Chapter 210 – Sun Castle’s Technology

The dungeon potato that was being raised inside the sun castle were transplanted to the field outside.

Suddenly replanting them all, I’ll apologize now in case they all die.

Also, there is a concern if it is safe to raise dungeon potatoes outside.

Is it better to make something like an underground cave for the dungeon potatoes?

The thickness of the ground of the sun castle seems to be around 300 meters even in thin places.

And it’s not like I’ll dig till the bottom, I’ll only dig a little.

However, because the basement of the castle extends down to the middle part, I shouldn’t dig that deep.

Hmm, if an underground cave will not work, how about making a roof….

Let’s just wait for the replanted dungeon potato before doing anything for now.

The sun castle is hovering over the sky.

It is using magical power fuel from the refined thermal insulation stone.

According to Loo and Tier, it is a remnant of the age where magical technology is awesome.

Even if it is a remnant, it is still overwhelmingly superior to current magical technology.

If it can be analyzed and reproduce, won’t it be useful in various ways?

「Even if you can ride a horse, it doesn’t mean that you can raise one too. It’s embarrassing to admit it.」

That is Bell’s answer to my question.

In other words, being a pilot doesn’t make you the engineer. The pilot will drive while the engineer will be responsible for building it.

Even if a lot of people can drive cars, not everyone can maintain the car themselves.

In addition, it is reckless to build an engine from parts you’re unfamiliar with.

Still, Loo insists on hearing the parts she knows of and receives papers about those she doesn’t.

However, it doesn’t seem to be very helpful.

The reason is that most of Bell’s knowledge consists of only meeting the complete technology requirement.

If you forcefully describe it….it would be similar to talking to OS and applications without them knowing anything about smartphone or PC.

Therefore, Bell, who has no knowledge about smartphone or PC, is forced to talk about them.

What can OS and application say about them….

According to Loo, the best course of action will be gathering the top of magical studies and have them devote all their time in studying it for about 150 years….

By the way, both Loo and Flora are on the top so I better stop that from happening.

Loo also seem to be unwilling to do a research with a fixed goal.

She only desires for knowledge and study what she thinks is interesting.

Making money is part of it too.

As for Flora, she’s busy studying fermented foods.

That said, she even managed to decrease the fermentation time of natto which is really surprising.

Her first try has a finished product that looks like it was fermented for 10 days but it was only fermented for 1 day.

The first fermentation advanced too far so it is a failure.

For her second try, she checked from time to time at an interval and one whole day of fermentation was proven to be enough.

After that, she still made several mistakes until she noticed that using low temperature can suppress fermentation.

Though it has not been mass-produced yet, the reputation of the trial product is excellent.

However, people who don’t like its smell will definitely not like it.

I’m not very good at it either.

As for the dungeon potato, let’s find out the method that can make it delicious.

Let’s get back to the topic.

The magical technology of the sun castle is impossible to learn verbally.

As for the written documents, they are about the history and hardship of the sun castle.

In other words, there is no document.

There are….various documents in different places of the castle including the study room.

Those are things that were originally put in the sun castle and others were left by visitors of the sun castle.

There are a lot of contents about a lot of subjects.

There are some that are related to magical technology too but they are as useless as Bell’s knowledge.


However, they seem to be valuable so they were handed over to us along with other books.

I put a bookshelf in the hall of my house for them.

Some of the residents read them happily but….can they understand the content?

They are laughing so they might be reading some story.

I will read it too some other time.

At present, a large number of thermal insulation stones have replenished the sun castle’s fuel so it is set to a course of going around the perimeter of the forest of death for a year.

The direction of travel is counterclockwise.

The course is Gou’s suggestion.

Though the sun castle does not emphasize mobility, it preferred to move around rather than staying at the same place.

Gou’s role is navigation-related so if it doesn’t move around, there’s no point in his role.

I thought that it’s okay to give Kuzuden the pointless roles but it seems to be a matter of identity.

I see.

Because of that, I let them move.

However, since they have become part of Big Tree Village, I felt that it might be troublesome for them to get out of the forest of death.

Loo already said that there’s no problem with it since they can contact us if they encounter any problem.

Even so, I had them move only on the sky of the forest of death.

As for the course, it was proposed to move around the periphery of the forest of death and it was passed.

Looking from the Big Tree Village, the sun castle can be located in the north during winter, west during spring, south during summer, and east during fall.


Isn’t that similar to a large calendar?

Once you get the gist of it, you might even be able to check the time using the position of the sun castle.

The sun castle is moving and the only ones who can get there are those who can fly which is troublesome.

Because of that, we thought of ways for logistics.

But I checked something before anything else.

Is there some kind of teleportation device?

There’s none.

When the sun castle was made, teleportation magic is considered as taboo.

It seems like user will immediately be arrested and owning something that can do that is illegal too.

I wonder why. It is probably for crime prevention.

You can certainly do evil things if you can teleport.

However, magic can only be evil depending on the person using it.

…..look at Beezel and ancestor-san.

Yeah, it might be alright.

Teleportation magic is not a crime now but the teleportation point must be considered and one should not directly teleport to a city or a village much less a house.

I see.

Now, mode of transport. According to my knowledge, there are balloons and airships.

I don’t know anything about airplanes.

According to others, flying magic and teleportation magic.

It was a long discussion.

For the time being, the mountain elves adhered to my opinion and would like to try making it…

To make a balloon or an airship, you need a big and durable cloth.

It seems like it can be strengthened with magic so I only need to wait for Zabuton to wake up.

The mountain elves are enthusiastic and already made the hull of the ship but I stop them.

Technology is step by step.

I learned about it in sun castle.

The first thing to make is a balloon.

Not in the size that people can ride but a small one for experiment.

The result did not disappoint me.

Apart from the basket part, the device that sends heat towards the balloon is very unstable.

「Just like you said, we’ll do our best.」

I’m satisfied with their reply.

For the time being, make something that can fly first.

Considering various thing, there seems to be nothing great about the technology given by the sun castle.

However, I want them to be relieved.

There is something technologically amazing there.

The device is fixed to the sun castle so it can’t be produced elsewhere. The weakness is that the amount of production is small but I still consider it as amazing.


Yes, the sun castle can make canned foods.

The devils and dream demons were able to produce canned dungeon potatoes to preserve them.

Of course, you need iron to make cans.

It is really amazing to make the iron thin enough to make cans.

It is also amazing that it can be sealed.

How to open….do we need can opener?

It is a pity that it is not an easy-open type.

Even so, it’s still canned food.

Long preservation is now possible.

It is a pity that production is low.

The daily output is 10.

However, that’s still 100 in 10 days.

A thousand in 100 days.

Considering a year, 3000.

Isn’t that great?

I think Michael-san will be pleased.

I would like Gou and Bell to wake up their companions to use it.



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