Chapter 191 – Third Martial Arts Tournament, Commencement Up to the Model Match

The day of the martial arts tournament.

The weather is fine and there are seven angels.

The commencement begins after the grand fireworks display. After that is the synchronized flying of the dragons.

More than a dozen dragons fly around in a well-coordinated manner.

I think the tension has risen.

They spew breath.

I did not hear about it.

They spew upwards so they did not burn the forest so let’s leave them be.

The residents of Village One and the new residents of Village Three panicked during the opening fireworks and the dragon synchronized flying.

The titans and the lamias too.

「It’s alright. You’ll get used to it soon.」

With the warm care of their surroundings, they managed to recover.

However, compared to the new residents of Village Three, aren’t the residents of Village One the only ones who have never seen dragons?

Even before Hakuren got pregnant, they have already seen her and Rasuti in their dragon forms.

Why are the titans and the lamias behave like that?

「The problem is their number.」

I see.

By the way, Fushu and Michael-san were not able to see that because they were looking after the cat.

I know that cats are lovely but aren’t you going to watch?

Look, ancestor-san has proclaimed the start of the tournament.

This year’s martial arts tournament is just like the others.

It consists of three sections which are common, warrior, and knight.

Since the common section’s matches are arranged in an elimination type tournament, victory and defeat are influenced by where the participants are arranged.

I think that it is the area that we must improve but even if we arrange to adjust the contestant’s matchups, it might not lead to best matches so let’s just leave everything to luck.

As the result, one of Gutt’s apprentices, who participated for the first time this year, and Gulf’s son will fight against each other.

It was a fierce battle but Gutt’s apprentice won.

In terms of ability, Gulf’s son is better but he’s not that focused during the match.

Yeah, I guess he’s thinking too much about breaking the stone pavement of the ring.

Anyway, did something really broke?


Ring check.

Ah, I found a cracked stone.

I understand how you feel but I think you have made a mistake on what you should worry about.

I had Gulf’s son collect that cracked stone pavement.

The best match in common section is the battle between a hatchling, which was born three years ago, and a beastboy.

The hatchling is young but it has good physique.

The beastboys were taught by Gulf during their breaks.

A match of power vs technique.

The match was long and the art of throwing that was being kept hidden was used against the hatchling which has ha superior physique.

That decided the match.

The hatchling was upset so he stepped hard on a stone once and broke it.

Gulf’s son didn’t forget checked and recovered the broken stone pavement so let’s give him a praise.

Also, in the common section, some men of Village One participated but….

「Should we make a beginner section?」

「Let’s consider that.」

Warrior section.

Unlike the common section, it is a last man standing type of matches.

Victory is decided by the number of continuous victories.

The key that decides victory in this section is the lamias.

It is like “how do we beat the two lamias who are bulldozing us” type of match.

Glatts and Randan are participating in this section….

Yeah, there’s no way they can win.

Glatts lacks ability.

Randan was energetic but only managed to hit a lamia once.

By the way, the lamias were defeated by dwarf Donovan.

I think Donovan is not weak. He’s just blocked by the mountain elf Ya and the beastkin Gulf during the previous years.

Those two will be participating in knight section so Donovan won as expected.

「I’m happy to win but…..I’m scared about next year.」

Randan is full of regrets.

「I was played around by a lamia during our match…..I thought of how to win but it is impossible for me to do it.」

As for Glatts….I’ve left him to Ronana.

Please mind where you’re flirting.

And the knight section! Will be held later after the model section.

There were many participants this year but we’ll only have two matches and it will be decided by lottery.

Last time, the model matches were so heated up that the knight section feels like it’s a letdown.

The favorite part should be the knight section.

That must not be forgotten.

Model, first match.

Dragon King Dors vs Dark Dragon Girar

A great cheer was heard from the audience.

That was expected since it is a really good combination.

However, the other dragon’s complexions are bad.

「All of you, put all your heart to the barrier. Make sure to defend the audience as well.」

Under Raimeiren’s instruction, the dragons, ancestor-san, the demon king, Beezel, Loo, and Tier conjure magical barrier.

「If possible, it is better to stay away for 10 kilometers to be safe….」


I stopped the match.

Loud booing.

No no no.

The people in question did not seem to like it either.

What to do?

This is really something serious.

If we proceed with their match, the village will surely be damaged.

That’s something I can’t permit!


「I decided to have them fight in another way!」

That’s the only thing I can think of.

By the way, what kind of battle should be okay with that and should also be safe…..

「Arm wrestling!」

It’s useless.

The booing did not stop.

「….in their dragon form!」

The booing stopped.

If I only need to tell the result, it can be said to be quite exciting.

Something like a table should be prepared in haste. I thought that it would take a while but when I was about to postpone the match, they were able to create a dull table.

Two gigantic dragons put their hands together and put power in order to beat each other.

I intended to be the referee but I left it to ancestor-san since it seems to be impossible for me.

It was a fiery match.

Back and forth.

Though Girar managed put throw Dors’ hand on the table, Dors’ won.

Near the end, Girar got too excited and spew his breath.

Girar was disqualified.

「Good good gooooodddd!」

「Fuh, it can’t be helped…..」

Dors is happy but is he okay?

I mean, there’s still flame on your face.

Ah, it seems like it is not something to be concerned of.

I see.

As expected of a dragon.

Second match.

Demon king vs Zabuton

「Hey, I feel a lot of malice in the lottery!」

Though the demon king raises his hand in protest, this is not a fixed match up.

「Then, let’s decide what kind of match you’ll be having too.」

I told him that to appease him.

Zabuton doesn’t care and only waited for the match to be decided.

「Tug of war!」

It is a simple battle where both teams will pull a rope that has a marker in the middle and the team who’ll have that mark on his side will win.

「I ask for reinforcements, reinforcements!」

With the demon king’s suggestion, it became a group battle.

The reinforcements that the demon king called are not the four heavenly kings.

They are Doraim, Domaim, Maxbergak, and Kworun.

Isn’t that cheating?

He answered in a straight face that seems like he’s not doing something dirty at all.

As for Zabuton….

They are Rasuti, Guraru, Ursa, and a bunch of spiderlings.


Is it really safe for Guraru and Ursa to participate?

It’s alright?

Are you sure they won’t be injured?

If that is the case, I’ll leave it to you, Zabuton…

Maa, is tug of war really safe?

There’s no need to wrap the rope around your body.

That’s dangerous.

The referee is still ancestor-san and the match started.

It is a competition of pure power.

The rope is seriously being pulled.


Do you not know how to cheer?

In a tug of war match, I think cheering is important….

I might look bias but I tell that to Rasuti.

Rasuti was skeptical at first but she started cheering.

Then, little by little, Zabuton’s team gains an advantage.

Guraru and Ursa feel it too and started cheering.

The audience responded to them.

A sense of unity.

Zabuton’s team approaches victory.

However, a voice breaks it.

「Demon king-sama, FIGHT!」

Three of the four heavenly kings began cheering for them.

After that, the wives of Doraim, Domaim, Maxbergak, and Kworun follow.

The mark in the middle of the rope goes back and forth.

The match was won by the demon king’s team after a fierce battle.

It was very exciting.

Too exciting.

After that, Girar, who was dissatisfied with the loss of Guraru, demands a re-war.

He participated in Zabuton’s team.

Dors’, on the other hand, joined the demon king’s team.

Seeing that, the visitors participate one after another.

The victor of the second match is Zabuton’s team.

Apart from Girar and Giraru, it has become a match of residents versus non-residents of the village.

Michael-san lost on the demon king’s side but he said that it was all for business.

Are you saying that you’re doing this for Shashaato?

After that, the heat of the tug of war has not cooled down….the match of the village against invaders continues.

Even if I say that it’s a match between the village and invaders, it is well balanced since everyone can participate independently.

There is no way that the teams are really named like that.

And so….

「With this pace, it is impossible to hold the knight section today.」

「Let’s hold it tomorrow then.」

Because of that decision, those who are holding themselves to join the tug of war hold back no more.

That continued till night….

Can the knight section still be considered as the real thing?



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