are allowed to use that rule as a reference.

According to the rule… son’s name should start with either “hi” or “hira” based on my name Hiraku.

Almost all the boy’s name that I thought of was eliminated just like that.

What was left is Hiichirou.

A name that obviously came from my previous world.


I suggested that name to Hakuren.

I had Hakuren have the final say.

Though I leave it to her, won’t that mean that I won’t be able to complain later?

And why are you consulting Ursa?

You want to name our son with the name Ursa likes?

No, perhaps…..

If you don’t decide now, won’t the Dors and the others participate in naming him?

Even Raimeiren looks like she wants to intervene.

Could she have thought of a name already and suggest it in the pretext of him being the grandchild?

Guraru, why are you even participating?

If you want to be my daughter in law, do that after you beat me….how many years will pass before that happens?

Well, he’s a dragon.

No, he’s my son!

As long as I can…. I will protect him!

And Girar.

Cry after your daughter actually becomes a bride. Stop crying.

We’re still not certain about the future.

By the way, I heard that she was taken as a hostage in Dors’ place…..Ah, Girar stays in Dors’ place too?

I see.

He was named Hiichirou.

A boy celebrated by the dragons.

Alfred and Tiselle visit him too.

Look, he’s your younger brother.

You should get along.

Ririus, Riguru, Rattte, and Torain.

I’m not sure if you already understand this but he is your younger brother.

You should get along.

It is not good for brothers and sisters to quarrel.

Okay, let’s eat the huge wild boar that Ursa and Guraru hunted.


Ah, of course not me.

The two of them hunted it for the celebration.


Alfred, I’m happy that with your spirit but it is still early for you to imitate them.

Sooner or later, Ria and the others will teach you how to hunt.

But don’t go to the forest without permission.

I understand that you want to please me but that will make me worry.

It was lively that day till late hours.



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