Chapter 195 – Village Chief and Camping Coach

For a long time, I have been addressed with only one.

I even made another village in order to resolve the issue of me being called village chief.

I am addressed as “village chief”.

Ever since.

The village chief in other villages is called either “village representative” or “representative”.

Maa, aside from me who is leading Big Tree Village, they are officials too.

Calling them village chief should be fine.

This was decided during the meeting.

This has been a long ongoing problem for me but it was easily decided.

Is everyone really going to go with it?

And because of that, what will they address me now?

I’m confident this time.


Do you have a suggestion, Ann?

How kind.

Then, let’s hear it.

“Village chief’s chief”

What the hell?


Why is your reply only a smile?

And why are you not looking me in the eyes?

If you’re not okay with it, why didn’t you object in the first place?

There are three carriages in the mansion’s workshop.

These are the carriages that Michael-san and Beezel handed over to see if we could remodel them aside from adding suspension.

Okay, let’s make one like a house.

A carriage that’s similar to a house.

In short, a camping coach.

I’ll honestly say this.

It is something I yearn for.

A moving house, how great is that?

It is a man’s romance.

Let’s do it.

The inside of the carriage is unexpectedly wide.

Three sofas are installed facing each other.

However, these sofa will be a little cramped if three adults will seat on them side by side.

Best sitting comfort will be for two people.

In other words, this carriage is supposed to be used comfortably by four people.

However, my concept of a camping coach will not be realized.

It is questionable whether I can make one where I can cook, has a faucet, and has a toilet.

Let’s just target a camping coach good for one person.

I removed the sofas first.

I changed it to a chair with armrest.

I made a chair similar to a massage chair made of wood and Zabuton-made cloth and leather.

It is an overly made one.

I even made it with reclining function, leg extension function….yeah, it has become a bed.


This is installed near the center of the carriage in order for the reclining function be fully functional.

The door of the carriage is in the middle.

It’s a little hard to get out.

Because of that, I had to remove it then install it again.

Kuh, it seems like I can’t make it to a fully functional bed.

No, keeping its function as a chair is enough.

I think there are people who prefer having wide space and there are also those who prefer if there are various things around them.

I’m the type who prefers to have various things around him.

However, I don’t want it too much that it’ll give up some suffocating feeling.


I install a box at the same height as the armrest of the chair on its left and right as storage.

They are the type that you can open the lid and not the table type.

I tried sitting down on the chair.

Yeah, not bad.

However, I also want something like a table in front in case I like to eat.

And so….

I made a table on the side of the chair that can be folded to come out in front.

It took me two days to realize that gimmick.

Several mountain elves around have begun helping me during that time.

Do it as it is, please.

Next is…..window.

Currently, there are windows on the front and on both sides of the carriage.

The front window is a small window used for communicating with the coachman.

If you’re sitting on the chair, you have to go in the front to use it.

That’s bad.

How about making the window bigger?

However, due to the structure of the carriage, even if the front window is enlarged, all you’ll see is the back of the coachman.


How about getting rid of the window?

But that means that you’ll be sitting on a chair staring at the wall.

Let’s try to imagine it.


Let’s consult the mountain elves.

I changed the installation direction and the position of the chair.

It is now installed sideways.

I put the chair on one side where it is directly in front of the window.

Because of this, the chair won’t be able to fully incline but it is not bad.

It is also easy to go in and out.

Now, let’s put a shelf on the other side.

It has become like a study room.

I tried sitting on the chair.

In front is the window.

The table can still come out from the side of the chair.

As for the shelf….

Yeah, it’s probably okay.

This carriage.

As a matter of course, it has been installed with suspension.

Now that it has come to this….

I want to try using it.

One of the mountain elves volunteered to be the coachman and the horse… seems to have been intercepted by the centaurs on the way.

Now it will be pulled by the centaurs.

Let’s depart.


The chair is installed sideways compared to the direction where the carriage is traveling.

The shelf is next to this chair.

To say it simply, the shelf is on the coachman side and the chair is on the back side.

The moment the carriage departed, a third of the items on the shelf fell.

I wonder if this should be blamed for the centaurs’ strong departure.

No, it’s a structural defect.

Though we haven’t moved that much, most of the things on the shelf are falling.

I now understand why there are no shelves on old carriage.

I must reflect.

The shelf should be improved.

Shelves in ships have fall prevention guard.

I should have made the shelf her like that too.

Also, the angle of the shelf.

Perhaps it might be better to change the position of the chair and the shelf.

Various problems continuously pop out as we go.

This is a good thing.

From there, the mountain elves asked me a question.

「When do you use this carriage?」

「Naturally when you’re traveling.」

「You’re going to travel alone?」


My original idea for making a camping coach is from a camping car.

A moving house.

One that has a kitchen, shower, and toilet.

However, it shifted to a comfortable space of a single seater carriage.

Was this a mistake?

Will I ever travel alone using a carriage?

Probably not.

Besides, even if I’m alone in the carriage, I’m still being accompanied by the coachman and the centaurs.


「I now know where did I go wrong.」

I should have not forgotten the early concept of a camping coach.

A moving house.

It is necessary to have a kitchen, shower, and toilet.

What should be omitted is a comfortable space.

And the place where I ride.

Should I ride on another carriage then?

No, I should have thought that I could also sit with the coachman.


The concept now is a moving carriage that will make the travel comfortable without considering how the person will travel.

「In other words….our work for today is useless?」

I nodded to the question of the mountain elf.

「Call the high elves that are currently free.」

「…..for what?」

「I’m going to ask them something about the wheels.」

We started making the carriage body.

10 days later.

One carriage was completed.

Looking at it externally, it is a normal carriage…..though it is more of a lengthwise type four-wheeled carriage.

There is no boarding space inside of this carriage.

You can either sit on the coachman platform or the platform behind the carriage.

The special feature of this carriage is its ability to transform once it stops.


First, the front wheels will move forward before the coachman platform then wheels and the rear wheels will move backward.

At the same time, the carriage will move downward.

When the carriage will almost reach the ground, feet will come out of the carriage body making it fixed to the ground.

Furthermore, the carriage body will split in half vertically. The left side will open up to 90 degrees.

What appears on the left side will be a narrow place where the stored kitchen things are.

Once the tables and chairs are taken out of the way, it can be stretched into an excellent kitchen.

As expected, it is impossible to install a furnace but since it will be used outdoor, you can just cook on the field.

And on the right side….

It contains cooking ingredients and eight pieces of lengthwise cut wooden board.

The cooking ingredients are for food.

The four pieces of the eight wooden boards can be put up to a shower room and the other four for the toilet.

The roof is a removable cloth.

The shower room can be used by using the water tank installed at the top of the carriage with the help of a bamboo pipe.

The floor is a drain board made of bamboo.

In addition, there are various curtains and blinds that are prepared as a change of clothes area.

The most difficult thing to consider is the installation location since you need to consider the water flowing out from the shower.

The toilet should be put up away from the carriage.

You can use it as it is but considering hygiene, it will be better if you have a slime.

There is also a place in the toilet where you can store leaves that can be used to wipe your buttocks.

There is also a proposal of making it in the carriage but it was rejected because it was close to the kitchen and cooking ingredients.

The biggest innovation of this carriage is its jack that can be used to lift up the lowered carriage body and the hand pump that can send water to the tank.

The transformation of the carriage, putting up of shower room and toilet can be completed by three accustomed people in five minutes.

But it takes time to put it back again.

But it is still satisfying.

「This is completely for nobles.」

「This is useless unless you brought a chef with you, right?」

「I want to assign someone to exclusively manage the toilet.」

「Water tank, kitchen, shower, toilet….isn’t this too heavy?」

Its reputation is great even with the civil servant girls, satisfying.

「There are also a lot of technical parts that can be used as a reference. The transformation function is simply the best.」

The mountain elves understand it.

Thank you.

「The only relevant references I can see are the jack and the small pump.」

There’s no romance in Loo’s mutter.

I know.

I see it that way too.

This kind of carriage is indeed not meant for mass production.


「Let’s try using it. Load the cooking ingredients.」

Though I did not use the shower room because it is only a day trip, the toilet played an active part.

In the kitchen stood the oni maids.

「As expected, isn’t our number of being a little less than 100 too much?」

Though they are only volunteers, there are still unexpectedly a lot who wants to join.

The tablewares are on full rotation.

There is no need to worry about water because we are near a water source.

Dwarves, stop drinking alcohol.

Maa, everyone seems to be enjoying it so I guess the carriage is working well.

Small children like Alfred, Tiselle, Ursa, Nutt, Guraru, and beastboys have shining eyes as they saw the carriage transformation. Let’s assume that it is good.

「Ano, village chief? People are gathering in such a place….what are you doing?」

The one who asked that is one of the centaurs who regularly move from village to village.


We are currently near the bridge between Big Tree Village and Village One.

It is a place about five kilometers away from the village.

There are only a few places where carriage can go after all.



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